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How do you use the Taltz Autoinjector?

Medically reviewed by Melisa Puckey, BPharm. Last updated on June 8, 2022.

Official answer


Taltz is an injection used to treat moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, active psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.

Taltz is a subcutaneous injection (an injection that goes under the skin) and comes in two different forms, the Taltz Autoinjector and the Talz prefilled syringe. You should be trained by your health care professional how to use these injections.

Where do you inject Taltz Autoinjector?

  • It is recommended that you inject into the front of your thighs, which is the top part of your leg between your knee and hip, which is right in front of you when you are sitting down on a chair.
  • You can also use the lower part of the abdomen but not around your belly button, your injection needs to be at least 1 inch away from you belly button.
  • If you have someone else giving you your injection they can also use the outer area of the upper arm.
  • Alternate the injection site so that you are not injecting into the same spot each time.
  • You should only inject into clear, healthy skin. Do NOT inject into any areas that are bruised, tender, red, scaly or hard. You should also NOT inject into any scars, stretch marks or areas of psoriasis.

Handy tips before injecting:

  • You can take the Taltz Autoinjector out of the refrigerator 30 minutes before injection time, this way it will warm up to room temperature and will be more comfortable to inject. Remember to put the carton with any unused autoinjectors back into the refrigerator immediately.
  • To help reduce pain place an ice pack on the injection site before and after the injection
  • DO NOT SHAKE the Taltz Autoinjector before use.

How do you inject Taltz Autoinjector?

  • Step 1 Get everything you need ready: your Taltz Autoinjector, alcohol wipe, cotton ball and sharps disposal container.
  • Step 2 Wash your hands before you start, then clean the injection site with an alcohol wipe and let the area dry.
  • Step 3 Check liquid through the viewing window of the Taltz autoinjector, it should be clear and colorless or slightly yellow. If it is discolored, cloudy or you can see particles in the liquid then DO NOT USE IT. Check the expiry to ensure it has not expired.
  • Step 4 Check that the lock ring is in the lock position then twist off the base cap in the direction of arrows.
  • Step 5 Hold the clear base flat and firmly against your skin at the chosen injection site.
  • Step 6 Continue to hold the device against your skin and unlock the Autoinjector by turning the lock ring to the unlock position. It is now ready to be activated.
  • Step 7 To activate the injection press the green injection button and you will hear a loud click. You need to keep holding the Autoinjector against the skin until you hear a second click which tells you the injection is complete. This should take about 10 seconds. Another indication that the injection has finished is that you should be able to see the gray plunger at the top of the clear base.
  • Step 8 You can now remove the Talz Autoinjector from your skin. Gently press the cotton ball against the injection site for a short period of time and then place a small adhesive bandage over the injection site if required.
  • Step 9 Throw away the used Taltz Autoinjector in your sharps disposal container.


  • Taltz Autoinjector can be injected into the top of the thighs or the lower abdomen excluding one inch around the belly button. If someone else is injecting Taltz for you, they can inject it into the outer area of the upper arms.
  • Taltz Autoinjector can be self administered by the patient. The first time the injection is administered it should be under the supervision of your health professional, as they teach you how to inject yourself properly.
  • It is important to follow storage and administration instructions fully.

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