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Asthma - Maintenance Questions

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Does singulair have to be taken at night?

Posted 15 Jul 2010 by justwantedtoknow 5 answers

Albuterol - How long can the nebulizer solution be used passed the expiration date?

Posted 3 Jul 2012 by Steph S 4 answers

Some of my solution has an expiration date of July 2012, how long can I still use it? I know I won't finish it up this month.

What is a good substitute for Advair? I've been taking Advair successfully for adult-onset asthma?

Posted 8 Jan 2013 by guineapigslave 17 answers

... since roughly 2001. Medicare switched me to a new plan for 2013, since my old plan's prices have gone way up (I get extra help, due to finances, so money IS a big issue). Unfortunately, my new plan does not cover Advair, and I'm clueless as to what else will work in maintaining the ...

Advair vs Breo?

Posted 12 May 2015 by Bdawson89 5 answers

I have moderate asthma and control it with Singulair (allergies & asthma), and Advair inhaled medication. My doctor recently prescribed me BREO instead of Advair and will soon be switching. I am wondering if anyone else has experiences A) with BREO B) with advair and/or BREO and if theyve ever ...

What aree the differences between Ventolin and Qvar?

Posted 30 Nov 2014 by design man 1 answer

Also, what about Albuterol - how does that fit into the other drugs?

What is difference between ProAir HFA and Symbicort?

Posted 16 Sep 2010 by carlpatt 3 answers

Will proair substitute for use of symbicort?

Is there any over the counter meds comparable to singulair?

Posted 22 Aug 2009 1 answer

i've been out of my singulair for about 2 weeks now, thanks to some mishap with my insurance. it's getting to the point where even my nebulizer and inhalers are not giving enough relief. i need help. i even went to the extent of asking for free samples.

What is a replacement for Advair 100 discus?

Posted 16 days ago by Trusha 2 answers

I have hoarseness (quite severe) due to Salmeterol in Advair or Vilanterol in Breo Ellipta. I gargle with warm water after each inhalation, but hoarseness persists throughout the day. Is there a COPD / asthma medication that does not have this side-effect? I do need to take the ICS / LABA combo. ...

Tienen algún descuento para comprar el flovent?

Posted 4 days ago by brendaortiz 0 answers

Necesito comprarlo para mi hijo pero es muy costoso

I am currently taking Flovent HFA 220 mcg 2 puffs twice daily. But going through my bedside table, I

Posted 17 days ago by anitathom57 0 answers

... found two unopened and unused boxes of the same prescription. But the expiration date was December 2017. Can I use at least one box? I had an asthma attack last February, 2017 due to bronchitis, hospitalized and given Symbicort for about about four months. I was then placed back on Flovent HFA ...

What I have is several boxes of albuterol going back to 2011. Is it still usable?

Posted 28 Nov 2017 by guybees 0 answers

What is the shelf life of albuterol? I still have several boxes going back to 2100.

Symbicort - How long does it take to come out of your system after you stop taking it ?

Posted 15 Jan 2011 by pooksie 1 answer

I stopped suddenly stopped suddenly when I noticed some weight gain and the muscle cramps are bad. I am not sure if it because I stopped suddenly or not.

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