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Asthma - Maintenance Support Group

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Our support group for Asthma - Maintenance has 70 questions and 131 members. Updated 26 Jun 2022.

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How long can you be on Symbicort?

How fast does Dupixent work?

What does Symbicort do to the lungs?

Why does Dupixent cause eye problems?

Symbicort vs. Advair: How do they compare?

Trelegy vs. Breo: How do they compare?

How long does it take for Symbicort to work?

Is Symbicort a steroid inhaler?

How often can I use my Symbicort inhaler?

Does Dupixent cause weight gain?

Does Dupixent cause hair loss?

How long can Dupixent stay out of the fridge?

Can you take Symbicort and prednisone together?

How long before Xolair starts working?

Is Xolair an immunosuppressant?

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Composite Neighborhood-Level Opportunity Predicts Pediatric Asthma Exacerbation Status

FRIDAY, May 26, 2023 – Neighborhood Child Opportunity Index 2.0 (COI) scores are a stronger predictor of…

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Latest questions

Omalizumab and Covid-19 vaccine, what should I know?

Xolair and Covid-19 vaccine, what should I know?

AirDuo Digihaler vs Respiclick, what’s the difference?

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