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User Reviews for Aspirin/dipyridamole to treat Ischemic Stroke, Prophylaxis

Also known as: Aggrenox

The following information is NOT intended to endorse any particular medication. While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners.

Aspirin/dipyridamole Rating Summary

User Ratings
40% (6)
7% (1)
13% (2)
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33% (5)
6.3/10 Average Rating
15 ratings from 16 user reviews

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Reviews for Aspirin/dipyridamole

meg · Taken for 10 years or more February 15, 2019

Aggrenox (aspirin / dipyridamole): “Had a stroke also have new insurance so aggrenox too expensive for me. I need alternative drug.Thank you”

doodlebug13 · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 22, 2018

Aggrenox (aspirin / dipyridamole): “I was diagnosed with Moya Moya disease in 2015. I had over 250 mini strokes between April - August of 2015. In June I called my doctor and didn't realized I was having mini strokes....I kept dropping my phone and I was at the bank and couldn't even sign my check because I didn't have any control. The doctor who treated my didn't even know about Moya Moya disease. In August, I lost my speech. In October I had bypass surgery on the left side of my brain. I've been taking Aggronox ever since. (THOUGH the Dr. had to get me used to it slowly). ALL the pharmacies locally switched the generic one I get REALLY bad side effects.BUT the Dr. said that by law, GENERIC drugs only have to be within 20% of what they use in the BRAND name. The generic TEVA brand didn't give me BAD side effects, but they no longer carry that I have to find the brand name. And now Eagle Pharmacy will stop carrying it.”

10 / 10
Lucylu08 August 28, 2016

Aggrenox (aspirin / dipyridamole): “I was put on aggrenox to keep from having strokes. I was fine with taking it until about 7 months later it caused me to have another. Before and after my stroke I had excruciating headaches. I took my own self off aggrenox and the headaches disappeared. I would suggest if anyone is taking it to STOP.”

1 / 10
alleycat09 May 30, 2016

Aggrenox (aspirin / dipyridamole): “This medication was used to help prevent a stroke but it actually caused me to have a stroke. I wouldn't advise anyone to take this medication. Someone else I knew had several strokes before the dr figured out it was the aggrenox. I was on it 8 months before having my stroke.”

1 / 10
Lucky Mimi August 28, 2015

Aggrenox (aspirin / dipyridamole): “Fourteen years i have been taking Aggrenox. Total life saver for me. Headaches when I first started, took Tylenol if absolutely necessary. ? Generic. Am I going to be forced to take generic? Pretty scary.”

10 / 10
skiprof October 15, 2014

Aggrenox (aspirin / dipyridamole): “I've had 4 bad Transient Ischemic Attacks. I tried Plavix once but had severe side effects. Just started on Aggrenox. Bad headache, nausea, stomach pain. But I'll do it and hopefully my body will adapt -- soon hopefully.”

5 / 10
H.B. · Taken for 10 years or more November 13, 2012

Aggrenox (aspirin / dipyridamole): “I had a few TIAs after bypass surgery, although the two may not be directly related; that is, the bypass surgery causing the TIAs. More likely it relates to my chemistry. The Drs. had me on Coumadin, which of cource is a real pain. After experiencing a TIA I was admitted and my attending physician was a stroke neurologist. He questioned me being on Coumadin and felt strongly that Aggrenox was the right medicine for my situation. I have used it for at least over 10 years with absolutely no side effects or occurrences.”

10 / 10
John B. September 26, 2012

Aggrenox (aspirin / dipyridamole): “I had a series of TIA's almost 10 years ago. After Numerous Drs and hospitals I went to the Mayo Clinic. After many tests they diagnosed the problem and prescribed Aggrenox. I had some mild headaches the first few weeks. I have been TIA free for almost a decade.”

10 / 10
sweet baby · Taken for 5 to 10 years August 19, 2012

Aggrenox (aspirin / dipyridamole): “I was told by my physician in January 2005, that I had several mini-stokes before the one that hospitalized me on January 31, 2005. It has been 7 years now and I had no noticeable side effects with Aggrenox. When I started the medication, I always took it as prescribed - 1 capsule in the morning and one capsule in the evening. About 1 year ago, I only started taking 1 capsule when I would take my blood pressure pill. My pharmacist begged me to start back taking the medication as it was originally prescribed to be taken. ”

10 / 10
Anonymous September 29, 2011

Aggrenox (aspirin / dipyridamole): “I have been taking Aggrenox now for 4 years for ITA--no side effects and no further attacks to date.”

8 / 10
Anonymous September 2, 2010

Aggrenox (aspirin / dipyridamole): “Took one Aggrenox in the morning and one at night and it caused extreme nausea, headache, diarrhea, stiff joints, and weakness all night and vomiting in the morning. This was prescribed after one cardiovascular event. Had tried Plavix 75 mg for 4 months with poor results. Then tried Plavix 159 mg for 6 weeks and still no results in platelet test.”

1 / 10
sorry user May 11, 2010

Aggrenox (aspirin / dipyridamole): “I had been taking Plavix without any side effects since experiencing transient ischemic stroke, but was advised by my doctor to try Aggrenox because a clotting test raised a question whether Plavix was effective. To start with I took one dose per day because I had had been advised to expect headaches until my body adjusted. I felt my head was going to explode and got extremely nauseated. I took it for three days. The headaches got worse, and I became nauseous, and my blood pressure went very high. I now list Aggrenox as a medication that I am allergic to because of the severe side effects. I continue to use Aspirin, Plavix and other medications to try to prevent strokes.”

1 / 10
Anonymous February 24, 2010

Aggrenox (aspirin / dipyridamole): “I have been taking Aggrenox for close to two years and have had no side effects. It was prescribed for me in case the problem I had earlier in 2008 was in fact a stroke. It was never decided if that is what my problem was. All I know is I am fine now and I never want to have the same thing happen to me again. Aggrenox is fairly expensive, but it seems to be doing its job.”

8 / 10
rickko January 21, 2010

Aggrenox (aspirin / dipyridamole): “I had a single pure sensory (lacunar Infarct) stroke. Aggrenox was prescribed. It caused a bad headache only on the first day. I've been taking it for over fifty months. No side effects. No further strokes since the first one.”

10 / 10
Anonymous August 8, 2009

Aggrenox (aspirin / dipyridamole): “I experienced multiple transient ischemic strokes and my neurologist prescribed Aggrenox. Following the first dose I felt my head was going to explode and got extremely nauseated. I ended up in the emergency room. I now list Aggrenox as a medication that I am allergic to because of the severe side effects. I continue to use Aspirin, Plavix and other medications to try to prevent strokes.”

1 / 10
Big Don Don September 29, 2008

Aggrenox (aspirin / dipyridamole): “I have been using Aggrenox for more then a year now. I have had five TIA strokes prior to using Aggrenox. I think it has reduce my chances of having another stroke. I have had no strokes while using this medication. No side effects either.”

9 / 10