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User Reviews for Apri (Page 2)

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Birth Control
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Reviews for Apri

The patient one March 29, 2019

For Birth Control "I have been on apri for 7 months now for both birth control and acne. The first month I didn’t really notice any side effects. The second month, I had spotting the whole week before my period. I didn’t see any difference in my period in terms of cramping or flow, and no change in acne. The next few months were the same. By the 4th or 5th month, I started to see a decrease in my chest/back acne, and forehead acne, but I was still getting the hormonal acne on my jawline. Now, 7 months later, my period is so much lighter (2-3 days) and very minimal cramping (before it was 4-5 days with heavy cramping the first 3 days). And I was surprised that the week before my period my acne did not get worse like usual. My skin has never looked clearer. So it took 7 months for my body to adjust to the Apri and to see the desired effects I wanted on my skin, but my patience paid off. Also, no pregnancies! I’ll be sticking with Apri."

Gabrielle · Taken for 2 to 5 years March 26, 2019

For Birth Control "I’ve had a great experience with Apri. I was originally prescribed this particular birth control to regular my cycle and it works great, but on top of that, my skin has cleared up a lot and I’ve lost weight (almost 40 lbs). I’d recommend this to anyone like myself has an irregular cycle."

Anonymous · Taken for 6 months to 1 year March 26, 2019

For Birth Control "I have been reading all these negatives. I beg to differ. My daughter has been on Apri for almost a year now and she has lost 25 lbs., her face is now beautiful and smooth, no more acne!! It curbs her appetite tremendously. I have to mention that she needed to lose the weight. I have nothing but good things to say about these pills. No negative side effects. I only wish they had these when I was a teenager."

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 11, 2019

For Birth Control "I have been using Apri for 6 months now. The first 3 months were ideal it cleared up my acne tremendously and this is the first birth control pill which hasn't effect my mood. However, after 3 months I started noticing the negatives. I have felt super depressed, nearly empty/numb everyday which is opposite to the person I am. I, like another user, blamed my stressful job but I've come to realize it was my birth control. I have no sex drive at all and I actual have cystic acne on my face now which I never had before. I would not recommend this pill due to how horrible it has actually made me feel."

Anonymous March 8, 2019

For Birth Control "Since the time I have been taking Apri I have been facing various problems like intense chest pain, problems in concentration, nausea, headaches, extreme mood swings, acne, dizziness, fluctuations in the quality of vision."

Ouch February 27, 2019

For Birth Control "This pill did horrendous things to my body. I got reoccurring yeast infections and it is the whole time I was on it. I was on it for birth control and I could not even have sex. I could not even get out of bed because the irritation was so bad."

jules · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 25, 2019

For Birth Control "Apri, when I first started taking it, increased my appetite for the first month. I was constantly hungry, and would get hunger pains if I hadn’t eaten for a couple hours. My skin cleared up a lot, though, my cramps nearly disappeared, and my sex drive was much higher. Now that I’ve been taking it for 4 months, almost 5, I've noticed complete clearing of the skin, cramping only right before my period, and a significant increase in my sex drive. This is this second birth control I’ve tried, and I’m not going to change."

alive February 20, 2019

For Birth Control "Just over 1 year ago I went through a horrific medical event, one that almost claimed my life because of Apri. On December 9th, 2017 I went to the ER because I had what I thought was a severe migraine. They treated and released me. Only to go back on Dec11th -They had found blood clots in my brain so severe I had to have surgery and it ultimately saved my life. I spent 2 long weeks in the hospital. I have been through a crazy amount of genetic tests and all this point ALL of my doctors blame my Birth Control. Surprisingly I have no lasting side effects. Though I am told I am a rare case. You think the warnings cant happen to you...until it does. They tell me there are birth controls that are "safe" - but it is not worth my life. I want nothing more than to let people know that this CAN and DID happen. REALLY talk to your doctor, and do your homework before just accepting whatever they give you."

Jackie · Taken for less than 1 month February 6, 2019

For Birth Control "I was put on this birth control to control my irregular bleeding and to get the hormones it contains into my system. I’ve been taking it for about 2.5 weeks, the only side effect I’ve noticed so far is I’ve been cramping every day, also a tad bit of discharge but nothing major and no bleeding, which is a life changer for me!"

SE · Taken for less than 1 month February 1, 2019

For Birth Control "I just started this and right now I am on the period pills. I feel horrible and have felt horrible since the very first pill. Legit nausea all the time to the point where I was waking up once or twice a week around 4am throwing up (I tried to take it around 12-2 with food everyday to maybe avoid this). I also experience uncomfortable bloating really bad when I haven’t even eaten much to be bloated. I haven’t even been eating much period because I’m nauseous all the time. Add mood swings, sadness, anxiety and headaches to the mix too. I just feel so awful and not myself so I DO NOT recommend this pill! I hope it gets out of my system ASAP!"

Katie · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 27, 2019

For Birth Control "I've been on this pill for 3 months. My Dr. told me to wait it out for a few months and I should adjust. The first month wasn't awful, but it seems to be getting worse and worse the more I take it. The only time I feel ok (not nauseous and anxious) is when I'm on my period. I basically feel what I would compare to carsickness 24/7. I have no appetite, I've lost weight, which is nice, but not in a healthy way, I just don't eat due to constant nausea. My sex drive is non existent, which is awful for both my husband and I. I have panic attacks regularly, I cry about nothing and the smell of anything cooking turns my stomach. My acne has cleared up, so that's good I suppose, but that's the ONLY positive about this pill. Overall one of the worst I've ever been on. Discontinuing this month."

Mel · Taken for 6 months to 1 year January 17, 2019

For Birth Control "I went on Apri after taking Tri-sprintec for 2.5 years. I have now been on Apri for about a year. Before taking Apri I struggled with breakthrough bleeding and VERY irregular periods. Now my period is so consistent and short. My period went from 6 days to 2-3 with no spotting. It was a life changer. Every person is different so do not take the super negative reviews seriously. APRI HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!! If you struggle with breakthrough bleeding, super long periods or irregular periods I 100% recommend this option. I get no acne, and my mood swings are no worse then they were normally LOL!! Good luck on your journey!"

nao20g · Taken for 2 to 5 years January 16, 2019

For Birth Control "So I've taken Apri for about four years now, let me say, I love it. I started taking if for terrible cramps- to the point where I'd puke from the pain and have to pull the car over with each wave. Not only did Apri help calm my cramps 98%, my period only last like 2-3 days. I used to have terrible, I mean real bad, skin breakouts. After taking Apri for a couple of months, my skin has been completely clear since. It's like killing two birds with one stone. I never gained weight or felt weird. I'm a college student so I have enough stress on my plate already, Apri really helps."

2grace5 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year January 11, 2019

For Birth Control "Unbelievably negative experience here. My natural demeanour is optimistic, easy-going, fun-loving and happy. Upon the second or third month I was on this birth control, I noticed drastic mood swings, feeling agitated and being irritable constantly. It felt like out of nowhere, I had serious anger management issues. I blamed a stressful job. I'm now on the seventh month taking this pill and my zeal for life is completely gone. I am depressed, lethargic, and have terribly dark thoughts about myself, the ones I love, and life in general. That is wildly uncharacteristic of me. The week that I take the sugar pill, I am nearly 100% myself. Within two days of starting my next pack, I'm back in the dark hole. I have also experienced some minor stomach issues including constant gas/bloating and loss of appetite."

Halley7 · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 3, 2019

For Birth Control "HORRIBLE. Terrible cramping, abdominal pain, heavy bleeding-- why is this med even prescribed?? I've taken Yaz and another birth control pill in the past, and I never had anything like as bad an experience as I've had on Apri. I only took Apri because I have a new doctor, who wanted me to try it. I had to discontinue the Apri because it caused unbearable side effects. Am really angry this drug has used up so many days of my life and only caused pain. The dysregulation continues in my body even though I've been off the Apri for a few weeks. Never again."

Momma bear · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 28, 2018

For Birth Control "I am on my 2nd pack. I switched from Triquilar because I was having break through bleeding and feeling depressed. I’ve been going for tests for stomach troubles and I have found since being on these I’m nauseous daily so I started taking them before bed and it has helped somewhat but I usually go to bed queasy. I have had awful diarrhea which I think may be from my nausea and stomach issues, that has subsided some since I started taking it at night. I have never had much sex drive but I blame that on birth control in general. I have noticed my boobs look bigger but I have a bit of weight on. I just can’t control my appetite and just want junk but again not sure if it’s pills or not. My depression seems to have subsided somewhat but it’s Christmas so time will tell. The worst has been my stomach issues and diarrhea. I have a referral to get my tubes tied cause I just want to feel normal again."

Lauren · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 22, 2018

For Birth Control "I’ve been on Apri for about ~4 years now. For the first 3 months or so, the mood swings and agitation were almost too much for me to be around some people. I did feel as though I gained some water weight and my boobs went from a B to a D over the course of that time. My acne got a little worse before it got better. Now with being on it for so long, I think it’s great for me. My skin is incredibly clear, I have control over my weight (at least it seems), and I can skip my periods with no issue. I do have some lingering anxiety and get agitated a little easily sometimes but it very well be due to just me as a person in general. Once I go off it later in life I'm interested to see how the anxiety does. Overall, I really really like this and will continue to stay on it for a while. It’s great once your body gets used to it, but everyone’s different."

Jamie December 19, 2018

For Birth Control "Before Apri, I was on Natazia. Before Natazia, I was on Cyclafem. I gained 30lbs and so having the other BCs after it didn't make me gain or lose anymore weight. I also have high metabolism. NATAZIA: Periods came on time, were light, and the pill made it easy to not get pregnant even if I took it 5 hours ahead of the time I was supposed to take it. I was on it for 6 months. But it was too expensive APRI: It was alright, I was scared of the reviews, but I'm a different person so I shouldn't expect the same. My periods were heavier than Natazia. I had to stick to wearing regular tampons but a super on the first couple days. Later on, My periods got slightly heavier each time. 4 months later, it finally came on time, my periods stayed heavier but lasted 4 days this time. I'm most likely anemic so I experienced almost passing out on the last day of this period and cramped more on this BC. Talked to my doctor and I'm switching to another one."

Nicole · Taken for 6 months to 1 year December 17, 2018

For Birth Control "I’ve been on apri for a year now and I’m finally getting off. Unfortunately I gained about 15 pounds (which I’m already heavy so that sucked) my boobs went up 2 sizes which also sucked. It definitely helped with my anxiety and depression because that basically went away while I was on it, but it didn’t help with periods I still cramped insanely; was bleeding a lot and couldn’t bare being on my period. I’ve been on 6 different kinds of pills and this was the best one for anxiety reasons, but now I’m going to try the Mirena."

gi · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 13, 2018

For Birth Control "I am 20 and have been on this birth control for years. I mean at least 3-4. I can say I have absolutely zero sex drive whatsoever. I didn’t even understand how girls were even interested in sex at my age, or even in the slightest. It made no sense to me. It’s really sucked. I am still on it to this day because I am prescribed accutane and you have to be on a contraceptive to be on it. I haven’t noticed my skin get any better on this but I didn’t even know people switched birth controls and have been living in sadness for years. I don’t know if the sadness is from the birth control or not but it’s also been there for years. I hate these pills with a passion. Don’t be me who feels like an 80 yr old woman with no sex drive and just feels like general garbage"

Kati · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 10, 2018

For Birth Control "I was switched from Junel to Apri because of breakthrough bleeding. While that has been fixed, Apri has some pretty serious negative side effects for me. My mood is completely unstable and swings terribly and my anxiety is uncontrollable. Sex drive is basically non existent. Other than that, no weight gain, acne, lighter periods and less painful cramping (my cramps were unbearable before)"

mplsgal · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 9, 2018

For Birth Control "I have been taking Apri for a few years and generally have no concerns at all. Periods are managed perfectly - last 4 days and are always the same. The only downside is that I have more anxiety with this pill, and doesn’t control my acne very well. I am switching soon just to see if those symptoms will improve — but if they don’t, I’m definitely going back to Apri."

C · Taken for less than 1 month December 3, 2018

For Birth Control "Hello all, So I have been diagnosed with PCOS and Endo and also have high testosterone and diabetes. I started taking this after being off BC for about three years. I recently finished the first month. Missed a couple days and got back on. The bleeding has been torrential. I have also been stressed and anxiety ridden but I am pretty sure that's my job. The odd part? Clot city but my skin is smooth and clear and my sex drive is through the roof. But nothing can happen because there's too much blood to have sex. I am currently nauseous now. Trying to get that sorted. But yeah. Really just want to stop bleeding. That's why I took this - I was bleeding for a good 6 months lightly but now I feel like my body is trying to empty itself. Will update but for now I'd like to go to sleep without worrying about my sheets."

A · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 3, 2018

For Birth Control "I started taking this birth control and almost immediately my skin started to break out and it make my breast extremely sensitive, after 3 months my skin went back to normal and my breast increased from a size C to a DD. My periods were days shorter and much lighter with little cramping. Although it completely destroyed my sex drive and I got extreme depression and anxiety from it. I had never had anxiety before and now it is so bad I have anxiety attacks regularly. It also caused a severe skin rash, perioral and dermatitis all over my entire body."

Margaret December 2, 2018

For Birth Control "I was put on this birth control after I was on Tri-Previfem for a couple years. After taking a lower dose BC, my periods started to be irregular so they put me on a higher dose (Apri/desogen) to regulate my periods. SO, now about Apri... It did in fact make my periods regular. As far as everything else....AWFUL. I have anxiety, definitely get depressed for no reason. Mood swings every week for no reason like CRAZY. Zero sex drive. Doesn’t do anything for acne, it makes it worse in my opinion. I always break out when I’m taking it. It made me gain a lot of weight in the beginning and messed with my moods. During my cycle I have a terrible crampy ovulation-like symptoms, I have awful periods cramps and terrible mood swings, pimples, it’s just terrible. Periods are long. I’ve never been worried about pregnancy because this stuff is so strong I missed multiple days and never got pregnant when I probably should have. But other than that, this birth control is TERRIBLE."