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Can Admelog (insulin lispro) be used in insulin pumps?

Medically reviewed by Melisa Puckey, BPharm. Last updated on Sep 20, 2023.

Official answer

  • Yes, Admelog can be used in an insulin pump.

Admelog is available as:

  • Admelog 10mL vial (100 units/mL)
  • Admelog SoloStar 3mL pen (100units/mL)

The Ademlog 10mL vial can be used with:

  • external insulin infusion pump
  • needle and syringe

Using Admelog with an insulin infusion pump.

  • You should check the insulin infusion pump system’s labeling to see if Admelog can be used with the pump.
  • You should be appropriately trained on how to use the pump properly, according to the pump’s instructions for use.
  • The infusion set should be inserted into an area recommended in your insulin pump instructions.
  • You should change your insertion site, within the area you are using, to reduce the chance of having local reactions at the insertion site including skin pitting, thickened skin, or lumpy areas of skin.
  • Do not insert an infusion set where the skin is scarred, damaged, tender, bruised, scaly, thickened, lumpy, pitted or hard.
  • Admelog should not be mixed with any other type of insulin in the pump.
  • Insulin in the reservoir should be replaced at least every 7 days.
  • Infusion sets and infusion set sites should be changed at least every 3 days.
  • Admelog insulin should be discarded if it reaches temperatures higher than 98.6°F (37°C).

Admelog (insulin lispro injection) is insulin used by patients with diabetes mellitus to control high blood sugar.

Click here for more detailed information on Admelog and other options for administration.


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