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How long can Dupixent stay out of the fridge?

Medically reviewed by Carmen Pope, BPharm. Last updated on Feb 28, 2022.

Official answer


Dupixent can stay out of the fridge for a maximum of 14 days at room temperature (up to 77°F [25°C]). If you do not use it within 14 days, then it must be thrown away. Do not expose Dupixent to temperatures above 77°F and do not put it back in the refrigerator if it has been inadvertently left out and allowed to warm up to room temperature.

Keep your stock of Dupixent refrigerated at between 2°C to 8°C [36°F to 46°F]) until you want to use it. Store in the original carton to protect from light. Do not shake, heat, freeze, or put the pens in direct sunlight

  • Dupixent (dupilumab) Updated 12/2021. sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC

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