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What is the difference between Mucinex D and Mucinex DM?

Medically reviewed by Judith Stewart, BPharm. Last updated on Dec 6, 2022.

Official answer


Mucinex D is (guaifenesin and pseudoephedrine) is an expectorant/nasal decongestant combination, and Mucinex DM (guaifenesin and dextromethorphan) is an expectorant/cough suppressant combination.

Mucinex D and Mucinex DM both contain the expectorant guaifenesin (which is contained as a single ingredient in Mucinex).

  • Guaifenesin is an expectorant that helps loosen mucus in your chest.
  • Pseudoephedrine is a decongestant that shrinks blood vessels in the nasal passages. Dilated blood vessels can cause nasal congestion (stuffy nose).
  • Dextromethorphan is a cough suppressant. It affects the signals in the brain that trigger cough reflex.

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