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User Reviews for Jolessa to treat Endometriosis

Kris9999 ยท Taken for 1 to 2 years December 21, 2012

“I started on Jolessa after surgery for endometriosis and have absolutely no complaints. My doctor has me taking two packs continuously without taking the placebos and it has done wonders in the area of pain. I've maintained the same weight, my breasts grew a cup size and I've had no spotting. I completely recommend this to anyone!”

10 / 10
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Anonymous July 9, 2012

“I started taking this medication for endometriosis as a last option before surgery. While I have only been on this medication for a little under three months I must say I'm so impressed. After reading reviews I was a little nervous. I have had very little pain and my menstrual cramping is completely gone almost. I haven't had any spotting or hair loss! It does not make me sick and very little breast soreness. When compared to other medicines I have taken, this is like a Godsend. While I know this will not take care of my problems forever it is working wonders right now! Everyone reacts to medicines differently and I just had to share my experience to tell everyone how wonderful this one is if you are considering taking it.”

10 / 10
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Lady Liz June 12, 2017

“I've been on this 8 months and I'm still adjusting. I started last November, and in December I spotted the entire month. My doctor told me to take half the placebos to flush out my system. I missed Christmas eve and Christmas it was so heavy and painful. The worst 2 days I've ever had on my period. Round two wasn't so bad, with the exception of one day. I'm halfway through my 3rd package. I've been breaking out like crazy and getting random cramps and bladder infections as I normally would before my period, but I still have another 45 days until placebo week. I might check with my doctor again soon because my body doesn't seem to want to cooperate with this drug. I'm only on this to treat endometriosis. I'm not sexually active.”

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