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User Reviews for GaviLyte-G

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
Bowel Preparation
33 reviews 117 medications
Constipation, Chronic
3 reviews 29 medications
Summary of GaviLyte-G reviews 7.6 36 reviews

Reviews for GaviLyte-G

K · Taken for less than 1 month April 12, 2019

For Constipation, Chronic "I was severely constipated and the ER prescribed this. I drank all but a couple cups of it. It didn't taste bad but I only had a small amount of poop come out after an hour and spent the rest of the day peeing out my butt basically. "

Jf88 · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 5, 2019

For Constipation, Chronic "I have suffered with severe constipation for years and I use 2 tbsp GaviLyte-G in 16 oz of water twice day (both glasses at night a few hours apart) and I go regularly now. It has helped me so much! No cramping, a little gassy but doesn’t hurt. This stuff is a life saver!"

mjb123 March 3, 2019

For Bowel Preparation "This is my second colonoscopy prep within one week. I prepped the first time by taking Suprep and it was AWFUL. The taste was terrible and made me so nauseous. So when my doctor ordered a second prep I was so scared and the fact that I had to drink 4 liters of a prep terrified me. But I am so glad I read the GaviLyte-G advice and tips on this tread because I mixed this prep with Crystal Light and IT IS A BREEZE!!! I wish I would have known this the first time around"

jamie December 20, 2018

For Bowel Preparation "The taste extreme horrible, it smell and taste like chemical . I can't hold it . I throw up few times taking it. I had to take 4 liters. The lemon package won't even helps. How come it smells and taste so bad ?"

Rotor-Rooter October 23, 2018

For Bowel Preparation "Prep for my first colonoscopy. Mixed as directed with luke warm water and started drinking. Taste got better after a while in the fridge. I was not looking forward to this based on everything I had heard. Started working about 1 1/2hours after I started drinking. Honestly not that bad. Taste like a thick Gatorade (I added the lemon pack it came with) I mean of course having diarrhea over night is not fun but I was expecting a horrible experience. Just start off with a good mind set at get it done! Good luck to all!"

Bender · Taken for less than 1 month September 25, 2018

For Bowel Preparation "This stuff isn’t bad. Mixed it a lemon twist and pounded a glass every 15 minutes. Worked great."

ROB60433 · Taken for less than 1 month September 22, 2018

For Bowel Preparation "BE PREPARED!! It can hit like a tsunami! Try to be as close to the bathroom while waiting, put a thick towel down wherever you plan to be sitting, leave the bathroom door open and the light on, have soft TP available or wet wipes and if possible apply a protective barrier cream to your butt before it all starts. Remember when Mother Nature calls, don't ignore the warning signs and get to the bathroom. I started the 2nd dose several hours earlier to make sure it was done with me. Don't expect to get much sleep the night before the colonoscopy. I found the colonoscopy itself much easier than the prep."

SLICE44 · Taken for less than 1 month September 18, 2018

For Bowel Preparation "THE GOOD: It works well... THE BAD: Too well.... THE UGLY: Tastes awful, lemon or not. It's like a salty/chicken/soap/cattle stable smell flavor. Hard to drink that much. (Hard to drink that much of anything, much less this gross stuff) I chased it with ginger-ale shots. By glass 3 you will be getting rid of as much as you drink. It's miserable.. Not going to lie. 4 liters worth total so its actually MORE than a gallon. Took me 5+ hours... The first glass and the last glass are the hardest. Causes hemorrhoid flare-ups and extreme chafing rash. Not pleasant... But my doctor said it is the best cleanse you can do. Hence the "7" rating.. Very effective, but not pleasant."

Bean · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 15, 2018

For Bowel Preparation "Was prescribed the half-dosing method. Drank the 1st half in 1.5 hrs and it's been 4 hours and nothing. Stomach pain, headache, nausea and sporadic chest pains. Drinking lots of water thinking it will help but it is just making me more uncomfortable. Dread drinking the 2nd half tomorrow and hope I don't have to reschedule. It's not been a good experience."

Angel · Taken for less than 1 month August 1, 2018

For Bowel Preparation "This stuff tastes horrible! Trying to gulp it down but it has a sweet flavor to it. Was worse when I tried adding the lemon flavoring packet that came with it. Thank you for the chicken broth suggestion!! This helped to drink the broth before and after each glass. Can’t wait until this over!!"

Chicago 2018 July 31, 2018

For Bowel Preparation "I got the prescription on June 25, 2018 for a July 30 colonoscopy--and without preparation--stored it in the refrigerator. The day before drinking it, I prepared it with tepid tap water and the lemon flavoring that came with it. I agitated the mixture until no powder or crystals were visible. I put the mixture back in the refrigerator. Using a measuring cup, a soft-drink cup with a lid and straw, and a minute timer, I consumed 8 oz of the GaviLyte-G in one continuous suck. Then I set the timer for a 10-minute rest. Once the ten minutes was up, I repeated this process until about half the bottle was consumed. I put the rest back in the fridge. I consumed the remaining half of the GaviLyte-G approximately four hours before the scheduled procedure. I found this process not very stressful and the taste of was fair, like a flat Gatorade, Fresca, or Pocari Sweat-which I really like."

crazy8 · Taken for less than 1 month June 22, 2018

For Bowel Preparation "I started taking GaviLyte-G in prep for my colonoscopy. I had to drink 2 liters the night before and 2 liters the morning of. I drank the 2 liters in 2 hours as directed and then began to vomit. After vomiting I did have diarrhea for several hours. The taste was pretty nasty. It tasted like baking soda, salt, and metal. It was difficult to drink but I continued to meet the guidelines of 8 oz every 15 minutes in order to consume the 2 liters in the prescribed 2 hours. Having this much liquid in such a short time causing blotting and nausea."

Anonymous June 21, 2018

For Bowel Preparation "Okay. I’m giving it a 10 because it was immensely effective in my experience. I was fasting 5 days prior (eating twice daily barely) and I am underweight. I couldn’t fathom having endoscopy with a colonoscopy the same day, so it ruined my appetite anyway. This drink is horrible by itself. I need a catcher with it; clear Gatorade worked for me. The drink started to work after one glass. I have little to no side effects. The obvious one is diarrhea. SURPRISINGLY, I have no abdominal pain. I feel like vomiting, but it ends up being only gas. My advice is to eat light and get zofran. I think without zofran I couldn’t drink this without vomiting."

Milo · Taken for less than 1 month May 19, 2018

For Bowel Preparation "My bad experience is not so much the taste or reaction from the GaviLyte, but that it didn't work and I've had to reschedule the colonoscopy. Not a good thing. The only reason I can imagine why it didn't fully do the job, might be that I drank it too slowly... taking 3 hrs to down 64 oz., then doing the same thing the following morning. Wish I had referenced this site earlier."

Smoix April 10, 2018

For Bowel Preparation "It tasted like drinking salt water through a radiator hose. I think the taste depends on the degree of oxidation, either of the bottle or the PEG-3350. PEG 3350 is the ingredient of Miralax, and in my experience is tasteless. I think this oxidation is what accounts for the differences of opinion on the taste. The expiration date on the bottle is 11/2020, 2 years, 7 months from today. I wanted to suggest to the company that they fill their bottles with nitrogen gas to prevent oxidation, but their "contact" link is bogus. 4 Liter bottle containing, 236g PEG-3350 22.74g Sodium Sulfate, Anhydrous 6.74g Sodium Bicarbonate 5.86g Sodium Chloride 2.97g Potassium Chloride"

ET · Taken for less than 1 month April 8, 2018

For Bowel Preparation "I was prescribed gavilyte-g with electrolytes for bowel prep before a colonoscopy. While it seems like it would be hard to chug down a gallon of laxative, it wasn't that bad. I mixed it up with the lemon flavor packet and put it in the fridge the morning before I was going to use it. That evening I started drinking it. I simply poured 8 ounces in a cup and drank it every 15 minutes. The taste was not bad at all. It wasn't thick or gritty like some people have described. I had no nausea or cramps at all what so ever. I just simply had diarrhea for most of the night. Side note: The colonoscopy procedure was a breeze as well. The only complication I may of had due to the prep was a very high blood pressure at the time of the procedure which I had to recieve beta blockers in my IV for. My blood pressure was the highest I've ever seen it. (I also have hypertension and take 2 blood pressure medications. Maybe they weren't absorbed due to the prep.)"

ET · Taken for less than 1 month April 3, 2018

For Bowel Preparation "I just started bowel prep. I have been scared all day reading online comments about how bad it taste and how it makes people throw up and gag. THIS STUFF DOESN'T EVEN TASTE BAD??!?!?! It's actually borderline sugary and good. Wow... I can't believe I got scared of reading online comments. I'll never do that again. This stuff is not so bad whatsoever! I'll post another update when I start going to see if it causes cramps/bloating/pain/nausea."

TheRuns · Taken for less than 1 month March 30, 2018

For Bowel Preparation "Let me start off with the taste, It wasn't good, but it wasn't bad either. The first half went down fine. It worked almost immediately for me about a 1/2 hour, then the faucet was opened full flow. No bad cramping, no bloating. My doctor wanted me to spilt the dose and that is when the problem of drinking it down got to my head I guess the taste wasn't what my body was craving for at 3am. I was about to give up drinking it all, but found my way, I remembered my daughters Capri Sun drinks were clear and sugary, I'd take a sip of that before I guzzled the Gavilyte than a large sip after worked. Now off to get scoped, YAY!"

Jen · Taken for less than 1 month March 19, 2018

For Bowel Preparation "In the midst of prep now. Finished the first half and have to get up at 4 am for the second. It works really well and I have to say I was very worried but it had been a pleasant surprise. Taste is not horrible, very tolerable and yes I am definitely getting cleaned out. No cramps or nausea. A little bloating but I would expect that from drinking this much of any liquid in such a short time. I have IBS and was worried I would have a lot of pain, but it’s been the opposite. I know others can have a different experience, but just wanted to share a positive one."

Pleased as a peacock · Taken for less than 1 month December 27, 2017

For Bowel Preparation "One the day before the colonoscopy I woke up and took my high blood pressure pill with a sip of water. I ate 2 gelatin at 3pm and drank a glass of Welch's white grape juice. I mixed the GaviLyte Solution the day before so it could get nice and chilled. At 5pm I drank the 1st 8 oz every 10 minutes for the next 3 hours until consumed. To my surprise it went smoothly. I didn't experience any nausea or vomiting but I felt a bit lightheaded at first. The trips to the bathroom came after about 45 minutes and I was able to catch a few zzzz's later in the night w/o too much interruptions. (I had a colonoscopy last year and found some precancerous polyps so I'm going back for another checkup today). GaviLyte G with lemon pack is the best!!! "

lemonadehead · Taken for less than 1 month October 14, 2017

For Constipation, Chronic "I can't imagine how it must taste plain. The way I prepared it was not bad at ALL. I made homemade lemonade, LOTS of lemon juice and some sugar. Probably not super healthy, but it's all comin' out anyways! All you need is 1&3/4 cups white sugar, 6 cups of WARM water, and 1&1/2 cups lemon juice for each batch. The water *HAS* to be warm, or the laxative won't dissolve right, and it will be a nasty texture like many other people have complained of. Give it a taste test before you add it to the jug. The more lemon-y it is, the less you'll taste the saltiness of the meds. Lemon >sugar taste I promise! Hope this helps someone :) Chase it with a bit of water, and the only aftertaste will be a light lemon flavor!"

Slaf · Taken for less than 1 month September 22, 2017

For Bowel Preparation "Wretched experience never want to do, this procedure again or take this horrid medicine anybody that says this is ok is lying"

NeilTHEM September 11, 2017

For Bowel Preparation "Mixed with chilled lemon (clear) Gatorade in the gallon jug provided by pharmacist. Dosed as told 8 x 8oz glasses ever 15 minutes twice; once early afternoon and once early evening as my colonoscopy is early morning. Total sixxteen 8oz glasses consumed. Would have rated the product a 10 if not for some minor taste/texture issues. It worked for me in 1 hour on both cycles. Last movements 3 hours after dosing produced clear results. I'm ready, hungry and heading to sleep. Drinking some additional water all day to offset possible dehydration not addressed with Gatorade."

Nellie17 August 31, 2017

For Bowel Preparation "Y'all, this stuff is terrible!!! However, I found a way to take it all down without any problems. Have one glass of your gavilyte, and then a separate glass of chicken broth. You can make your chicken broth from chicken bullion. Anyways, breathe deep and drink an 4oz glass all the way without breathing. And then take a big sip of the chicken broth without breathing. I know that this sounds weird, but it works. The only time you'll the nasty is the first sip you take of it. Then the chicken broth will cover it all up bc it's so strong. Hope this helps y'all like it did me!!"

CryingSick · Taken for less than 1 month August 28, 2017

For Bowel Preparation "Just finished my seventh 8 ounce glass and threw up a lot. My gag reflex is so bad now, I can't drink the eighth glass. I need to finish the other half of the solution 6 hours prior to my colonoscopy. I'm crying. This stuff is horrible and disgusting. I gagged on the fourth, fifth, and sixth glasses too. I'm dreading the second half of the container. Nothing helps. I've had a colonoscopy before, and the prep wasn't this horrible. Do not let your doctor prescribe this."


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