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In some countries, this medicine may only be approved for veterinary use.

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ATC (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification)


CAS registry number (Chemical Abstracts Service)


Chemical Formula


Molecular Weight


Therapeutic Categories


Disease-modifying antirheumatic drug, DMARD

Chemical Name

Cyclosporin A

Foreign Names

Generic Names

Brand Names

  • Abrammune
    Amoun, Egypt
  • Amadra
    Toyo Capsule, Japan
  • Apo-Cyclosporine
    Apotex, Canada
  • Aprimune ME
    Ito, Egypt
  • Arpimune
    Pascual, Philippines
  • Atopica (veterinary use)
    Elanco Eläinlääkkeet, Finland; Novartis, Germany; Novartis AH, South Africa; Novartis Animal Health, Belgium; Novartis Animal Health, United Kingdom; Novartis Animal Health, Ireland; Novartis Animal Health, Netherlands; Novartis Animal Health, Norway; Novartis Animal Health, New Zealand; Novartis Animal Health, United States; Novartis Animal Health Australasia, Australia; Novartis Animal Health Österreich, Austria; Novartis Healthcare Animal Health, Sweden; Novartis Santé Animale, France; Novartis Tiergesundheit, Switzerland
  • Atopica for Cats (veterinary use)
    Novartis Animal Health, New Zealand; Novartis Animal Health, United States
  • Atoplus (veterinary use)
    Novartis Animal Health, Italy
  • Cermox
    AstraZeneca, Argentina
  • Cicloral
    Salutas Pharma, Serbia
  • Cicloral HEXAL
    Hexal, Germany
  • CicloralHexal
    Hexal, Lithuania
  • Ciclosporin - 1 A Pharma
    1 A Pharma, Germany
  • Ciclosporin Alkaloid
    Alkaloid, Bulgaria
  • Ciclosporin BMD
    BioMedix, Japan
  • Ciclosporin dura
    Mylan dura, Germany
  • Ciclosporin Hexal
    Salutas, Georgia
  • Ciclosporin HEXAL
    Hexal, Germany
  • Ciclosporin Mylan
    Generics, Slovakia; Mylan Seiyaku, Japan; Generics, Czech Republic
  • Ciclosporin Mylan 17%
    Mylan Seiyaku, Japan
  • Ciclosporin Nichi-iko
    Nichi-Iko Pharmaceutical, Japan
  • Ciclosporin Pro
    Teva, Germany
  • Ciclosporin Sandoz
    Sandoz, Lithuania
  • Ciclosporin Towa
    Towa Yakuhin, Japan
  • Ciclosporina
    Biosintetica, Brazil
  • Ciclosporina Generis
    Generis, Portugal
  • Ciclosporina Teva
    Teva Pharma, Portugal
  • Ciclosporine Actavis
    Actavis, Netherlands
  • Ciclosporine PCH
    Pharmachemie, Netherlands
  • Ciclosporine Sandoz
    Sandoz, Netherlands
  • Ciclosporin-IVAX Pharm
    Ivax Pharmaceuticals, China
  • Ciclosporin-Medilink
    Medilink Pharmaceuticals, Cyprus
  • Ciclosporin-Morningside
    Genericon, Czech Republic
  • Ciclosporin-Teva
    Teva, Hong Kong
  • Cicporal
    Nichi-Iko Pharmaceutical, Japan
  • Ciklosporin Alkaloid
    Alkaloid, Bosnia & Herzegowina; Alkaloid, Croatia (Hrvatska); Alkaloid, Macedonia
  • Ciklosporin IVAX
    Teva, Sweden
  • Ciosprin
    Actavis, Bosnia & Herzegowina
  • Cipol-N
    Chong Kun Dang, South Korea; Chong Kun Dang, Thailand
  • Ciqorin
    Teva, Belgium; Teva, Germany; Teva, Denmark; Teva, Spain; Teva, Iceland; Teva, Netherlands; Teva, Sweden; Teva, Slovenia; Teva Eesti, Estonia; Teva Pharma, Switzerland; Teva Pharmaceuticals, Poland
  • Clacier
    Alcon, South Korea
  • Cyclaid
    Apotex, Poland; Medis International, Czech Republic
  • Cyclavance (veterinary use)
    Virbac, Switzerland; Virbac, Germany; Virbac S.A., Ireland
  • Cyclophil
    Biocon, India
  • Cyclorin
    Ibn Sina, Bangladesh
  • Cyclosporin Sandoz
    Sandoz, Australia
  • Cyclosporine AbbVie
    AbbVie, United States
  • Cyclosporine Apotex
    Apotex, United States
  • Cyclosporine Ivax
    Ivax, United States
  • Cyclosporine Luitpold
    Luitpold, United States
  • Cyclosporine Sandoz
    Sandoz, United States
  • Cyclosporine Watson
    Watson Pharmaceutical, United States
  • Cyclosporine Wockhardt
    Wockhardt, United States
  • Cyporin
    Aristopharma, Bangladesh
  • Deximune
    Cherubino, Malta; Dexcel, Germany; Dexcel, Georgia; Dexcel, Israel; Dexcel, Singapore; Dexcel Pharma, United Kingdom; Medicem, Malta
  • Drosporin
    Drogsan, Turkey
  • Equoral
    Ivax, Bulgaria; Ivax, Slovakia; Ivax, Tunisia; Laboratorio Chile, Chile; Pliva, Bosnia & Herzegowina; Pliva, Croatia (Hrvatska); Teva, Czech Republic; Teva, Lithuania; Teva, Romania; Teva, Vietnam; Teva Eesti, Estonia; Teva Pharmaceuticals, Poland
  • Genfar
    Eurogenus, Portugal
  • Gengraf
    Abbott, China; Abbott, Turkey; Abbott, United States; AbbVie, United States
  • Ikervis
    Santen, Germany; Santen, France
    SANTEN Oy, United Kingdom
  • Iminoral
    Zahravi Pharma, Vietnam
  • Immunosporin
    Novartis Pharma, Germany
  • Immurin
    InnoPharmax, Taiwan
  • Implanta
    Hanmi, China
  • Imunofar
    Faran Laboratories, Greece
  • Imural
    Techno, Bangladesh
  • Lacrinmune
    Bausch & Lomb, Argentina
  • Modulis (veterinary use)
    Sogeval, Ireland
  • Modusik-A Ofteno
    Sophia, Ecuador; Sophia, Peru; Volta, Chile
  • Neoimmun
    Kwizda Pharma, Austria
  • Neoral
    Euro Registratie, Netherlands; Novartis, Bangladesh; Novartis, China; Novartis, Japan; Novartis, Netherlands; Novartis, New Zealand; Novartis, United States; Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Australia; Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Canada; Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK, United Kingdom
  • Néoral
    Novartis, France
  • Neoral 10%
    Novartis, Japan
  • Neoral Sandimmun
    Novartis, Belgium
  • Optimmune (veterinary use)
    Essex Tierarznei, Poland; Intervet, Austria; Intervet, United Kingdom; Intervet, Netherlands; Intervet, United States; MSD, Germany; MSD, New Zealand; MSD Animal, Norway; MSD Animal Health, Australia; MSD Animal Health, Switzerland; MSD Animal Health, Italy; MSD Animal Health, Finland; Intervet Ireland, Ireland; Intervet SA MSD, South Africa; MSD Santé Animale Intervet, France
  • Optimmune-Canis (veterinary use)
    Intervet, Belgium
  • Osporin
    Olive Healthcare, Philippines
  • Panimun Bioral
    Panacea, Georgia
  • Panosporin
    Biem, Turkey
  • Papilock Mini 0.1%
    Santen Pharmaceutical, Japan
  • Restasis
    Allergan, Argentina; Allergan, Canada; Allergan, Colombia; Allergan, Ecuador; Allergan, Hong Kong; Allergan, India; Allergan, Lebanon; Allergan, Mexico; Allergan, Malaysia; Allergan, Philippines; Allergan, Thailand; Allergan, Turkey; Allergan, Taiwan; Allergan, United States; Allergan Israel, Israel; Laboratorios Allergan, Chile
  • Restasis 0.05%
    Salus, Slovenia
  • Restor
    Apex, Bangladesh
  • Saisiping
    Huadong Pharmaceutical Group, China
  • Sanda
    Okasa Pharma, Thailand; TTN, Thailand
  • Sandimmum Neoral
    Novartis, Bangladesh
  • Sandimmun
    Novartis, Belgium; Novartis, Brazil; Novartis, Czech Republic; Novartis, Denmark; Novartis, Finland; Novartis, France; Novartis, Greece; Novartis, Hong Kong; Novartis, Croatia (Hrvatska); Novartis, Hungary; Novartis, Indonesia; Novartis, Ireland; Novartis, Israel; Novartis, Iceland; Novartis, Japan; Novartis, South Korea; Novartis, Lebanon; Novartis, Malta; Novartis, Malaysia; Novartis, Norway; Novartis, New Zealand; Novartis, Oman; Novartis, Poland; Novartis, Portugal; Novartis, Serbia; Novartis, Sweden; Novartis, Slovakia; Novartis, Thailand; Novartis, Tunisia; Novartis, Turkey; Novartis, Taiwan; Novartis AH, South Africa; Novartis Farma, Italy; Novartis Farmaceutica, Spain; Novartis Pharma, Austria; Novartis Pharma, Switzerland; Novartis Pharma, Germany; Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Australia; Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK, United Kingdom
  • Sandimmun 10%
    Novartis, Japan
  • Sandimmun Neoral
    Catalent, Israel; Eurim-Pharm, Austria; Farmagon, Norway; IFET, Greece; Novartis, Argentina; Novartis, Bosnia & Herzegowina; Novartis, Bulgaria; Novartis, Brazil; Novartis, Chile; Novartis, Czech Republic; Novartis, Ecuador; Novartis, Estonia; Novartis, Egypt; Novartis, Greece; Novartis, Hong Kong; Novartis, Croatia (Hrvatska); Novartis, Hungary; Novartis, Indonesia; Novartis, Iceland; Novartis, South Korea; Novartis, Lebanon; Novartis, Latvia; Novartis, Malaysia; Novartis, Norway; Novartis, Oman; Novartis, Portugal; Novartis, Romania; Novartis, Serbia; Novartis, Sweden; Novartis, Thailand; Novartis, Tunisia; Novartis, Taiwan; Novartis, Vietnam; Novartis Biosciences, Peru; Novartis Farma, Italy; Novartis Farmaceutica, Spain; Novartis Healthcare, Philippines; Novartis Pharma, Austria; Novartis Pharma, Switzerland; RP Scherer, Georgia; Novartis, Finland; Novartis, Lithuania
  • Sandimmun Optoral
    Novartis Pharma, Germany
  • Sandimmune
    Novartis, Egypt; Novartis, Netherlands; Novartis, United States; Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Canada
  • Sandimmun-Neoral
    Haemato Pharm, Austria; Novartis, Turkey
  • Sandoz Cyclosporine
    Sandoz, Canada
  • Sigmasporin
    Medipharma, Argentina
  • Sporilen
    Pharmathen, Greece
  • Sporimune (veterinary use)
    Dechra, Norway; Gräub, Switzerland; Le Vet, Belgium; Le Vet Beheer, Ireland; Le Vet Pharma B.V., United Kingdom; Vetcare, Finland
  • Sporium
    Incepta, Bangladesh
  • Tianke
    NCPC GeneTech, China
  • Vanquoral
    ratiopharm Arzneimittel, Austria
  • Xin Sai Si Ping
    Huadong Pharmaceutical Group, China


BANBritish Approved Name
DCFDénomination Commune Française
DCITDenominazione Comune Italiana
ISInofficial Synonym
JANJapanese Accepted Name
OSOfficial Synonym
PHPharmacopoeia Name
Rec.INNRecommended International Nonproprietary Name (World Health Organization)
USANUnited States Adopted Name

Further information on drug naming conventions: International Nonproprietary Names.

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