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User Reviews for Ultram to treat Pain (Page 4)

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Ultram Rating Summary

User Ratings
15% (17)
15% (17)
17% (20)
12% (14)
5% (6)
4% (5)
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6% (7)
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16% (18)
6.2/10 Average Rating
115 ratings from 121 user reviews

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Reviews for Ultram

Anonymous July 12, 2009

“I have used Ultram at night along with Xanax. It does allow me more sleep than before. Usually around 4 hours. I do notice a headache, especially if I take a second dose later at night, I will wake with a headache. I've bee taking it for about a year but do not notice any withdrawal if I miss any doses.”

6 / 10
genius2k July 8, 2009

“I am 29 years old. I have fibromyalgia and hypermobility disorder. Without this drug I would be worthless. I used to be a grumpy person that could not accomplish anything without major difficulty. I have taken Ultram ER 300 for the last 3 years. I have never been without this medicine for more than 12 hours. I am now 3 days off this medicine because I ran out by accident. This has been the most miserable experience of my life. I am on the verge of getting written up at work. I can not focus. I feel horrible. I cant go to sleep at night and I cant wake up in the morning. This is truly miserable. I feel as if I am being hit by a truck several times a day.”

9 / 10
Anonymous June 25, 2009

“I was prescribed Ultram for a severe sore throat, couldn't eat or drink. I was taking Cymbalta. The combination caused a seizure. ”

1 / 10
Anonymous June 4, 2009

“I have been using Ultram for about 2 months. I think this medicine works very well for pain, however the withdrawal side effects for me have been bad. If I stop taking this medicine for two days I experience cold sweats, hot flashes, can't sleep, my legs get restless at night. I find that I have to take the medicine without having pain, just to feel like my normal self again. The restless legs is probably the worst part of the withdrawal symptoms. It does however work fairly well for pain if taken regularly.”

9 / 10
Anonymous May 24, 2009

“I had a very serious seizure combining Ultram with Prozac, something which unfortunately many doctors are not aware of (like my brother, who is an ER doctor and disputed me that this was the cause until I steered him to the relevant literature, since I too am a scientist). However, I was also at fault for forgetting to tell my doctor that I was taking Prozac from my primary care doctor. I essentially was out for several minutes, severely bit my tongue, had a concussion from hitting the floor. I was very close to getting into the car to take my 5 year old to preschool. So please, please, be very very careful when mixing prescription medicines.”

5 / 10
Anonymous May 20, 2009

“Ultram was prescribed for me for low back pain of unknown origin. Unfortunately, I would say that the medicine only knocks the pain level 2 points on the 10 point scale. It allowed me to function, but did not take the pain away.”

4 / 10
Anonymous May 11, 2009

“I am a long term ultram user (maybe 5 or 6 years). I have osteoarthritis. Now I feel like I am taking the medicine just to get rid of the headache and runny nose that I get when I do NOT take it. I am trying to STOP taking it and maybe switch to arthritis strength tylenol. At least I won't have a headache and a runny nose. I think it addressed my pain very well some years ago but now it's not working because I still have arthritis pain.”

5 / 10
Anonymous May 3, 2009

“I have torn ligaments in my shoulder along with tendinitis and was prescribed 50mg every 4 to 6 hours. I have received no pain relief from this medication.”

1 / 10
Anonymous April 30, 2009

“Works well, last for about 6-8 hours.”

8 / 10
Anonymous April 30, 2009

“This pain reliever is not the best, but it helps sometimes. It helps me sleep at night. One thing I don't like about it is unlike some of the other pain relievers I've taken, I built a tolerance to Ultram a lot quicker than to any other.”

1 / 10
young old man April 28, 2009

“I have been on Ultram for 8 years and has made my life bearable. I have many spinal problems. Anklosing spondylitis, slipped discs, bambooing vertebra, degeneration. Been through eight surgeons no one could do anything practical but exploratory butchering. They were honest not wanting to play with it. This drug has been a life saver for me. No side effects. Even helps with tooth pain. I only need 1-2 per day and only use as a cushion not using everyday and only if I have an active day. No withdrawals at all.”

9 / 10
Kfd4mark April 21, 2009

“I have multiple hernias in my low back and neck. My doctor abruptly stopped my Vicodin because I had used it long term and was losing the effect of pain relief. Started Ultram 400mg a day. No withdrawal symptoms from Vicodin. My pain level though didn't improve from the Vicodin. I still feel the same as I did as the last few months of Vicodin use. I have had bad withdrawal symptoms in the past from fentanyl and am a little worried about having to come off Ultram someday as it appears to be hard to come off of. So basically it works like weak Vicodin for me and I have had some erectile dysfunction symptoms as well. I saw someone else comment on that. I'm young and never had any type of problems. I also take Lyrica 150mg three times a day.”

8 / 10
Anonymous April 13, 2009

“This medicine barely touched my pain.”

3 / 10
catfish32 April 4, 2009

“I currently use fentanyl 100 patches and oxycodone with APAP 5/325 mg. I have still been having pain thoughout the day. I started to take the Ultram ER 200 mg and it has worked very well. So well in fact that I rarely have to take the oxycodone with APAP. That is great.”

9 / 10
Belle Cuevas March 19, 2009

“I was using Ultram when I had foot surgery and it didn't affect me. I stopped taking it because it was not helping with the pain. I just took Motrin.”

Anonymous March 18, 2009

“I have been using it for 3months now. I skip using it for days at a time but then the pain comes back. I use it mainly as an inflammatory and mild pain removal from a back surgery I had in 1997 It does make me jumpy but when I combine it with Xanax. It evens me out and I feel I can do anything. I am also taking percocets for times it does not take the pain away completely. Now, I am starting to feel normal and evened out mentally.”

7 / 10
Truck300lb March 8, 2009

“works great”

10 / 10
iskyroller February 28, 2009

“Ultram helped me quite a bit but after several months of use I developed an allergy causing hives.”

8 / 10
Anonymous February 27, 2009

“13 year failed back surgery patient. Just winged off methadone. Received no relief from Ultram ER 300mg at all!”

1 / 10
Anonymous February 27, 2009

“I have been taking Ultram for about 2 weeks now. The pain is still there but not as sharp as it was. The only side effects I have encountered is cold sweats and erectile dysfunction. I have heard that this medication causes the erectile dysfunction but did not believe it until now.”

6 / 10
mvaldes February 24, 2009

“This has been a horrible experience. I have been on this for 6 months. It was effective for one week. I felt fantastic for that week. No pain at all. But since then the constant aching in my legs has progressed to keeping me up most of the night practically in tears. Now I am stuck in the fun task of getting off the medication.”

2 / 10
Anonymous February 24, 2009

“I was prescribed this medication for chronic severe neck pain. I was taking 50mg per day. While it worked to eliminate pain, I experienced constant nausea, vomiting, light headedness, and many symptoms of serotonin syndrome since I also take celexa each day. Seroonin syndrome is serious and dangerous and can increase the likelihood of seizures. Also, I'm taking this medication at night and it keeps me awake all night instead of allowing a good night's rest. ”

6 / 10
moo2u February 19, 2009

“This medication did not help my pain and made me feel "wired".”

1 / 10
Anonymous February 8, 2009

“I was prescribed Tramadol after a herniated disc in my lower back and 50mg gives me great pain relief for about 6 hours. If the pain is really bad then 100mg works wonders as well. I have not experienced any negative side effects. This medicine also puts me in a GREAT mood and helps with some symptoms of depression which makes it much easier to get through the day. I would recommend Tramadol to anyone experiencing pain.”

10 / 10
abtcr January 25, 2009

“I love it. It takes every pain away. It takes 2 hours for the full effect. I feel it starting to work after about 25 minutes.”

10 / 10