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User Reviews for Apri (Page 6)

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Birth Control
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Summary of Apri reviews 5.5 370 reviews

Reviews for Apri

Hypochondriac2.0 January 19, 2017

For Birth Control "I switched to this birth control from Gildess fe 1/20 (It made me depressed intensified my anxiety and I was having two periods a month). At first I was skeptical from initial water retention and moodiness but after the first month was over all those initial issues disappeared."

Apriexperience · Taken for less than 1 month January 13, 2017

For Birth Control "I was put on this birth control pill in preparation for IVF. I've been on other birth control brands in the past and have never had an experience like this! It's only been one week and I am MISERABLE. Incredibly depressed, emotional, fatigued and unmotivated. I've also noticed a huge appetite increase. In the beginning I was also super nauseous but that is fairly typical in my experience. I know that different pills have different effects on people and it takes a while to adjust but as I said, I've been on multiple brands and none has ever been this bad. All I want to do is sleep, eat, and cry. Good times."

Coley Coley January 8, 2017

For Birth Control "I started Apri a year and 4 months ago. When I first started, I was 175. I'm currently 210. My appetite has increased tremendously. It doesn't make me very moody, although I was depressed for a couple of months (maybe that could have been due to school). I've missed as many as 3 days and was still fine. My sex drive has decreased just a little, but nothing too major. My cycle is very regular and only lasts 3-4 days. I cramp, but not every cycle. Overall, it's decent."

jjbygvgtf · Taken for less than 1 month January 8, 2017

For Birth Control "horrible lost all sex drive, was hungry all the time, cried for no reason, really annoyed 24/7, felt like a monster, made me self-conscious and feel worthless. stopped after 2 weeks."

raginasian2 December 29, 2016

For Birth Control "I started Apri after switching from a birth control where I'd only get my period once every three months. My partner said I was very moody during the first couple of months after switching, but I've since mellowed out. I've noticed my sex drive has decreased to being nonexistent except for during my period week. Other than the decreased sex drive, this pill works fine for clearing my skin and preventing pregnancy. I've noticed slightly heavier cramps than normal, but they're not unbearable."

gdsfjoygbsjkufvdsjkydvbsdh December 27, 2016

For Birth Control "I was on it for 2 years and it's cleared my skin and kept my periods insanely regular (I could tell you down to a 6 hours time frame when my period was coming). However, it left me fatigued and unmotivated. My school work suffered due to that. I may even say I had very mild depression while taking this. Not the pill for me."

Mar$ December 11, 2016

For Birth Control "I'm 19 and have been on this pill for 4 months now and have realized many changes. Some pros are that my acne has cleared up and excess hair slowed its growth rate but the cons outweigh the pros. I have terrible mood swings, headaches and nausea when i never had that before. My sex drive is nearly non existent. My periods are more controlled but they are very heavy and leave me very tired. I have gained 15 pounds in 4 months despite getting 2 hours of exercise almost everyday. I thought this pill would help my hormones levelled and help my depression, but has made my relapses far between but much more intense when they happen. overall, it gets the job done, but if you can, try a different pill."

Sheila G. December 2, 2016

For Birth Control "This pill is overall good. It made me have perfect skin, lighter and shorter periods etc. It also made my breasts grow two sizes and they would be very tender a lot of the time. But the bad outweighed the good. I was very moody, when I was PMSing people couldn't be around me. It made me cry over everything. Also, I couldn't drink! Even after one shot, or a glass of wine I would feel very nauseous and immediately throw up. I didn't think it was the pill at first, I was on it for over a year, but then when I got off of the pill I was able to drink again normally and wouldn't throw up at I had an alcohol intolerance because of the pill."

Starlight1234 November 30, 2016

For Birth Control "For the most part, my experience on this medication has been very positive. It makes me feel better, my skin has cleared up, and my hair and nails even look healthier. However, I have noticed some weight gain (10 lbs) or so and I cannot seem to lose it. However, compared to other medications this is one of the few I can tolerate."

Ceezee November 28, 2016

For Birth Control "This is one of those drugs that sneak up on you been on this shit for 8 months the first couple months I felt fine but by the 6th month I started having horrible pregnancy symptoms even though I wasn't pregnant and overall I've had anxiety attacks depression spells and I've gained water weight from the pills. I have no sex drive whatsoever. I've been on other pills and they almost killed me with allergic reactions or panic attacks."

Anonymous · Taken for 6 months to 1 year November 23, 2016

For Birth Control "completely lost every bit of sex drive i had. gained about 10 pounds, mostly in my breast. helped my acne slightly."

Marie Lou · Taken for 1 to 2 years November 21, 2016

For Birth Control "This birth control failed and I am due in May. Do NOT take this birth control as it leads to childbirth and mood swings. I hope this helps."

AllynApri November 21, 2016

For Birth Control "I was switched from Loestrin 21 to Apri a few months back because my periods were irregular and my doc thought Apri would be better for me. I like that there's placebo pills in Apri cause I was awful at taking 21 day packs. The first couple months were a little tough adjusting to the higher dose of hormones. I was super emotional! But that's normal. I'm on month 5 now and things are fine. I'm still a little emotional, but only "cry at something dumb" emotional. Nothing I can't handle. My periods are light and I barely have any pain. Close to no acne. My boobs seemed to have grown a bit, so that's cool. My sex drive seems to be a tiny bit lower, but I never had a crazy high sex drive in the first place. My husband and I still have a healthy sex life. I might have gained like 5 pounds or less but that might be because of my lazy ass and not the birth control :) best of all, I haven't gotten pregnant! I recommend Apri. Give it a chance and let yourself adjust to the hormones."

Freakfury November 18, 2016

For Birth Control "I've been on this pill for about 2 and a half years now. I started taking it when I was 16 and I'm now 19. It's been my first and only birth control and I was put on it because I had insanely irregular periods. My periods were always super heavy and lasted around 7 days. This made me completely regular, gave me way lighter periods that last at most 5 days, lowered my mood swings and reduced my cramps. I've never once experienced any nausea or negative side effects from taking the pill. Everyone's gotta find the right pill for them and this is definitely mine."

BrokenHippie. November 11, 2016

For Birth Control "I was 17 when I used apri 21 .now 20 ..It releived my irregular periods BUT I also got multiple blood clots in the lungs and are now infertile this medication nearly killed me this shouldn't be sold"

Seems to do it's job. · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 28, 2016

For Birth Control "Seems fine so far. Half way into my second pack and no changes except I'm not pregnant!"

kels05 October 6, 2016

For Birth Control "So, this is the only pill I've ever been on, so I don't have much to compare it too. However, after reading all the negative reviews, I felt I should chime in. I'm on my second month of this pill and I'm almost done with it. So far, it's actually helped regulate my weight which is awesome. The first month was kind of rough, I was spotty the entire pack. Once I started up the second pack, everything cleared up and I've been good since! Worst part of this pill: no sex drive. It really does dry you up. I'm hoping this clears up after the 3rd pack because my doctor told me to give it until then."

pocketwolf · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 3, 2016

For Birth Control "I'd say this is a good/decent pill overall, but pills are decidedly not for me - too annoying to keep track of the time I take it each day, and my already large boobs grew! I don't think I've gained much, if any, weight other than in my chest, but I've had some nausea every day I take the active pill and I might be running a bit warmer/sweatier than my normal temperature. I've felt a little blue but I'm very sensitive to hormones (I have PMDD and take antidepressants for it). I know it's been effective so far because I have migraines when I ovulate and no migraines on the pill, so I'm taking that to mean I'm not ovulating! Probably just gonna use condoms from now on, though, tbh."

An0nymous123 August 22, 2016

For Birth Control "I have had no side effects since being on Apri, which I switched to from a similar kind that wasn't covered by insurance."

FallenR August 2, 2016

For Birth Control "I switched to Apri because my insurance company didn't approve Tri Lo MARZIA. I got put on birth control because of my heavy periods. After a week on Apri, I started to have migraines every 3 days. I would throw up and it would make me really moody and I would cry at the drop of a hat. When we told the insurance company what was going on, they wouldn't pay for the Tri Lo Marzia. So, I got a GoodRX card to help with the cost."

Newgirl12 · Taken for less than 1 month August 1, 2016

For Birth Control "This is my first month on Apri and I haven't been on any other forms of the pill since I was 18. I was prescribed Loestrin in 2009 for bad cramping and PMS, but got off that due to huge mood swings, bloating, weight gain and breast tenderness. It is now 7 yrs since then and I am using the pill mainly for birth control. I am on my third week and am feeling awful! I have had headaches several times per week, extreme nausea, cramping and tiredness. I have also felt anxiety and will wake up in the middle of the night. I take the pill in the morning but will be switching to a night time routine to see if my symptoms decrease or if I tolerate it better. My mood has been pretty normal and my sex drive is good. The worst thing has been the nausea."

get me off this pill already July 16, 2016

For Birth Control "I switched from Lo Loestrin Fe to Apri because I was getting married and wanted to ensure I was having a monthly period (no pregnancy scares for me, thanks). I didn't experience many side effects at first, but with my first period on the new pill came painful cramping and heavy bleeding. Mind you, I hadn't had a real period in about a year thanks to Lo Lo Fe, but that sort of pain was why I started birth control in the first place. I've been on it about four months now and have seen a significant decrease in my sex drive, which, hello, sucks (newlywed, remember?). I've also seen mood swings and nausea the last couple months as my body has been adjusting, and I'm just not about that life. Switching as soon as I can."

sarahiiiiii July 14, 2016

For Birth Control "My libido was non existent even after taking it for more than 3 months. It also made me gain 10 pounds but that wasn't a huge problem for me. The only thing that sucks about this pill is the noticeable decrease in sex drive, other than that it's fine."

wooooo · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 18, 2016

For Birth Control "I've been on Apri for 7 months. This is my first time ever using bc, so I don't have much to compare it to, but i'm incredibly happy with it. My skin was gradually getting worse and worse with each year, and I can't tell you the last time i've had more than 1 tiny blemish at a time. My skin is amazing! My doctor did warn me about the initial side effects, and they were pretty bad honestly (highly emotional, weight gain about 10 lbs), but after I gave it 3 months something clicked and I stopped being emotional and I have lost all the weight and even a bit more. I have found that I don't have much of a sex drive at all, but it's not worth it to me to switch just for that reason. If you're willing to go through the first few months, go for it!"

Alexa88 May 14, 2016

For Birth Control "I've jumped around to many birth control pills through the years - some landed me in the hospital with severe blinding abdominal pain, some made me suicidal, and some made me nauseous. This is the first one that did not do that so I was thrilled. It also bettered my severe cystic hormonal acne to only about a blemish or two a month. However, it absolutely killed every ounce of my sex drive which used to be high and healthy. That's been very frustrating. Otherwise, okay pill."