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User Reviews for Xylometazoline nasal

Also known as: Otrivin, Balminil Nasal Decongestant, Triaminic Decongestant Spray Nasal & Sinus Congestion, 4-Way Moisturizing Relief

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Nasal Congestion
37 reviews 584 medications
Summary of Xylometazoline reviews 6.8 37 reviews

Reviews for Xylometazoline

Deniro37 · Taken for less than 1 month July 18, 2019

Otrivin (xylometazoline) for Nasal Congestion: "Bought 2 bottles of this for both myself & my 14 year old as our hayfever was very bad. Within a few days both myself & my daughter suffered with very sore nasal passages that bled and for my daughter became infected. Couldn't use anymore."

Eby June 1, 2019

Otrivin (xylometazoline) for Nasal Congestion: "The new version is a not useful"

booz · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 27, 2019

Otrivin (xylometazoline) for Nasal Congestion: "Addictive!"

Mrs Briones · Taken for less than 1 month March 27, 2019

Otrivin (xylometazoline) for Nasal Congestion: "Otrivin gave me instant relief of nasal congestion. Like 1-2minutes. Stinging sensation and reduce at 10 minutes. Bad taste once passes the throat. For me, the benefit outweighs the side effects."

Natesh · Taken for 10 years or more February 10, 2019

Otrivin (xylometazoline) for Nasal Congestion: "Respected Government of India (Ministry of Medical) This product manufacturer is making profit day by day increasing otrivin price continuously. In the year of 2013 this product price is around Rs.30 to 40. Now this product price is Rs. 73, Product quality is also decrease, it is just like normal water,, on behalf of indian otrivin user medical council most take immediate action to stop the production.."

Dani · Taken for less than 1 month December 8, 2018

Otrivin (xylometazoline) for Nasal Congestion: "It is a miracle "

NM · Taken for less than 1 month December 1, 2018

For Nasal Congestion: "Used it for only 6 days before I realised it was making matters worse once the effect clears, made me wake up at night to use it on 2 occasions! On the 7th day had to go cold turkey without it but had a blocked nose the whole day with a very dry mouth so shifted to saline spray. One day is all it took to start feeling better.... Maybe the saline kinda washed it out?"

That kiwi guy · Taken for less than 1 month October 27, 2018

Otrivin (xylometazoline) for Nasal Congestion: "Blocked sinus/nose. I can not recall the last rime I have been able to breath like this through my nose. Good stuff."

King · Taken for 6 months to 1 year September 12, 2018

Otrivin (xylometazoline) for Nasal Congestion: "I hate stuff other ones like this because they never worked for me but Otrivin? I use it 2 times a day every day because my allergies are just that bad and it is the best thing that has ever been created... like ever. 10 out of 10, would use again, get this... get this."

Betty September 8, 2018

For Nasal Congestion: "Unfortunately usage resulted in a bad experience for me. I commenced using it the same day I got on a 1 hour flight (so only used it twice - afternoon and evening). I had a bit of a headache and overall unwell feeling after using it but not that bad I guess. Then later that evening on the flight I got very bad anxiety to the point that the flight attendants knew something was up and were checking on me (flight attendants were very kind :). I was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder almost 8 years ago but have worked on it, take an anti depressant (Sertraline) and suffer no symptoms for many years. I regularly fly (don't love flying but do fly a lot for work and travel). I had no anxiety leading up to the flight but got very, very bad anxiety on the flight and was trembling, upset stomach and (diarrhea). I see it has been linked to nervousness so perhaps don't use it if you will be in nervousness inducing situation like I was (flying). I had such an awful experience."

Patch · Taken for 5 to 10 years August 17, 2018

Otrivin (xylometazoline) for Nasal Congestion: "Be wary of this drug highly addictive - MAXIMUM use is 3 days. Could not go without it always a bottle carried around with me spent a fortune over the years!Couldn’t go without it for a clear nose. It is called rebound congestion. So went to doctor and told to go off it cold turkey or would end up with a cocaine nose. Went cold turkey and had headaches, sinus, dizzy and nausea. I Had to sleep in an upright position to breathe. Been off it for 3 years. Took 2 weeks of withdrawal symptoms. Don’t touch it"

Moo67 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year July 5, 2018

Otrivin (xylometazoline) for Nasal Congestion: "Always suffered with really bad nasal congestion. I've tried loads of different ones. This is the best! Better than many brands. It is really distressing to continually have a blocked nose. This works a treat"

Rkmcc · Taken for less than 1 month May 26, 2018

Otrivin (xylometazoline) for Nasal Congestion: "Really good stuff. Works a treat"

Vipinkhyih January 23, 2018

Otrivin (xylometazoline) for Nasal Congestion: "Never use this medicine. It left my nose hurt and burning. Definitely clears the congestion. But gives you the side effects like headache, toothache, nose hurts badly. Worst nasal spray I've ever seen."

Conchia December 10, 2017

Otrivin (xylometazoline) for Nasal Congestion: "This nasal spray works in seconds and last for hours. I had a cold, stuffy runny nose and a constant draining at the back of my throat which cause me to cough incessantly, after taking otrivin all of my symptoms stopped. It can cause a slight headache if you take too much and you can get addicted because it works so well, then after a while you get rebound congestion so be aware of that, and only use it for a few days"

Anonymous · Taken for 2 to 5 years October 3, 2017

Otrivin (xylometazoline) for Nasal Congestion: "Warning please don't use otrivin. As your well wisher I would like to draw your attention towards the side effects of otrivin. It's been 10 years now that I'm using nose drops as I had deviated septum and oversized turbino. In 2015 I had an operation of septoplasty and turbinoplasty. Along with this I have allergic rhinitis so I started using otrivin as nasal decongestant but somehow I got addicted to this otrivin it gives you a nice, clear open nose. But you know you get rebound congestion after a while. Once you use otrivin then it will keep your nose open for 9 hours but once the effect is gone you face the same problem but this time your nose blows up inside t twice the size it was. Stop it before it gets too late don't suffer like me..."

SinusSufferer · Taken for less than 1 month August 21, 2017

Otrivin (xylometazoline) for Nasal Congestion: "Worst sinus spray ever. Took it once and started to get lightheaded with chest pain. Cleared up my nose but side effects are not worth it."

Anonymous August 15, 2017

Otrivin (xylometazoline) for Nasal Congestion: "One of the most worst medicine made it should stop production"

Hubartus August 4, 2017

Otrivin (xylometazoline) for Nasal Congestion: "Not suitable for allergy congestion, for example dust. The drug has a rebound effect, immediate relief at first followed by a worse condition hours later. The more you take the more you will need."

CT89 August 4, 2017

Otrivin (xylometazoline) for Nasal Congestion: "Good for the congestion, clears you up, however, used for only 1.5 days and the inside of my nose is raw and bleeding, the spray also has hurt / stung the back of my throat. Have used nasal sprays in the past, no other has ever had these effects."

Jaycee567567 April 12, 2017

For Nasal Congestion: "Worked really well. Got me through the day so I didn't miss any work. I did use as directed but suffered with dryness and bleeding sores that wouldn't heal in nostrils for weeks after."

Horrible experience March 19, 2017

Otrivin (xylometazoline) for Nasal Congestion: "I'm not sure if it was the cause, but after a week of using otrivin, I suffered panic disorder (sleep problems, fast heartbeat, chest tightness)."

Donotuseit February 22, 2017

Otrivin (xylometazoline) for Nasal Congestion: "Became addicted to it. Used it several times a day for about 20 years. HAD to use it to keep nostrils open. Finally a doctor said I should stop. I quit cold turkey. Very hard. After about a month it was OVER. I do not need them now and do not have to carry nose drops 24-7. Do NOT start using it!!! Have been off them for over 15 years now."

Dougie Lavick (USA USA USA) · Taken for less than 1 month October 30, 2016

Otrivin (xylometazoline) for Nasal Congestion: "Good Stuff, Really clears out that rough nasal problem after a good night out"

Xylo · Taken for less than 1 month September 3, 2016

For Nasal Congestion: "Perfect spray. Works great for me during flu. I use it once at night only before sleeping for 7 nights so that my nose stays normal during sleep. Had no side effects so far. Thanks"


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