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User Reviews for Prasugrel

Also known as: Effient

Prasugrel has an average rating of 6.6 out of 10 from a total of 23 ratings on 55% of those users who reviewed Prasugrel reported a positive effect, while 18% reported a negative effect.

Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Acute Coronary Syndrome   7.1
19 reviews 9 medications
Heart Attack   4.3
4 reviews 124 medications
Summary of Prasugrel reviews 6.6 23 reviews

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Reviews for Prasugrel

RK · Taken for 1 to 2 years March 3, 2021

For Acute Coronary Syndrome: “I had angioplasty with one stent placed in right artery one year back and was put on Brillinta and Aspirin. Had red rashes on skin and breathing issues doctor replaced brillinta with prasugrel 10 mg. Now I am getting back to normal. Slightly worried about adverse bleeding risk associated with it considering I am only 45 year old. Never expected I would have stent so soon in my life but have to accept and move on.”

8 / 10
Zeke · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 21, 2020

Effient (prasugrel) for Heart Attack: “The doctor put me on Brilinta after having stents placed in my heart artery. Unfortunately, I got the side effect of shortness of breath even though my O2 level was fine. He then placed me on Effient and this syndrome went away in a couple of days.”

9 / 10
Macallan35 · Taken for less than 1 month October 23, 2019

Effient (prasugrel) for Heart Attack: “Developed bad rash on arms and legs and black stools after 3 doses. Doctor transitioned me to Plavix.”

6 / 10
Gilby September 8, 2019

Effient (prasugrel) for Heart Attack: “March 2016 my wife had a heart attack. 1 stent. They prescribed effient. March 2017...2 more days before she could stop taking the drug...she died from a brain bleed. People should be more forewarned of risks & side effects. Deb my wife was only 57 yrs old.”

1 / 10
viccsr · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 28, 2019

Effient (prasugrel) for Acute Coronary Syndrome: “Had a stent put in 5 years ago after bad chest pain (no MI) and was put on Effient. It worked great for me. The only issue I had was the bleeding, especially nose bleeds. Stopping the bleeds was very difficult. Also could not touch anything without getting black and blue marks. Having said all that, no more heart issues. I went to Plavix after 3 years and bleeding issues stopped. Off everything but BP pills now....but I liked Effient.”

8 / 10
Ltnn May 4, 2019

Effient (prasugrel) for Acute Coronary Syndrome: “I have had chest pain since I have been on Effient. Bloody urine and other problems. Had no problems with Plavix.”

5 / 10
Muddy · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 27, 2019

Effient (prasugrel) for Acute Coronary Syndrome: “No real side effects other than fatigue, although I have started cardiac rehab and they work you hard. No excessive bleeding or bruising. Glad to be taking it.”

8 / 10
Ro October 11, 2018

For Heart Attack: “Following a heart attack and subsequent stenting in 2012, I was taken off my Plavix I'd been on for 8 years and started on Effient. Ten weeks later, I suffered a massive stroke. Today, I've been off work for 6 years and still have some leftsided weakness in my arm and leg. The anesthetist was unable to reverse the blood-thinning effects of the Effient, and surgery was scary for all of us. Due to quick excellent surgery, I survived, but it was touch and go for awhile, and I was comatose for 2 weeks. My recovery has been difficult, but my stubbornness has come in handy. I hope to be able to be able to go back to work one day, but I'm not sure it will ever happen. We shall see, I guess.”

1 / 10
widow April 8, 2018

Effient (prasugrel) for Acute Coronary Syndrome: “In March of 2015 my husband had a double stent placed and was put on Effient. On April 3rd he had a fatal brain bleed. He was brain dead. I had to remove life support on April 10th. I just wanted there to be a record of his side effect. He was only 55.”

Anonymous · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 27, 2018

For Acute Coronary Syndrome: “Too expensive!!!! $150 for my script which means the 36 stents I currently have will be useless. They'll be blocked in no time. Thanks for nothing Lily pharmaceuticals. Another price gouge for those that don't qualify for assistance. So much for genetic.”

1 / 10
Colletto · Taken for less than 1 month October 1, 2016

Effient (prasugrel) for Acute Coronary Syndrome: “On august 18th 2016, After exams I went to a heart surgery that resulted in 4 bypasses. Everything is perfect and Doctor , among other drugs prescribed me Effient 5 mg event day. No side effects up to Now!”

10 / 10
ivyannlayne · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 27, 2015

Effient (prasugrel) for Acute Coronary Syndrome: “Ever since starting on this drug I've had trouble controlling my bp. I've started taking another bp med in addition to the 2 I was already taking. Plus the dosage has already been increased. My last bp this morning was 135/100. I still get headaches and have the pounding in my ears. I also have unexplained bruises all over. I will definitely be calling my dr again to check out alternatives.”

6 / 10
Young 48 yr old female October 19, 2015

Effient (prasugrel) for Acute Coronary Syndrome: “I had a heart attack at 48 in May of this year, got 5 metal barrier stents and was placed on Effient. I am now dealing w/ excessive female menstrual bleeding to the point I was on the CCU floor for 3 days and came a hair from having to get a blood transfusion. For a young female still menstruating I do not recommend this drug, unfortunately there does not seem to be any studies in regards to cases like mine. I have since been taken off due to the female complications.”

4 / 10
Bipin Deshmukh,Pune,India · Taken for 1 to 2 years January 16, 2015

Effient (prasugrel) for Acute Coronary Syndrome: “I have undergone Coronary Angioplasty on 23rd June 2013.with One Stent in my Heart.I am taking Effient 10 mg.daily,in the morning with Aspirin 150 mg. I have never had any side effect or any trouble.I do walk for 45 minutes daily which covers around 6 kilometers.”

9 / 10
Krisncraig3 November 8, 2013

Effient (prasugrel) for Acute Coronary Syndrome: “Out of the clear blue on April 1st 2013 I woke-up feeling very tiered and having chest pain. I went to the hospital and found I was having a heart attack. I now have five stents in my heart. I have been taking Effient with little side effects. How ever I have gained 40lbs in the last 5 months. has anyone else had this problem?”

7 / 10
ceriset May 20, 2013

Effient (prasugrel) for Acute Coronary Syndrome: “Although I'm from a family with no heart disease, or very little, I was astonished to have two heart attacks - they are from the inflammation caused by Sjogren's Syndrome. Effient has been great and keeps me from having another heart attack, but the bleeding even from a pinhole cut can be extreme - the other day I bled for 12 hours. The blood was trying to coagulate but stayed jelly-like rather than clotting completely. I'm covered with bruises most of the time but I'm used to that. Just glad to be alive and be able to take these meds.”

8 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 24, 2012

Effient (prasugrel) for Acute Coronary Syndrome: “side effects back pain, tiredness, bruiseing, hoursness & bleeding.”

1 / 10
Anonymous March 30, 2012

Effient (prasugrel) for Acute Coronary Syndrome: “This has been good. ”

9 / 10
Anonymous October 29, 2011

Effient (prasugrel) for Acute Coronary Syndrome: “I have acid reflux and Plavix is effected by Proton Pump Inhibitors since it has to be digested to be effective. Effient does not need this. This has really reduced my acid reflux distress.”

9 / 10
Ohio49 August 29, 2011

Effient (prasugrel) for Acute Coronary Syndrome: “I was quite surprised to find myself having a heart attack at 49! Not being smart enough to ask for help, I drove myself to the hospital. Don't worry, everybody has already yelled at me enough for that stunt. Bottom line, I left the hospital with a brand new stent and a renewed interest in healthy living. I am taking the 10mg dose in the morning followed by an aspirin at night. It's been a full nine months now and I may have missed at most two doses Effient. Aside from bleeding far more than I used to, I have noticed zero side effects. Still do the Scoutmaster thing, still play softball with the Church team, still go hiking with my bride. Truthfully, the only side effect that bugs me is little cuts bleed.”

10 / 10
Anonymous April 4, 2011

Effient (prasugrel) for Acute Coronary Syndrome: “I have just completed a year of use of effient with no trouble except bruising some times lifting weights or aggressive exercise. I had two stints one on each side of my heart. Right side first fix with clots and 98 % blockage. Second long stint on left side 4 days later to fix for good. No real problems except prostrate went baseball size and I went on flomax. I was taking saw palmetto two plus gel caps a day before heart attack. Cold turkey or all the drugs in surgery and after may have brought on prostrate problem or exacerbation. All in all things are perfect now. Thanks.”

9 / 10
Anonymous December 14, 2010

Effient (prasugrel) for Acute Coronary Syndrome: “Switched from Plavix because of gastrointestinal reflux disease (GERD) since Effient does not need conversion in the stomach. Regular antacids like Zantac did not control my GERD so I needed Proton Pump Inhibitor (Protonix) 2 times per day. Switch was uneventful and my GERD is under control.”

6 / 10 March 18, 2010

Effient (prasugrel) for Acute Coronary Syndrome: “Feeling Great and normal”

10 / 10

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