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User Reviews for Chantix to treat Smoking Cessation

Chantix has an average rating of 8.6 out of 10 from a total of 1021 ratings for the treatment of Smoking Cessation. 84% of those users who reviewed Chantix reported a positive effect, while 9% reported a negative effect.

Chantix Rating Summary

8.6/10 average rating

1021 ratings from 1166 user reviews.

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Reviews for Chantix

Renee · Taken for less than 1 month April 23, 2021

“I quit smoking after 3 days on Chantix. I have one more week of pills and plan on finishing the 28 day pack. I smoked a pack a day for many years and loved those cigarettes. Now, I still have moments when a cigarette sounds really good but that passes. I know I'll have moments when I'll really want to smoke but will wait it out til it passes. I'll comment again in a month. Absolutely no side effects! I really love what Chantix has done for me. You have to be committed to quitting and the Chantix really helps!”

10 / 10
Rownan · Taken for less than 1 month April 18, 2021

“I wanted to quit smoking so much. I had tried the patches and the gum to no avail. My Doctor was very hesitant about prescribing Chantix. About an hour after my first dose of the first day I started to feel really bad. Long story short I spent that night in the hospital because I had the symptoms of a stroke. If you're considering Chantix think twice about it and then a 3rd time.”

1 / 10
Cor April 17, 2021

“I started chantix 14 days ago and after 11 days got sick to my stomach when l smoked, and now l don't want to smoke because l feel sick if l do. It really works!”

10 / 10
BakerMargera February 8, 2020

“I'm using Chantix along with lozenges and patches. I've attempted to quit smoking with patches and lozenges alone off and on for years with out success. The addition of Chantix is making all the difference. I've been smoking for 10 years and for the last 4 years I've been smoking between a pack to a pack and a half a day. Quitting seemed impossible! I'd tell myself everyday "this pack is my last pack" as I drove to buy another pack! Once I started treatment I didn't know what to expect. Days 1-3 I smoked 1-2 cigarettes a day. On day 4 I couldn't smoke even 2 puffs before just putting it out in disgust. I didn't smoke a cigarette today, It didn't even cross my mind. I feel healthier and more alert. I can take deeper breaths without the phlegm, my eyes don't burn in the morning, Im saving money, my head isn't foggy, my clothes don't smell like an ashtray, and I feel an overwhelming source of energy radiating through my body. So much improvement in just 11 days!”

10 / 10
Jns1stkd · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 23, 2021

“This is my 3rd time taking Chantix. The first time I quit smoking almost immediately. But I started again. The 2nd time (years later) I had too many side effects so I stopped taking it. Fast forward a couple more years after my significant other was sick with COVID for 2 months. He kept telling me I should quit. I set my quit date for the end of March 2021. Tomorrow will be two weeks since my last cigarette. Officially a non smoker as if 3/9/21”

10 / 10
Fee February 6, 2020

“August 2019 , walking up the block with my granddaughter, pausing every 1 min to catch my breath. I went back to my doctor and prescribed me Chantix again. 7 days starter pack, smoking half the amount. 14 days , smoking 4 a day . September 21 -19 my last cigarette to date. Here’s how Chantix helped me. One day you will get tired and hate smoking . Be strong , don’t let anything little excuse triggers smoking . Be strong . 3 days nicotine urge is gone. The biggest fight is the mental habits. Mentally something we did for years . The same routine every day . Light up before bed, Toilet, after work , before sex after sex, meals, rainy , sunny .etc. I still reach In my pocket till today. Every time you get the urge, loudly ask yourself. WHY DO I SMOKE. By the way I joined a gym and gave up coffee. Coffee and cigarettes did go hand in hand for me. So go get chantix and you will thank yourself. Gums, nicotine patches, e-cigs really makes matter worse. Good luck . Thank you chantix.”

10 / 10
DJ · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 3, 2020

“I was hospitalized the day after Christmas 2019 for other issues than smoking, stomach issues, internal bleeding and alcoholism. I have COPD, I’ve smoked ever since I was sixteen. I am 63 yrs. old. Up to 3 packs a day. I was a mess. Do to being hospitalized I could not smoke or drink. After a 5 day stay I was released New Years Eve. I was sent home dry. I tried nicotine patches for about a week and a half. Alcohol was the LAST thing on my mind. I was sooo sick! Finally my primary doctor talked me into trying chantix again. It’s been 4 weeks, no smoking at all or alcohol. I still crave a cigarette, but it’s manageable. Moment by moment, this too shall pass. Side effects: nausea and vomiting if not taken with food, I want to sleep a lot! Slight depression? Occasional headaches. A feeling of “loss”. The pros outweigh the cons at least for me. I truly believe I was going to die after being hospitalized. By the grace of God it was wide awakening.”

8 / 10
Q · Taken for less than 1 month February 16, 2020

“Took chantix for less than 2 weeks before quitting cigarettes. Just finished my first week of no cigarettes and NO medication. I was very ready to quit when I started chantix. Still craving but keep reminding myself of how far I've come and how I really don't enjoy smoking, I'm just bored. Find something to do - it helps. First day of no cigs or meds, I made it all the way to the store for a pack and by the time I got there, didn't want a cig. Side effects were irritability, sleepiness and definitely weird as dreams. Just kept telling myself the sooner I stop smoking , the sooner I can stop taking the meds.”

10 / 10
Boris · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 26, 2021

“I was a heavy smoker for 37 straight years. I decided at 52 years old to finally put this nasty habit behind me once and for all. After talking to my doctor, she recommended Chantix to me as a means to an end. I was a little leary of trying it, I must admit, as I am usually skeptical of big pharma in general. But, I decided to give it a go, because I realize that my smoking habit was obviously bigger than my willpower alone. I'm a little over a month into using Chantix now and haven't touched a cigarette in 5 full days! I have never been able to do that before. I have had ZERO side effects. I am finding it easier with each passing day to resist the urge to smoke. Thank you Chantix, you changed my life very much for the better. Feels like I'm actually winning this fight.”

10 / 10
Tarikt · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 28, 2019

“This is my second review, as today I crossed 5 months smoke-free. Just wanted to remind everyone that this medicine is an Aid to quit smoking, focused on treatment of the chemical addiction. When this attempt at escaping the smoking trap started, it was clear to me that it mainly relies on successfully maintaining the willingness to forever stop smoking. Also, I found in (The Easy Way To Quit Smoking) book for Allen Carr perfect guidelines and highlights that enhances the (well) factor. A simplified illustration; Chantix is a vehicle that can help you get there, and your free well is the driver. Quitting smoking has countless physical, and psychological benefits, and might rise up to the most important decision and acheivement ever since you fell into the trap. Though might seem and feel difficult, it is indeed achievable.”

10 / 10
henry · Taken for less than 1 month February 11, 2020

“I started the Chantix on March 2nd of 2019. My last cigarette was on St. Patricks day 2019. Almost one year smoke free. After 45 years of smoking - I actually quit. If I can do it, anyone can.”

10 / 10
Smokeless January 3, 2020

“If you want to stop this really helps. Started taking at Thanksgiving and was down to three cigarettes by Christmas Eve and stopped Christmas Day. Have had my moments but will never go back. One of my greatest accomplishments and no nicotine supplement to buy or spend money on. Went from 2.5 packs a day to done in a month after 40 years of being controlled by a little white stick. Fantastic!,”

9 / 10
Smokeman · Taken for less than 1 month May 4, 2020

“I have been on Chantix for 3 weeks now. I couldn't smoke past day 4, however continued till day 8. I haven't smoked in last almost 10 days. The good thing about Chantix it is so easy to manage withdrawal symptoms. I do get some weird dreams but it was easy to manage.”

10 / 10
Jules · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 5, 2020

“Amazed how great this medication works. I’ve been on the medication for a month and I have had very few times that I wanted a smoke. My worst time now is after evening meal, but now only last for a couple minutes. I would definitely recommend this medicine to anyone that’s tired of letting cigarettes control your life. I WAS a smoker for 35 years. Chantix works.”

9 / 10
Donald Duck April 4, 2020

“I've been dipping tobacco three cans per 24 hours for 18 years, after week two of Chantix alone, I had decreased the amount to one can. I still found it difficult to just stop all together though. On week five, the first week of the continuation pack, I added nicotine gum. By week six I was able to put the dip down all together. I continued with the gum for a week after and I stopped chewing the nicotine gum and then transitioned to regular chewing gum. It was a success!! I must say you have to have the mindset that it's time to quit. You can't go into thinking your just gonna stop without trying, you won't succeed.”

8 / 10
JAY January 26, 2020

“First off, this pill works for what it is intended for. 10 days after starting, I stopped smoking and had no desire to have a cigarette. I continued using for 3 more weeks, stopped and still am not smoking.. As for side effects, I did have nausea, but if I took with food, it helped a lot. I did have very vivid enhanced dreams, but nothing scary or nothing that bothered me. I do want to add though, if you are on any psychiatric medications, I'd use caution and talk to your doctor. I have been on medication for bipolar for over 20 years, and haven't had any kind of relapse for over 10 years. However, while on this drug, I did have a set back with some depression and mood swings, where I had to take a 3 week leave of absence from work. Now, this could be just a coincidence, but maybe not. I am better now, stable on my meds, and smoke free.. I would still recommend this drug, as it was very easy and effective to quit smoking, I'd just use caution.”

9 / 10
Suze September 21, 2019

“Smoked 2 packs daily for 35 years. After the 3rd day on Chantix, smoked less than 10 cigs a day. On the 5th day, smoked 4 cigarettes. On the 6th day, I threw away my cigarettes. I have just started my 31st day on Chantix. Honestly don't think I will need the entire second month's dosage. I feel so much better; I don't want to ruin this by picking up another cigarette. There are side effects that you have to plan for and deal with such as nausea after each dose. Be sure to eat a meal before each pill and drink PLENTY of water. Have had an occasional headache and vivid dreams. None of the side effects have been deal breakers. The "magic" that makes Chantix work is directly proportional to your level of commitment to quit smoking. If you are at that point, I would highly recommend Chantix - nothing else worked for me and this has been the charm.”

10 / 10
Belle96 · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 31, 2020

“After reading reviews I was terrified to take this medicine, but I really wanted to quit, so I gave it a try. I took it for 35 days and quit due to side effects. I smoked for the first two weeks and haven’t smoked another one in 3 weeks. I did experience nausea some, vivid dreams, but nothing terrifying. I did get severely depressed and literally just got out of bed to go to work, so I decided to quit taking it. I think this drug is effective in helping you quit if you really desire to quit. It was a great start for me, and I’m hoping I don’t start back after quitting the medicine early. Cigarettes taste disgusting while using this and you don’t get that satisfaction after smoking like you normally would, so I think that’s what helps.”

7 / 10
Chewer · Taken for less than 1 month October 24, 2020

“I have been chewing tobacco for 25 years or more and tried to quit unsuccessfully twice. So kept seeing that damn turkey on TV and decided to ask my doctor about Chantix to help be stop chewing tobacco. Well been on it now for 2.5 Weeks. Started to taper my tobacco usage down from 1 tin a day to 1 tin every 2 days. Initially I did not really see any results in attitude or mood, but after 2 weeks I noticed that the urge and frequency to chew began to lessen, and the affects of the chew was getting to the point where I could not tell the difference between the real chew and the non tobacco chew I was using. Do not get me wrong, the urge to chew "at times" is strong, but less frequent and does nor compare to when I tried to quit before. Well to make a long story short, I abandoned my tapering off program 2 weeks early and quit all together. So far so good.. Although it is early, I feel a confidence that this time it will be real.”

9 / 10
Squirerust · Taken for less than 1 month December 22, 2019

“I smoked for 36 years, having quit and failed more times than I can remember for most of that time. Then I tried Chantix for one month. That was nearly 13 years ago and I haven't even wanted to smoke since. I had no side effects, nothing even remotely slightly. Chantix is a real lifesaver, the only way to go.”

10 / 10
JuJu · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 17, 2019

“I smoked for 32 years. I was smoking at least 2 packs a day. I love smoking. It was my stress relief. Started taking Chantix January 1, 2019 because my dr. said I need to quit and also because my husband also started taking Chantix. I really didn't have a desire to quit but "went along with it". I did not set a quit date. My last cigarette was January 10, 2019. I have had ZERO side affects with Chantix. It's been 127 days since my last cigarette. I am still on Chantix and plan on taking it one more month. I do not want to fail and start back. I still have cravings but they are not bad and they go away pretty fast. I want to remain smoke free and Chantix has been amazing.... If you want to quit, or are like me and LOVE to smoke but need to quit, try Chantix. It really works.”

Betty July 19, 2019

“I'm on my 10th day of Chantix. I have not smoked for two days. The first few days I was smoking more than normally than around the 5th day cut my 20 a day habit down to 3 it felt easier than I imagined it would then 1 now none. Chantix is s strong drug I suffer with depression anyway so I have been very cautious about the dosage. I only take one pill a day. I have felt depressed at times but I have had worse days. I keep a close eye on my mood and make sure I keep telling myself it's my mind and I will control it. I felt queasy at times but never got that sick feeling after smoking. I still crave a cigarette but I feel chanix makes it more bearable to get through the craving. It's still early days but I've never managed to go this long without smoking in 22 years so fingers crossed to a better me.”

9 / 10
Rob · Taken for less than 1 month July 30, 2019

“Only been on chantix for two weeks, due to health issues really needed to quit. The desire for a smoke has gone down. And they are not tasting as good. I smoked over a pack a day Now about a half pack. The only side effect is dreams, they are not bad but never remembered dreaming before. Still haven't set quit date. Still riding out medication and trying to break smoking patterns. I am bipolar and have no mood shift or depression. Looking forward to seeing this thru and being smoke free! Already smoking half as much! Can't wait til day comes I just put them down!”

10 / 10
Grateful · Taken for less than 1 month December 11, 2020

“Day 3 of the pills. I am amazed!! This morning I took one drag on my cigarette and threw it away. It tasted disgusting!! I have zero desire. I even stood outside with smokers and didn't want it. I ended up giving away the rest of the pack. Shocked!”

10 / 10
hawk · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 24, 2019

“I smoked 2 packs a day for about 30 years. Had the start of Emphysema. I started taking Chantix about 2 weeks before my quit date. My own stubborness had me wait another week before quitting. I started writing down every time I had a cigarette. The time of day. What I was feeling. How much of the cigarette I smoked. Even what the weather was! I noticed a pattern begin to form and changed the pattern. When my new quit date came around, I didn't even want a smoke. Just went outside and started doing yard work. My last smoking date was March 28th 2008. It's now May 24th, 2019. Over 11 years smoke free. I had no side effects other than funny (as in ha ha) dreams. I do have small cravings even now. But I just redirect myself and it's gone. Oh, and the emphysema is gone!”

10 / 10
132 days · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 22, 2019

“132 days and still smoke free I know the really isn't a review but without Chantix this would have never happened for the first time since I was a teenager I am smoke free it is such an awesome feeling, you can do this if I can do it you can do it.”

10 / 10
Bonnie Ellen January 20, 2021

“Chantix has been a surprise to me. I quit at about the third week. Just didn't feel like smoking and didn't care about it any more. Weird. And awesome! I took Chantix for 2 months, the last two weeks I only took the morning dose. Just quit the pills completely a few days ago. I have smoked forever and never thought I would stop. I have 5 weeks under my belt and I know I will never smoke again. I had no major side effects. Dreams were a little vivid, mild nausea with the morning pill some times. My advice, eat and drink a full glass of water when you take the medication. Most of the time it didn't bother me and if it did it only lasted 15 minutes. My other advice, don't drink alcohol and/or take recreational drugs with this medication. Also, alcohol lowers your willpower. So just commit to a few months of no alcohol to change the rest of your life!”

10 / 10
Laurie · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 11, 2019

“Took this for 6 months I’m on my 8 month smoke free .I did not have any side effects like so many others claim ,I didn’t use alcohol or any other substance while on Chantix I also lost 50 pounds and this also helped with anxiety. Thank You Chantix!”

10 / 10

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