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User Reviews for Paxil to treat Social Anxiety Disorder

The following information is NOT intended to endorse any particular medication. While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners.

Paxil Rating Summary

User Ratings
30% (20)
26% (17)
17% (11)
3% (2)
5% (3)
5% (3)
3% (2)
5% (3)
2% (1)
6% (4)
7.7/10 Average Rating
66 ratings from 68 user reviews

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Reviews for Paxil

MaryMac · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 5, 2020

“I’ve been taking Paxil for almost a year now. I struggled with social anxiety all my life, but it was manageable. But when I started college, it got really bad. It got to the point where I couldn’t order food at a restaurant or buy a bag of chips at the gas station without feeling nauseous. My doctor thought Paxil would and put me in 20mg. And it really has made a huge difference. I can function like a normal human now. I’m not suddenly a social butterfly or anything, I’m still a rather shy person. This drug won’t change your personality, but it does help alleviate anxious symptoms associated with social situations.”

10 / 10
Gordon · Taken for 5 to 10 years April 17, 2020

“I need sunlight or D vitamin to work miracle with the Paxil !!!Not so good for Winter months, because they have sedating approach to CNS!Good for short or long term use!Every time works great! ps. Add some supplements of fish oil or natural vitamin d,for boost metabolism”

9 / 10
B · Taken for 1 to 2 years April 1, 2020

“It has been many years since I took Paxil. I took Paxil as a child to help me with my anxiety, specifically social anxiety. I would have terrible stomach aches before and during school because I was so crippled with anxiety. I had a few friends, but never made an attempt to meet anyone new. I was prescribed Paxil and my life made a 180! I became very social and made a lot of friends very fast. I loved the life I was having! The downside and ultimately why I stopped was because I didn't have a care in the world and the hurt my schooling. I started to get behind on homework which hurt my grades.”

9 / 10
Still There March 27, 2020

“Every medicine is different and it also depends on what else are you taking with this medication..”

8 / 10
JC65 · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 6, 2020

“My life is a little bit more complicated than just anxiety and depression. Paxil is good for depression and anxiety - I suppose, but it doesn't work by itself for me. Twenty years ago, my psychiatrist prescribed Paxil, but I continued to have intense anxiety in social situations as well as paranoia - no hallucinations; just delusional thinking which I THOUGHT was part of panic disorder. I'm trying Paxil again, but starting at lower dose due to ED. Currently, I take Lamictal, Klonopin, Paxil, Wellbutrin XL & Trazodone for sleep. Remember, if you don't get your anxiety under control, it will lead to social anxiety then agoraphobia and finally psychosis. Don't play around.”

5 / 10
Geaux Louie January 3, 2020

“Recently, Paxil has two side effects that I can't stand: nightmares and erectile dysfunction. Two things that a 40 year old male doesn't need in life. I tried the newer AD but they cause nightmares and panic attacks.”

6 / 10
DD August 8, 2019

“Mine review is kinda short and sweet. I've been on Paxil for about 10 years. No sex drive at all, still anxiety but a few weeks ago I had forgotten to take for about 4 days, cried uncontrollably until I realized. Is this drug just supressing my feelings deep down, maybe that's why I still have extreme anxiety? Just a thought.”

4 / 10
TJ August 1, 2019

“Paxil has been life-changing. I've suffered crippling social anxiety for as long as I can remember. I've been on all kinds of combinations of SSRI's from age 16 to about 25. After a couple years on nothing, I decided to give it another try. My doctor put me on Paxil. I started on 10mg for two weeks, then upped it to 20mg for a two weeks then 30mg and 40mg. After a couple weeks on 40mg I was starting to give up hope. After about 12 weeks, I decided it didn't work and was ready to stop usage. I knew the withdrawals were pure hell, so I wanted to taper off very slowly, then one night I woke up and had this incredible sense of well-being. It was like all my anxiety and depression had suddenly disappeared. Since that moment all my anxiety has been gone. I have no idea why it took 3 months before I noticed anything, but when I did, it was profound. The drug has saved my life. I'm so glad I didn't stop before that 12 week mark. I would have never known the miracle this med has given me.”

10 / 10
Serey · Taken for less than 1 month July 18, 2019

“I'm on one month now on Paxil prescribed by m psychiatrist, as I almost always had social anxiety and phobia. I feel more anxious on it but when I stop taking it I feel good but maybe is that because of medication idk. I just hope that this one will work. I will give it a chance and I tried Zoloft which made me just tired.”

ron · Taken for 10 years or more June 21, 2019

“Paxil is a terrible medication. It did not help made me, I was worse. It took 6 months to get side effects off and its been 1 and 1/2 years and I still have panic attacks and claustrophobia they don't last long now. Don't take paxel or zoloft they are both bad meds.....”

1 / 10
HappyHuman · Taken for less than 1 month June 9, 2019

“Suffered with social anxiety/depression/panic for a good while now! Currently taking 10mg Paroxetine (lowest dose and it is working great). First few days, stomach upset a bit of insomnia, it diminishes day after day until you get used to it. It has done me wonders, able to go out without my heart rate going crazy, not worrying about others looking at me and able to enjoy things in life. Give it time, if it doesn't work for you there are many other options out there. Best of luck to you things will work out for you.”

10 / 10
KimSweKK · Taken for 1 to 2 years May 26, 2019

“Incredible. Paxil is the only medication that works for my GAD, SAD and stress. Side effects are only sexual. Wonderful drug, what would my life be like without it?! Too scared to think about that. This is an extremely strong anti anxiety medication that works great. Placebo can go does not exist with this.”

10 / 10
axer · Taken for less than 1 month February 27, 2019

“Not for social phobia. Makes anxiety much worst. Nightmare Couldn't sleep an hour after it,.”

1 / 10
ME · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 9, 2018

“Im on paxil 1 month ..6years ago tried narcotic for social anxiety helped me but addiction is worst condition you can deal after detoxication i tried paxil 20 it helped me to for social anxiety with absence of euphoria and high so considered optimum for me.. Wish God helps me to maintain positivity”

10 / 10
TJ Lin Lin February 13, 2018

“I have been on Paxil for a little over a month now. Taking 20mg for Social Anxiety. It has helped me tremendously. From feeling more positive to my thoughts being less overwhelming and much more easy to ignore. Especially in times in the winter (when my anxiety is much worse) it has helped to take the edge off. I feel like I am starting to be myself like I was before the SA took over. Would def recommend.”

10 / 10
Livie August 26, 2017

“I started taking Paxil 20mg a few days ago. I just started a new semester at uni & got a new job & I don't handle stress well at all. I am petrified of social situations and I'm always 'nervy' & everything bothers me...literally everything! Very easily annoyed & very easily stressed out, which is all part of anxiety. Anyways, this medicine has worked wonders for me so far. I can actually walk through the halls at uni without feeling the terror. No panic attacks or flu-like symptoms afterwards anymore. So far, I've lost my appetite & have trouble sleeping, but nothing I can't handle. I wouldn't say I feel like a zombie, but I feel relaxed and slightly tired.I'm taking metabolism supporting vitamins hoping it prevents weight gain”

10 / 10
tazly July 26, 2017

“I've always had social anxiety but manageable as I would avoid social situations and worked independently for the most part. I was promoted to a management role and things started getting out of control. I couldn't speak to anymore for any longer than 10 minutes. I would shake uncontrollably and have panic attacks. I thought I would have to quit the dream job I worked towards my whole life. I spoke to my doctor and she put me on Paxil. I'm at 37 mg for 7 weeks now and my life has changed. I can hold meetings within my team. I can speak without having panic attacks. I love this drug. It has saved me from losing my job and my social life.”

jeremyyt · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 8, 2017

“I grew up with anxiety but as I got older it turned in to social anxiety and really turned me into an ugly person... I started feeling super insecure about my appearance, had uncontrollable obsessive thoughts, weird fantasies, I believed I wasn't normal.... after getting sick of feeling so insecure and anxious, I know something was wrong with me. My doctor prescribed me 10mg of Paxil for the first 2 weeks, and 20mg after. I'm now 4 months and a few days in, and I'm starting to feel much more calmer, my attitude towards life is positive!!I'm starting to talk more in class and it's gradually getting better. The first 2 months where hell”

8 / 10
Made me a different person. · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 24, 2017

“I started this for anxiety and depression, mostly social anxiety. It definitely helped with my social anxiety but not in a good way. I swear it caused a personality change. I went from being terrified of talking around people to randomly blurting out weird stuff in class and being squirrelly and hyper. I went from this quiet shy girl to being kind of whacko. I started getting in trouble in class for being disruptive. I was regularly displaying behavior that was inappropriate in public. Weirdest thing ever. I discontinued it and after a little while was back to myself. Not sure how common this is? Very strange.”

2 / 10
Roxie22 May 29, 2017

“Got a big rash on my abdomen, that got increasingly painful and itchy. An allergic reaction to the medication (I wasn't taking anything else at the time) This was a shame! Because the medication had a substantial effect on my social anxiety. The first few days I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster, but then I started to really enjoy social interaction, I could understand why people talked to other people for fun! Only ended up taking it for a little over a week, but wanted to share my experience incase anyone else is experiencing a rash.”

3 / 10
J-Gar · Taken for 10 years or more May 24, 2017

“Paxil definitely works for social anxiety. However, the side effects just became intolerable over time. What are those side effects? Well, for one, you will be tired all the time. Secondly, I found it really hard to focus, and I would forget things that just happened. Thirdly, and most disturbingly, I became a zombie who didn't care about anything and couldn't empathize with people!! I couldn't feel any emotions; I couldn't cry. Not only that, but it was also hard to experience positive emotions/pleasure. This phenomenon is called "emotional bluntness". I didn't notice that I was experiencing this emotional numbness (and most others don't notice too) until people around me started pointing it out. That's just my experience.”

5 / 10
JG696 March 5, 2017

“I was very hesitant to take medication as I had been raised to associate it with seriously mentally ill people in a negative way. Social anxiety had extreme physiological effects on me, though, that therapy could not fix, i.e. the inability to speak loudly over loud noises or when out somewhere like a club, and premature ejaculation. Paxil basically fixed this immediately. Paxil makes it so much easier to silence negative thoughts automatically. I was and am on a very low dose (10mg) and it works so well. It really did change my life. The only negative side effects are that it makes me sleepy. It also gave me a weird sensation in my teeth for the first month or so, but I actually enjoyed that feeling.”

9 / 10
Jubaea March 4, 2017

“Was on Paxil for 4 years because I could never handle the withdrawal symptoms. I had severe aches and electric shocks along with all flu symptoms. I finally slowly tapered off over 3 months with the liquid Paxil. I have been off of it now for at least 10 years. I have tried at least 100 different supplements and anti anxiety treatments.....I have tried them all...believe is hell on earth when you can't provide for your family. I even spent $4000 having all my mercury fillings removed. I had genetic testing of SNP polymorphism's that revealed MTHFR and MAO mutations. I found a genetic reason for my anxiety. In short I can't make neurotransmitters and when I do I can't break them down so they build up causing social anxiety.”

8 / 10
shv51 February 25, 2017

“I have been taking paroxetine for about 2 yrs. I had dealt with social anxiety and depression my whole life and I'm 51 now. I could deal with it, but when I got a promotion and needed to facilitate mtgs, training etc. I would have panic attacks and it was horrible. I had tried a couple other meds. (lexipro, Prozac and they didn't help). I feel like a new person.. I actually feel ok for the first time in my life. I don't worry about what people think of me and I can actually be happy. I am so thankful to God and this drug!!”

10 / 10
katharinne24 February 24, 2017

“Been on Paxil for about 1 month starting my second it's been helping me a lot with my panic disorders & social experiences. My mg for Paxil is low 10mg. However, whoever is starting this medication don't get discourage it will take time for Paxil to kick in but it will be worth it at the end just set a daily reminder everyday to take it.”

8 / 10

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