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User Reviews for Temazepam to treat Insomnia

Also known as: Restoril

The following information is NOT intended to endorse any particular medication. While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners.

Temazepam Rating Summary

User Ratings
30% (99)
17% (58)
10% (34)
6% (21)
4% (15)
5% (18)
3% (9)
2% (8)
6% (19)
16% (54)
6.8/10 Average Rating
335 ratings from 358 user reviews

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Reviews for Temazepam

JJ · Taken for less than 1 month July 28, 2020

“I have Bipolar I along with other diagnoses and what seemed to be medication resistant insomnia. In the past, I’ve been prescribed trazadone, ambien, seroquel, klonopin, lunesta, Ativan, Valium, and hydroxazine. I’ve tried zzzquil, melatonin and the likes. Nothing. No sleep whatsoever..and sometimes a headache. I’d given up caffeine completely for fear it was contributing and seen a sleep specialist. I found Restoril online and suggested it to my psychiatrist. 9 hours of sleep! No grogginess, cool dreams, and a huge relief. I would absolutely suggest trying it if, like me, you have tried many on the market and aren’t responsive.”

10 / 10
Windell · Taken for less than 1 month June 10, 2020


9 / 10
D · Taken for less than 1 month June 10, 2020

“I took temazepam 10mg for the first time last night. Don’t recommend at all. Didn’t make me feel sleepy in fact I felt more awake. Just felt a bit out of it if anything which really didn’t help. Only fell asleep about 4 hours after taking it for about 2 hours only...feel sick today. Won’t take it again.”

1 / 10
Tanya · Taken for less than 1 month June 7, 2020

“Temazepam is worthless, I took it and laid awake for hours. Had to eventually take a lunesta. Throwing them out.”

1 / 10
Nick · Taken for less than 1 month April 29, 2020

“I was instructed to take one or two 15mg before bed. I took one and slept for two hours, it was good sleep I guess, I didn’t have nightmares but once I was up I would have anxiety. I took a second pill and would sleep for another 4 to 6 hours and wakeup refresh. So. I am taking one and then waking up and taking a second. I even tried to take a .50 Xanax an hour before bed hoping it would help, and nope, it didn’t. So next appointment I’m gonna see what other medication I can get on. I have horrific nightmares, the incident that caused the PTSD always occurred at night... I hate medication but I’m desperate to feel some what normal...”

4 / 10
Felecia · Taken for 6 months to 1 year April 17, 2020

Restoril (temazepam): “These restoril initially worked wonders for me. The third time I filled a prescription, I think they were some placebos in the pack. LOL. Seriously, some worked just fine and others were like taking water. Anyway, I love this medication! It gives me at least a solid 8+ hours of sleep. I started taking it after dealing with stress from school and it helped me a lot. I’m only able to get so many at a time so I enjoy taking one on days where I really need rest. The only side effect I have is a strange one: it makes me online shop minutes before I pass out. This has happened at least 3 times. All of a sudden, I’m getting seaweed chips delivered to my house from Amazon. Totally gross by the way. I also got super “excited” around my ex. But, I understand why that happened. LOL.”

9 / 10
Shors · Taken for less than 1 month April 16, 2020

Restoril (temazepam): “I have severe sleep induced psychosis due to insomnia and wakefulness. I have been searching for a solution for sleep and I have found that at the higher dose of 30mg of restoril it helps me go to sleep and go back to sleep after waking up. It's not the best sleep but I consider it a temporary solution and I am thankful for the rest it has provided. The other thing to note about it is that it gives terrifying dreams for some people. For me I get intense lucid dreams that feel real and make me feel like I am blind in one eye before waking up but I don't mind them as much as some people.”

6 / 10
Praying4relief March 25, 2020

Restoril (temazepam): “1st night on 15mg. Took at 9:30pm hoping to have been sleeping by 10:00pm. It's now 12:45am and still wide awake. My Dr. Said it was to be used sparingly 2-3 nights a week. Guess it only works for some people.”

1 / 10
Bebe · Taken for less than 1 month March 11, 2020

“Been on temazepam for 2 nights so far. 1st night slept 6 hours last night only 3 hours and woke up in a panic and scared to death. Feeling confused and anxious. Was given this when Elavil and melatonin, trazodone, doxepin stopped working. Don't know what else to do.”

1 / 10
Barb March 1, 2020

“Been taking temazepam to help sleep off/on several years. Look forward to pleasant sleep & wake up in great mood.”

10 / 10
Jacqui · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 29, 2020

“Been on 30 mg temazapam for almost a year now. Best rest on it. I've been on several medications in the past 20 years that didn't help me sleep well. Only to eat at night or stay awake like a zombie, or be sluggish the following day. However if I don't have it I can't sleep at all now.”

10 / 10
Pooch February 18, 2020

“Began taking Temazapam when on chemo 20 yrs ago, simply get sleepy, go to sleep & have a restful 6 to 8 hr. nights sleep with NO hangover! Am also a domestic abuse suvivor & it stopped the nightmares. ”

10 / 10
Anon · Taken for 10 years or more February 10, 2020

“I started taking 15mg dose of temazepam at first and it would knock me out in 15 minutes but I got used to it. So it was raised to the 30mg dose and I went through the same process. I found out that it doesn't matter what time I take it, I can get to sleep in a reasonable amount of time, just not instantly anymore. If I forget to take it, I will be lying awake wondering why I can't get to sleep. So it still works, just in a different way. And since I'm retired and a night person, I might not realize I haven't taken it until 3 or 4 in the morning. But then I take it and go to bed about an hour later. I can take it at midnight and stay up until 4 if I want to. But when I do go to bed, I go to sleep.”

10 / 10
defoto · Taken for less than 1 month February 6, 2020

“Took 7.5 mg temazepam and felt like was up all night yet I had dreams. Ambien works much better, take 5mg and I am out in 20 minutes for the whole night.”

1 / 10
Lavluv February 3, 2020

Restoril (temazepam): “I’m usually very sensitive to medication side effects. Oddly enough, this RX doesn’t make me tired at all! Even 30mg. Very strange.”

1 / 10
Mask · Taken for 10 years or more January 29, 2020

“I am a 74 y/o female. I suffer from RA, and bilateral neuropathy. I could never sleep for more than an hour or two without waking. I started Temazepam 30mgs about 15 yrs ago. It was a life changer. I now sleep for 7-8 hrs per night. I have no residual effects. I wake up refreshed and able to cope better with RA pain. I have a constant battle with Insurance co. They now only have 15mgs on their formulary. They will not approve 30/30mgs per month, but they do approve 60/15mgs. Thank goodness, though I would pay in full if necessary. My life literally depends on it...”

10 / 10
jungle sleepless · Taken for 10 years or more January 16, 2020

Restoril (temazepam): “I have been on a high dose of temazapam (30mg or more) now for well over 40 years. I can stop for a few days without any side effects. I have never slept for more than 2 to 3 hours at a time since I was very young. Until I was prescribed temazapam my life was miserable. Since then I am able to live an almost normal life. I dread ever hearing that this medicine was not going to be available any more. All the other new meds they develop are absolutely horrible. thank god for temazapam.”

10 / 10
Milly · Taken for less than 1 month January 8, 2020

“I was prescribed 10mg for insomnia and have been taking this for a week for me this had no affect, I decided to take 2 per night 20mg 30 mins before bed and still no results. Extremely frustrating. Back to the doctors to try something else.”

1 / 10
Lou · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 6, 2020

“61 year old female and have been having issues staying asleep for the last couple of years. Dr. prescribed several other drugs before this one and nothing worked or had side affects. Temazepam may not be for everyone but has been a life saver for me. Was not having trouble falling asleep just staying asleep. Not retired so had to get up in the am. I was miserable before this. 30 mg every night. No side affects.”

10 / 10
Stressed · Taken for less than 1 month January 1, 2020

“doesn't last the full night. I find it runs out really quickly. Find myself having to take multiple through the night to try and get back to sleep. I’m lucky if I get 3 hours sleep after taking each pill.”

Nicola · Taken for 5 to 10 years December 30, 2019

“Mylan brand of temazepam has worked best for me. I opened both a Mylan pill and an Ascend brand and compared the two. The Ascend brand has a slightly sweet taste that the Mylan brand does not. That makes me concerned about ingredients of the Ascend brand. I’ve taken the Ascend brand due to necessity of needing to sleep and it did help. I rarely take medication and only when I need to. I emailed Mylan and they did respond that they will continue to produce it around April 2020. Hope this info is a little helpful to those who also prefer Mylan.”

USCG41 · Taken for 5 to 10 years December 23, 2019

“The 30 mg dose of Temazepam taken an hour BEFORE bedtime - NOT “At bedtime” is truly a wonder drug. ONE PILL A DAY allows me to sleep 8-9 hours and wake up refreshed with no “Hangover sort of a feeling.” The drug gets a bad rap, because people abuse it or take it with Opiates or Ethanol, but of course I’m never gonna do those things. No side effects seen after daily use for eight years. Like I said, this is a wonder drug. The 15 Mg. Dose may not allow you to sleep all the way through the night, but the 30Mg. dose will.”

10 / 10
GastroAnxiety December 6, 2019

“I have been taking temazepam 1x30mg per evening for 5yrs/2months for an 'anxiety' disorder...but in my second brain - my gut. My stomach would prohibit me from falling asleep. I would have brain zaps/feeling of falling, etc many evenings per week. I would stay up all night unable to work the next day. Then one random evening at the ER, the ER Doc gave me Temazepam and for the first time in a decade, I slept well. Yes, I was nervous. Yes, it knocked me out for 8hrs. Yes, I was a little groggy for the first half hour until I got out of the shower and then 100% awake. That lasted about 40 days (the grogginess and hardcore black out). After the 40 days, the falling asleep period is more natural and the waking up period is seamless. I have never felt like I have built up a tolerance to it and have never needed more. I don't feel addicted to it and have never felt any withdrawals from it from taking it for years.”

10 / 10
Seebers · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 5, 2019

“I was prescribed Temazepam for sleep. Was on and off them for 30 day period and stopped cold turkey for a week and got tinnitus, confusion, anxiety and really dark thoughts. So I started to take them again to get rid of the above symptoms but with a tapering plan. I’m feeling worse and worse each day as the tremors, tinnitus and confusion have returned. I have no idea how to beat this apart from going into the nut house. BE VERY CAREFUL BEFORE TAKING THIS DRUG. It is awful.”

1 / 10
Klokke · Taken for 10 years or more December 4, 2019

“temazepam the best pill I ever have taken to help sleep and still take it, I am asleep in 5 min, sleep 7/8 hrs feel great in the morning I take 30 mg NO MORE. I am now 83 Still is the best pill on the market but no more then 30 mg more can be too much Love it”

10 / 10

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