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User Reviews for Dapsone topical

Also known as: Aczone

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Reviews for Dapsone

Thrilled · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 6, 2019

Aczone (dapsone) for Acne: "At 33 years old I have had ENOUGH of my acne which seemed to get worse with age and since having children. I'm scheduled for laser treatments but in the mean time my derm had me try aczone. I didn't have much hope since I've been prescribed many other things by other doctors previously and I pretty much tried everything at Sephora and Ulta to no avail. Well I go for my first laser treatment in a week, I started the Aczone a month ago and even debated on not doing the laser treatment all! The only blemishes left are some really deep cysts that are still healing since before I started aczone! I had two breakouts right before my period this month which is unheard of for me and they came and went quicker than the breakouts I still have healing from two months ago. This has been a huge ego boost and I can't imagine not having this stuff now. Love it and no side effects at all."

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 15, 2019

Aczone (dapsone) for Acne: "The Aczone made skin without acne look flawless however I still had acne"

LKN MOM · Taken for less than 1 month June 5, 2019

For Acne: "For my 14 year old daughter, she had severe acne. I can not believe it, but in just 4 days, we have seen an amazing result. The skin is not so inflamed, it is not so red, and her acne is finally drying up. She uses it nightly. Can't wait to see what her face looks like after a month of use!"

L · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 28, 2019

Aczone (dapsone) for Acne: "This topical gel is incredible! My acne started to become an issue about a year ago and it has been an ongoing struggle to control/eliminate it. I have tried many other topical creams as well as an oral antibiotic that worked for a short period of time. However, my dermatologist finally prescribed the Aczone 5% gel and my skin has drastically cleared up within the past month or two. I currently experience the occasional blemish, which comes in much smaller than before and it clears up quicker. I highly recommend the Aczone gel for anyone with acne prone skin!"

Adult acne for years · Taken for 1 to 2 years May 3, 2019

Aczone (dapsone) for Acne: "I had clear skin until I had children and it has gotten worse over the years. I have now been suffering with acne for 20 years and it only gets worse. I have been using Aczone 7.5% for over a year twice daily. It does help shrink large inflamed cysts, but definitely doesn't stop the acne. I gave it 4 stars because it does help with inflammation and doesn't cause dryness or peeling, but if you are looking for something to prevent acne this isn't it."

krebscycle · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 2, 2019

Aczone (dapsone) for Acne: "I have struggled with cystic acne my whole life (I am now 26 yrs old), and was desperate to find a topical that was effective. Aczone has been a game-changer for me! My breakouts have all but been eliminated-- and when they do occur (hormonally), they are much smaller and last for a shorter duration. I use it once daily, and it does not leave my skin dry or oily like most other topical ointments."

Jack · Taken for 6 months to 1 year January 17, 2019

Aczone (dapsone) for Acne: "I am a middle aged male and have been experiencing problems with acne for the past 8-10 years. I have been on accutane 4 times and would exeperience clear skin for about a year every time after my treatment. My acne would always resurface, and it would be an uphill battle to keep it at bay. I would also like to add that I experienced breakouts most frequently during the winter months. After habitually visiting my dermatologist, I was finally prescribed Aczone but did not expect much from topical treatment. I have been applying for about six months and my skin is not only completely clear, but I am able to actually touch my face and eat foods I NEVER use to eat in the past. I strongly recommend this product to any male experiencing the problems I have. Acne is the most frustrating situation I had facee, and it killed my self esteem. If you have severe cystic acne, I suggest you clear it up with accutane and immediately switch to dapsone to keep it under control."

Jenn · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 17, 2018

Aczone (dapsone) for Acne: "If you have never used this product, try it. It might just turn out its works just as good for you as it did for me! All I can say is, it works, it works, it works. I have tried so many things including other RX that didn't have any results. I am 40, and used aczone (dapsone) gel for 3+ years now. The results are awesome, and yes I had every type of acne you can think of everyday since a teenager. Since using this medication once a day I have NO acne, zero. Even scarring is reduced. Talk to your doctor,, and all the best for success using this!"

Renee · Taken for less than 1 month December 14, 2018

Aczone (dapsone) for Acne: "At the end of October my almost 14 year old who had always had such great skin started to have terrible breakouts. We tried so many OTC products and she cut out sugar, dairy, and would drink gallons of water each day and it seemed to get worse. I took her to a wonderful dermatologist on Nov. 26 and she prescribed Aczone 7.5%. She started using it that night. She has not skipped one night and after 2 1/2 weeks her skin looks SO GOOD! The reviews are right, you won't see immediate results, you have to BE PATIENT. She continued getting a new pimple almost everyday for the first 2 weeks, but they cleared up so fast and the last 4 days she hasn't gotten anything new and everything else has faded. She washes her face with Cetaphil, waits 20 minutes to apply the Aczone, then waits another 30 before applying her Cetaphil night cream moisturizer. She plans on using this for a very long time! Please don't give up right away, I know it takes a little longer for some people."

finallyclearerskin · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 30, 2018

Aczone (dapsone) for Acne: "Great product. First off, Aczone will not give you immediate results. That’s for sure. But it IS worth the wait. Prior to Aczone, I had tried EVERYTHING. Over the counter, prescriptions, professionally done facials, you name it. I was given Aczone 2 & 1/2 months ago in combination with Sulfacleanse (a wash I use once a day) and my skin is almost completely clear. I also take Minocycline twice a day. It definitely doesn’t guarantee perfect skin but you WILL see a huge improvement."

Maddie · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 27, 2018

Aczone (dapsone) for Acne: "I have tried every recommended acne product whether it be topical or tablets and this is the only thing that has worked INCREDIBLY well for me. I was prescribed this in August 2018 along with Spironolactone (commonly used for high blood pressure but works to kill acne by slowing down oil production) and my skin is perfect right now. I'm not going to lie it was a little rough in the beginning 1-2 months in I was getting quite a few pimples, many flare-ups randomly. But it went by so fast I don't discourage this product because of that. I went from not wanting to go out of the house most of the time to leaving with no makeup on every day, you need to try this! The only negative thing is that the Aczone is expensive. My insurance doesn't cover it but it's so worth it to me. Hope this helps!"

Katie · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 6, 2018

Aczone (dapsone) for Acne: "I randomly started having moderate cystic acne when I turned 20 and tried everything over the counter. I finally went to the derm and got 20 mg doxy twice a day along with tretinoin cream .25% at night. It helped a little but not to my liking... she then gave me aczone and my skin cleared up so fast. I have been clear for about 3 weeks now for the first time in at least a year. I am still on all other medications (doxy and tret cream) and am so happy I started to use aczone. I am wondering, has anyone got clear skin with aczone? Also what happened when you stopped using it, did the acne come back?"

tay · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 2, 2018

Aczone (dapsone) for Acne: "Growing up I has always had clear skin, and then at the age of 22 my skin FREAKED out. I had extremely bad hormonal acne, at least 14 white heads at a time that hurt so bad. I didn’t even want to leave the house. A dermatologist prescribed aczone and benzoyl peroxide face wash and iIswear that the aczone is what saved my face. My face is 100% clear now in just a few months. Just a few red marks that still need to fade are left. aczone gave me my confidence back."

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 30, 2018

For Acne: "I have never written a review like this but I feel others MUST know how much this changed my life. I read all these reviews saying it took “too long” to work it “it got worse before it got better”. This has entirely changed my life and I’m so glad I stuck with it. I was prescribed the spirolactone and this and honestly stopped taking the pills and just did the ointment.... it took about 4 months and a few major breakouts but suddenly it was magic! I don’t need makeup anymore, my cystic acne is gone and I just have a few minor minor minor breakouts. I’m not scared to show my face and my confidence is back up. TAKE THIS MEDICINE! Believe in it!"

TK · Taken for less than 1 month October 26, 2018

Aczone (dapsone) for Acne: "The first time i used this product, I used it with tazorac, and it cleared my skin up nicely. I have had trouble with acne on and off since I was a teen. It cleared my acne up in a few weeks but completely dried my skin out around my mouth. My lips started peeling and turning brown even lipstick didn't help. Derm recommended cutting back use to every other day. Didn't help. I stopped altogether and my lips and mouth area returned back to normal. 5-6 months later I started aczone again since my acne has gotten so bad. I made sure to stay away from my lips etc, got a great moisturizer to keep area hydrated and now I have a red rash around my lips and nose and on my lips.... guess I'm having some weird reaction. :("

SamP October 15, 2018

Aczone (dapsone) for Acne: "TRY IT OUT! I'm a mid-30 yo female that has always been acne free. Stress and bacterial infection from clarisonic caused acne break out all over forehead and cheeks. My dermatologist has put me on Solodyn 55mg and Aczone 7.5% once a day. Here's my routine: Daytime - Purpose facewash, Kiehl's calendula toner, Aveeno posivitely radiant spf30 moisturizer. Nightime - Purpose facewash, kiehl's calendula toner, Aczone, after 5 minutes CeraVe oilfree PM moisturizer, oral Solodyn. I have been applying Aczone for 2 weeks and it has drastically brought down the inflammation along with clearing some stubborn acne. I still have a ways to go, but this has made me feel so much better about my skin! Side note: 60gram bottle dispenses 0.8% - so it should last you 75+ days and the cost of Aczone without insurance is $75 - I called Allergan directly to get this info. Definitely try this out if you are dealing with inflamed, red, angry acne! I'll do another review at the month mark!"

Marci · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 11, 2018

Aczone (dapsone) for Acne: "I’m 53 and my husband and I moved out of state because he got transferred and there was a lot of stress. I started breaking out so badly. I was freaking. As soon as we got settled in Tennessee I got to a dermatologist. She put me on Aczone 7.5 and it’s amazing. I had to be patient because it did take a few months but it’s so worth it. I’ll never not stop using it. My skin at 53 is more tone and beautiful then it was in my 20s!!"

SkinnyRich · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 30, 2018

Aczone (dapsone) for Acne: "do not use this medication. I've been on it for months & I have worst acne than I ever have had! Find something else"

spare September 13, 2018

Aczone (dapsone) for Acne: "I normally never write reviews, but this acne medication warrants it. I suffered the worst breakout of my life in May. I had tried everything under the sun to get my acne better. I was embarrassed to go outside my breakout was so bad. So, I went to the dermatologist and they prescribed me aczone. I put it on when I got home, and my acne started to get better pretty much right away. It still took a long time for my acne to get better- honestly 4 months- but it did it's job and my skin has never been clearer. I would not have been able to break the acne cycle without aczone."

AC September 13, 2018

Aczone (dapsone) for Acne: "Only reason I am sharing this experience is because I've literally tried everything and anything you can imagine to get my skin clear.I have a stressful job which doesn't help either. I tried spirolactone which made my face even worse, and have tried every prescription face cream there is. I have very sensitive skin that is sensitive to hormonal changes. I went to the derm to get a cortizone shot for a huge cyst and was not planning on going on a new prescription cream until she recommended Aczone. At first I said no and accepted the fact that my skin was never going to be where I wanted it to be, but she gave me a sample to try before buying just in case. I was bored one night and decided to start trying it- what else do I have to loose? After 3-4 weeks of Aczone, this changed my skin. I haven't had a prescription cream work this well and I am almost scared to post this to jinx it- but if you've tried everything and just given up, please try this."

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 6, 2018

Aczone (dapsone) for Acne: "I have been on this gel since a few years back when I first started to experience bad breakouts. I was started at the 1% gel, and saw very little difference. In the past year, I have been prescribed antibiotics, tazorac, even switching my diet as well as many other things to help my skin, and nothing worked. In the past few months, my dermatologist has had me on the Aczone 7.5% gel and this has worked amazing for my skin. I've experienced no purging or flakiness, and it has worked wonders for my skin. Although it works well I do suggest that you use a heavy moisturizer on top after it dries off if you are concerned about having dry skin. It has helped to control my breakouts, but takes significantly longer to get rid of larger cystic acne. Overall, this product has worked amazing"

anonymous August 26, 2018

Aczone (dapsone) for Acne: "Growing up, I never had acne. It wasn’t until I turned 30, then all of sudden my face started breaking out all over my cheeks, chin and jawline. Hopeless, I went to a dermatologist who prescribed me Aczone 5% to be applied nightly along with a daily face wash and morning moisturizer. I’ve been on this regiment for 1 month and after using it every day without skipping, my face is clean and completely clear! I will say, however, that you NEED to be patient. After the second week, I noticed a heavier breakout in odd places, but my doctor told me that this would happen so I stuck it out. Most acne medications will not provide you with instant results as they need to remove the junk from your skin first. This is why you will break out around the second or third week. It may seem bad, but trust me, it just means it’s working! By the time the second week was over, I was left with some scarring, but continuing on with this product even diminished those as well!"

TheBoys · Taken for less than 1 month August 15, 2018

Aczone (dapsone) for Acne: "I started to experience acne when I turned 11. Seems like the acne kicked into full throttle when the later stages of puberty began. And it’s been a battle so far. When I finally decided to visit the dermatologist, they prescribed me Doxy & Aczone. At first when I used the Aczone it made my skin look great. Better than it had in awhile, it seemed it was lighting the tone of my red spots! I’ve been on it for 2 and a half weeks & my face is AWFUL. (Now yes I do understand there is a purging period, so I’m gonna keep going, unless I don’t see better results in 4 weeks). I can tell it’s not my classic acne, because it feels buried under the skin. I highly recommend you try this product. Though it does leave blemishes from causing all of the rising to the skin, I believe it is working. But then comes my question. The Doxycycline takes around 6 weeks to fully kick in, and maybe I don’t need the Aczone. Because from what I can see, it’s causing my face to scar SO MUCH easier"

brooklynp August 9, 2018

Aczone (dapsone) for Acne: "I am 24 years old, african american female with caramel skin. I have been on topical medications for my moderate hormonal acne. About a year ago my skin went crazy, went back to a dermatologist and was prescribed Aczone 7.5 gel. I 100% always look up reviews before I use a product, so I felt the need to write a review for my experience. It's literally amazing. You do go through a purging period but please stick with it. It's been 4 months, and my face is beautiful & clear again. Just have a couple of dark spots, but all in all I'm really happy with the results. Every now & then I get a breakout but it clears up quickly. It goes on smooth under makeup. Skin rountine am: neutrogena acne prone facial bar, aczone, (wait 10 mins) then apply moisturizer. At night wash face & put some retin-a cream for my dark spots. I use aczone only once a day. Please give it the full 12 weeks to clear you up, it works!!! I hope this review helped, the same way other reviewers helped me stick with it!"

Samantha · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 23, 2018

Aczone (dapsone) for Acne: "Aczone has been a miracle treatment option for my inflammation based, hormonal, PCOS facial acne. It clears up my acne literally overnight without drying out my skin like tretinoin cream does. It also does a superb job of clearing red splotches on my face and evening out my skin tone. There is no other acne treatment that has evened my skin tone. I really love this stuff! The ONLY downside is that it it so, so, so expensive."


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