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User Reviews for NuvaRing

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Reviews for NuvaRing

Hey May 1, 2021

For Birth Control: “I have tried many different birth control pills and none worked for me very well. Nuvaring was 100% the best birth control I have ever been on. The only reason I stopped it after a few months was because it was giving me extreme nausea to the point it was hard to function. That was the only side effect I experienced though. I loved that I didn't get mood swings, vaginal dryness, headaches, or anything else. I heard about a different vaginal ring called Annovera which supposedly had less hormones so I tried that one too and had the same experience: awesome birth control with no side effects EXCEPT extreme nausea and throwing up. If you're considering a vaginal ring I would give it a try because the day after I took the ring out the nausea went away, so it is definitely worth trying. I was so disappointed to have to give up on this ring because it really did work great for me, just couldn't deal with the nausea.”

8 / 10
Ca · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 28, 2021

For Birth Control: “I am an older teenage girl who has never taken birth control before, but I have had a boyfriend for awhile and thought it was a good choice. This birth control is absolutely perfect if you want to hide it and not tell anyone. It gave me absolutely no side effects, other than being nauseous the first 2 nights after I put it in every month. I was worried about gaining weight or having a low sex drive but I Personally feel the exact same from when I started it. You can’t feel it inside and my boyfriend can feel it but really doesn’t care about it during sex. Absolutely love and would recommend to others”

10 / 10
Jules · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 27, 2021

For Birth Control: “I will not recommend Nuvaring to anyone-I personally almost died from it. I had Pulmonary embolism caused by huge blood clot that travelled from my right leg to lungs. Please do not use! This contraceptive is extremely dangerous-there have been reported large number of deaths from it, and also terrible side effects-including strokes, amputated legs/arms due to blood clots stopping and blocking blood flow.”

1 / 10

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Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 2 years June 5, 2020

For Birth Control: “The Nuvaring has been the best form of birth control I have tried. I’ve been on many many different BC pills over the course of several years and the worst by far for me was MonoNessa. I had horrible side effects due to the Mononessa & nearly passed out everyday on it until I finally switched to the NuvaRing. Everyone thinks it’s scary because it’s in your vagina but it is so simple and you don’t even know it’s there. It’s especially nice when you want to skip your period and can leave it in. But just remember to change it every month! I have had no side effects it’s been about 1 year and it’s so much easier than taking a pill the same time everyday. It has never slipped out and I 100% recommend at least trying it if you’re like me and have had a bad experience with the pill!!!! I don’t get morning sickness, my acne is gone, my mood swings aren’t bad, no depression/anxiety anymore since switching, no weight gain.... i can’t recommend this enough”

10 / 10
Anonymous November 29, 2009

For Birth Control: “I originally came on to this site to look for facts on Implanon, because I am thinking of switching from Nuvaring to Implanon. Out of the many comments, only a few were good. There were many many negative comments and it made me wonder if the majority of people who choose to comment, do so because they are experiencing negative side-effects, and those women who aren't experiencing side-effects don't leave any comments at all. So I'm going to go ahead and add a GOOD comment about Nuvaring. Nuvaring has worked out GREAT for me. No side-effects that I have noticed. No weight gain, no mood swings, no acne. The only thing is that I can feel it during sex, which is an easy fix to just take it out before and put it back in afterward.”

9 / 10
sarah January 25, 2020

For Birth Control: “I read A LOT of terrible reviews & was extremely hesitant to put my Nuvaring in; decided to try anyway & am super glad I did. The 1st 2 days I felt a little muted emotion-wise but after that totally normal. No weird feelings or anxiety or depression (which was my main fear/no go) no irritation, no loss of sex drive. Actually I feel like my hormones finally balanced out. My son was born 3 & 1/2 years ago and I still didn’t feel quite normal. I’m so happy that I ignored the bad reviews and tried it for myself. People usually post about their negative experiences, rarely their positive ones; so I have made it a point to post mine. I for real feel better and happier than I have since before my son was born; like the ring balanced my wild uncontrolled hormones and put them in check. Keep in mind my ring has only been in for 1 week so I will post later about the long term. FYI I cannot feel it during sex unless I’m on top (my mans very well endowed) and then very rarely. He says he can never feel it.”

10 / 10
Caligirl99 May 29, 2009

For Birth Control: “I have been using the NuvaRing for a bit over 2 weeks now. I love it. I was a bit cautious about having sex with it, and worried that my boyfriend would feel it inside my vagina. He can't feel it and I have never experienced a "slipping out" or was afraid that I was going to lose it during sex. I know everyone's body is different. For me, I'm small 100lbs 5 feet, the other two oral birth control pill I've tried Ortho-tricylen and Aviane both made me horribly moody and I had non-stop breakthrough bleeding on Aviane. Overall, I say NuvaRing is the best birth control yet. My sex drive is boosted, I can forget I'm even using birth control for three weeks, and I am not moody at all. I feel like a teenager again.”

10 / 10

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spicygirl · Taken for less than 1 month August 11, 2019

For Birth Control: “I just recently switched from the pill (Sronyx) to the NuvaRing. Not going to lie, I got on this website the day I got prescribed the NuvaRing and I scared myself half to death...all of the reviews were so scary and I was terrified. Needless to say, I still tried it. I've been on the NuvaRing for about a month already and I absolutely love it. I've pretty much forgotten about it, my boyfriend can't feel it during sex, and neither can I. People complain about a low sex drive on the ring but if anything, mine has gone up. Everything is more enjoyable now than ever because I don't have to remember to take a pill. When I got on the pill I gained 15 lbs and was literally psychotic and depressed but with the NuvaRing I feel normal again!! Do NOT let these reviews scare you, People are more likely to leave a review if they have a bad experience and if all is good they forget about it, move on and never return to the website to leave a positive review.!! Dont be scared, try it out!!”

10 / 10
Anonymous December 3, 2009

For Birth Control: “For those of you experiencing negative side effects... I was on NuvaRing for 4 years. During that time I became depressed, and cramps and back pain were unbearable. I have discontinued use of NR and feel better. All side effects are gone! When I discussed this with my Dr., she stated that some women naturally produce a normal level of hormones. When these women are on birth control, it can cause all of these side effects due to having an elevated level of hormones. The opposite effect happens to women that don't naturally produce a normal level of hormones, leading them to actually feel better and not have all of these side effects. Which is why some women do well and feel great on birth control and others don't.”

3 / 10
Frustrated · Taken for 1 to 2 years August 27, 2020

For Birth Control: “I used Nuvaring for 2 years without much problems, but the month I discontinued it I developed vulvodynia. This is an extremely painful condition that does not have good treatment options. I have become disabled and unable to have children. There are published studies on the effects of hormonal birth control and risk of vulvodynia. Please be careful and do your research first. I unknowingly took this medication 13 years ago and my body will never be the same.”

1 / 10
Womensrightsmatter · Taken for 6 months to 1 year September 22, 2020

For Birth Control: “I used to be on multiple different pills, all of which gave me the WORST anxiety and mood swings I have ever seen. I literally used to be scared of aliens in my closet?! So crazy. However, my doctor switched me to nuvaring and oh my goodness it has been a blessing. I do not have any side effects at all! It works so well with my body, especially since it’s a consistent low hormone dose I don’t get the hormonal mood swings and ups and downs like I did with a daily pill. I love this birth control and am so glad I switched 6 months ago. Each method works different for each person, you have to find the one for you. Just be patient, it will happen like it did for me. I love you, nuvaring!”

10 / 10
Jmic · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 15, 2020

For Birth Control: “I have been on Nuvaring since November of 2017. I loved to be able to control if I had a period or not. I didn’t have any issues what’s so ever until Jan 2020. I went to pick up my prescription and was given the newly released Generic version of this. It has been absolutely horrible. It is now mid Feb and I have been sporadically heavy bleeding (pantiliners can’t even handle it) ever since I put this new ring in on 1/28/2020. The generic version of this is horrible and besides the constant bleeding I am now emitting a horrible and embarrassing vaginal odor. I called the pharmacy and per insurance if there’s a generic I have to use it. So I’m probably just going to stop using it and I hope to find another method of BC that works great like the Nuvaring (actual brand) did.”

4 / 10
AshDoesntWantKids March 1, 2021

For Birth Control: “It's important to note that I'm not actually sexually active with a male at this time, I use NuvaRing to stop painful menses, so I can't actually rate on its anti-pregnancy effectiveness. So far, I'm very happy with it. It hasn't lowered my mood or made me irritable at all, I think the extra dose of hormones has actually put more of a pep in my step. It's super easy to use, you just put it "up there" and can forget about it for 3 weeks. You can leave it out for the fourth week to get your period and put another ring in to skip it. It's nice to be the one in control and be able to switch it up at ease. The fact that a single ring lasts so long is very convenient cause you don't have to keep returning to the pharmacy all the time, a couple of packs feel like they last you forever. The packets also come with calendar stickers to help you remember when to change the rings. I would 11/10 recommend trying it.”

10 / 10
Anonymous March 3, 2011

For Birth Control: “I have been on Nuva Ring for over 4 years and it was the best decision I ever made after being on the pill for a few years. It works fantastic and even if it slips out during sex, you can have it out for up to three hours and still be protected. I never got pregnant using this method and have been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend the entire time I've been on it. I had no negative side effects and my periods definitely lightened. There are so many mixed reviews that I wanted to say how wonderful this method was for me but reviews can't tell you anything about how your body will react to hormones. All you need to do is try it for yourself and if it doesn't work, try something else.”

10 / 10
Periods suck · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 4, 2019

For Birth Control: “Personally I have had extremely heavy and bad cramps on my period. I’ve been on birth control since I was 14. I started with the pill but forgot to take it all the time, then I went to the IUD but had extreme weight gain and headaches. My anxiety also worsened with the IUD. I switched to the NuvaRring around 5 months ago and it has been the best decision I’ve made for my reproductive health. My periods are a light spotting my cramps are tolerable and I haven’t gained any weight. Plus my boyfriend can’t feel it during sex. Don’t be afraid of the negative reviews everyone’s body is different and you just need to find what works for you!”

8 / 10
Aub · Taken for 1 to 2 years October 18, 2020

For Birth Control: “I mean, I didn’t get pregnant so that’s cool and all but I gained thirty pounds, was suddenly covered in stretch marks, couldn’t bear the idea of sex anymore and when I did try to have sex it was immensely painful. Mood swings like crazy; crying one second laughing the next. Really bad fatigue and paranoia. Migraines 2-3x a week, body pains, horrible cramps, and it put me on my period for over 6 months! I mean, but I didn’t get pregnant.”

3 / 10
Grace · Taken for 6 months to 1 year September 6, 2020

For Birth Control: “I had a HORRIBLE experience with nuvaring. I’ll admit it was nice not having to worry about taking a pill every day, but I experienced awful side effects. It caused me to become extremely depressed and anxious and lowered my libido. My doctor told me I wouldn’t be able to feel it during intercourse, but I could and it was so uncomfortable - sometimes even painful. If needed you can take it out for up to 3 hours but it’s inconvenient to have to do that. I also had severe period cramps while using this. I personally do not recommend nuvaring.”

1 / 10
That One Girl · Taken for 6 months to 1 year January 4, 2021

For Birth Control: “At first NuvaRing was amazing. I’ve been on every kind of birth control imaginable (all with bad side effects) and this was by far the best... until it wasn’t. I had a major depressive episode and felt absolute despair for months without realizing it was caused by this medication. I was in the process of finding a counsellor because I felt miserable and was making everyone around me miserable. I was so angry all the time and had no interest in doing anything, ever. I had chalked it up to stressors in my life until we decided to try for a baby. After about a week without it all of a sudden it was like the sun was shining and the birds were singing again.”

1 / 10
Donottake December 30, 2020

For Birth Control: “I am 31 years old and this was my first time using BC other than condoms. I do not recommend. I am naturally a very relaxed and happy person and this ring made me extremely depressed and contemplating suicide. I was so angry after only about 3 weeks of use and it scared both myself and my partner. The Nuvaring shook my relationship and caused my partner and I to fight so much because of my uncontrollable anger. The night I removed the ring (3 weeks in), I remember feeling suicidal. That’s terrifying! I hope no one ever feels this way— especailly due to birth control. Stay safe out there and please do your research! This ring is way more harmful than I ever expected it to be. Now (1 week out) I can finally say I feel happy and so relaxed again. Never again will I use the Nuvaring.”

1 / 10
Anonymous May 5, 2009

For Birth Control: “This is my second month on Nuvaring and so far I have absolutely no complaints. I love the ease of just inserting it once a month and just removing it 3 weeks later. I have had no mood swings, weight gain nor depression. As a matter of fact I think I have even lost weight because it seems to have subsided my constant cravings. I would definitely recommend Nuvaring to anyone.”

10 / 10
Anonymous August 28, 2008

For Birth Control: “I LOVE NUVARING! I have NO side effects and my doctor said it was safe to use it continuously each month, how convenient is that! I get to pick and choose when I have my cycle and I insert it and forget about it for the month, it's the most idiot proof product ever.”

10 / 10
Krr · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 25, 2020

For Birth Control: “Love Nuvaring!! Had some side effects such as spotting, cramps, chills the first month, but it all went away on the second ring and I love not having to think about it. Also, no pms, no mood swings and no worries ”

10 / 10
Yoon · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 22, 2020

For Birth Control: “I turned to NuvaRing because I didn't want to take a pill everyday anymore and I didn't have a great reaction to the implant. It has been a pleasant experience and without a doubt more convenient for me. I know exactly when my period will start and they have become shorter and lighter. I have noticed that I get slight headaches right before I start a period though. The first couple of months, I had extra discharge and irritation but that quickly went away. The very few negative side effects disappeared fairly quickly. Overall, it is a great birth control method and I'm thankful to have found something that works for me.”

10 / 10
Kerry101010 August 25, 2014

For Birth Control: “I'm always tired and moody! I always feel sad and get angry and rageful very easily. I'm emotional and I no longer feel the desire to do the things I used to enjoy, waking up is a task every morning, my job has become more difficult and I feel like I've lost all my motivation, I can't wait too be off the Nuvaring I'm hoping I can go on an IUD or something better. I haven't gained any weight and I've been on it for two years but the side effects just aren't worth it. My husband and I seem to argue more and more. My breasts hurt all the time I feel nauseous and sick constantly and the smells of certain food make me sick. I might as well be pregnant.”

3 / 10
Anonymous December 21, 2009

For Birth Control: “Just so everyone on here knows, it is not just Nuvaring that kills your sex drive, all hormonal contraceptives do it. As far as the people gaining weight, my doctor said he's never heard of it with the Nuvaring and if you do gain weight its just water weight. Nuvaring is a great birth control, I have tried Yaz and Yazmin and had severe mood issues. If you have that with the Nuvaring you just have to try something else because it does not work for you. Not all birth control work for everyone!”

A O November 12, 2019

For Birth Control: “I was recommended the NuvaRing from a friend, and I have been on it since the beginning of August (so 4 months). At first it felt fine, no noticeable side effects. My skin looked really good, which was a huge plus for me. But then I started noticing a general malaise. A deep sadness and anxiety that would wake me up every single morning around 4/5 am, and a sadness that would linger throughout the day. I attributed this again to stress (job change, applying to grad school, long distance relationship). But I felt really different. I started to feel like my personality was shifting, like all my happiness and joy completely disappeared and I was becoming a shell of a former self). I've been extremely stressed and depressed before, but this is a whole new level of feeling anxious. Crying at the smallest things, feeling so sensitive to anything. Of course it could just be stress, but how can you differentiate between what is real and what is hormonal? You start to go crazy!”

5 / 10
AnonymousNRuser · Taken for 2 to 5 years March 27, 2014

For Birth Control: “The NuvaRing has been absolutely wonderful for me. I've been using it for about 2 years and I just can't say enough good things about it. It's so easy it is to use and it's been extremely effective; not just in the obvious prevention of pregnancy, but also with controlling my acne and maintaing my weight; No moodiness, no depression. I understand that there isn't a "one size fits all" when it comes to birth control, but I would recommend to anyone that they at least give this a try to see how it suits them. Since it seems that everyone goes online to post their horror stories, I just wanted to say something positive about the NuvaRing because I think it's one of the best forms of birth control out there. I'll never go back to the pill!!”

10 / 10
Caty · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 29, 2020

For Birth Control: “I used the ring for 4 years is total. It is funny how you forget all the side effects when you are used to it. I didn't get pregnant so thats good but I had a LOT of small sides effects that I had to live with. My vaginal discharge were a lot, I had migraine, I was always bloated, and I had a lot of problems with my digestion. It's been 8 months that I stop taking Nuvaring and I fell much better. In a month I could see the difference it was insane. I do not recommend it if you don't want side effects.”

3 / 10

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