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User Reviews for Paxil to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The following information is NOT intended to endorse any particular medication. While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners.

Paxil Rating Summary

User Ratings
42% (10)
17% (4)
4% (1)
4% (1)
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4% (1)
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29% (7)
6.8/10 Average Rating
24 ratings from 25 user reviews

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Reviews for Paxil

Addie · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 26, 2020

“Best drug ever”

10 / 10
Luna · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 19, 2020

“I took Paxil for 4 months until the teeth grinding became so unbearable it hurt very badly to eat. So I stopped it. 3 months later I am having the same level of nighttime teeth grinding, which has been causing major health issues. I wake up every morning with a terrible migraine. I read it can cause lifelong teeth grinding. I’ve never done this before taking Paxil.”

1 / 10
Junie April 30, 2020

“I was prescribed 12.5 mg of Paxil for PTSD. I have been on it a year. It gave me horrible nightmares and upon awakening I felt so overwhelmed and depressed it was awful. I suffered through this for a year while Drs told me the Paxil would not cause my symptoms. I had never felt this horrible in my life. I finally found a new psychiatrist and told her about my problems with SSRIs. I was put on Trintellix a week ago. Today is the first day in a year that I felt good just waking up in the morning. I hope it lasts. I also am a mental health professional and have some understanding of antidepressants or I would have just given up and believed what the doctors told me about the antidepressants not causing my symptoms. No one really knows how the psychoactive meds work and they can affect any one person differently than another. So my advice is to believe yourself if you think a med is causing you negative side effects and don't give up until you find what works for you.”

1 / 10
Vera · Taken for 5 to 10 years May 17, 2019

“Been on Paxil for 20 years for PTSD .... saved my life!”

10 / 10
Lenn · Taken for 1 to 2 years March 13, 2018

“I was prescribed Paxil (in conjunction with Valium as needed) to treat PTSD, depression, and anxiety. There are side-effects (the most notable one being a seriously lowered libido) but as a whole this was a very positive experience for me. Paxil gave me the baseline of emotional stability I needed to work through my trauma in therapy without putting myself in danger. Overall this has been a success.”

8 / 10
lil ol me November 4, 2017

“After suffering for years with untreated PTSD the symptoms kept getting worse. Finally talked with my Dr. about it. Started me on Paxil 20 mg for a couple of months and then increased to 30 mg. I am not "cured", but my anxiety has drastically decreased. I feel almost normal. Paxil has been a God send for me.”

9 / 10
Horrible drug September 24, 2017

“A year ago I was put on Paxil for PTSD, depression, anxiety. All I can say is do your research because this is a mind altering drug. It can put you in a childhood state ,time loss, carefree and not in a good way. DONT TOUCH THIS STUFF. If you do be careful of the major things doctors don't tell you.”

1 / 10
Central Coast life September 2, 2017

“I was put on this medication by my Neurologist. He said it would help pain and boost energy. Anyways I took it several years until my GP took me off cold turkey. I suffered the most agonizing withdrawal symptoms and shortly afterwards suffered a stroke. I blame this medication. Jump to Sept.1, 2017 Another Doctor wants me to start on this poison again. I don't think so. This is extremely dangerous!!”

1 / 10
Vegas Rose · Taken for 10 years or more May 21, 2017

“Psychiatrist put me back on 25mg ER per day, after using all the others. Xanax withdrawals were the worst. Diazepam for me is much better. Fish Oil capsules help a lot. Prozac caused hair loss. Zoloft horrible. Extended release is the way to go. For sleep I prefer temazapam. Never use diazepam to sleep.”

10 / 10
Ang.S · Taken for 6 months to 1 year September 7, 2016

“I was on this drug for a long time and the only thing I can report is that I felt like a zombie most of the time, was so tired that I could barely function ( lost my job as a result of it ), and had absolutely no desire for sex whatsoever. I rarely felt that I was thoroughly enjoying anything that was going on in my life, it completely numbed me out to a traumatic experience that I should have been dealing with and as a result of being on it I did not fully process that experience until getting off of the medication... That and the withdrawal symptoms were debilitating, and terrible. Brain zaps are not a fun experience and they were bad with this one.”

1 / 10
Nameless stranger March 29, 2016

“Great for sleeplessness. That being said, I am more anxious than I have ever been due to side effects. It is difficult to perform a high stress sales job when you are dizzy and nauseous much less try to cope with a headache on top of the other symptoms. All of the symptoms exacerbate the anxiety you are trying to combat. Seems a little counter intuitive to me.”

1 / 10
AnitaV November 29, 2015

“I have been on Paxil for 13 years. This medication has saved my life. I was prescribed the medication for depression but recently, I was diagnosed with PTSD due to some things that took place when I served in the Marine Corps. I would be dead without this medicine. I am now on 60mg.”

10 / 10
sanchez_squared · Taken for 6 months to 1 year October 7, 2015

“I take Paxil 50mg for PTSD, OCD, anxiety and depression. No drug is a "wonderdrug" but for me, Paxil has been a life saver. No more night terrors, no more shaky hands and sweats. I have been able to function more normally than I have in years. No side effects that bother me.”

10 / 10
babyface714 November 23, 2014

“I was on 10mg of Paxil for the first time in my life and it increased my anxiety so bad I missed work went off and I felt good for a week now I'm back to feeling bad and missing more work. I might try Prozac but very nervous.”

5 / 10
OIF Veteran · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 3, 2014

“I was on Celexa for a year and it did nothing. I switched to Paxil and it has helped lessen my symptoms. I am on 40mg.”

9 / 10
m.brown · Taken for less than 1 month March 27, 2014

“Works fast. After 2 hours will make your mind clear. Like you are a different person.”

10 / 10
RachRach24 March 4, 2014

“Took this for almost a year, helped with my panic attacks but made me severely depressed and unstable. DID NOT do well for me. Switched to Zoloft and Abilify and was total 180 turn- should have switched a long time ago. ”

Nhcoffeegirl · Taken for 6 months to 1 year October 18, 2013

“I have been on Paxil now for 10 months, I am on a high dose 40mg. However it is working wonders for me. I love how I feel, and my anxiety is a lot lower than it use to be, and I feel like I can operate in a normal fashion be it at work or out in a social situation. The draw back, is do not run out of your prescription, always be on top of it. I ran out of it, and the withdrawal side effects are not fun, for me I got really depressed and crying, and the headaches are horrible. I realize I will be on this prescription for a very long time. But for those who may not be, make sure you listen to your Dr. when getting off of it. It is not fun when not in your system. Again, Love love how I feel..”

9 / 10
Cat on Ice · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 10, 2013

“I was on Paxil for PTSD, social anxiety, and depression. It worked wonderfully for me and all my issues. However, I ran out over the weekend and had to wait until Monday to see the doctor and get my prescription filled. The problem with Paxil is it leaves your body in 25 hours. So 25 hours after your last dose TERRIBLE withdrawals kick in. I felt so angry for absolutely no reason. I got ready in the morning and broke my hair dryer, straightener, and brush. While waiting in the doctors office I felt like I was going to scream, cry, or assault random people in the waiting room. So that is what Paxil withdrawal was like for me. None of this is normal for me. When I'm in a low point I usually just feel sad and extremely anxious about being around people.”

7 / 10
clrj April 7, 2013

“I have taken Paxil 10mg for 6 weeks for chronic post traumatic stress disorder. It has helped a lot already decreased my anxiety about 20%. I'm going to try to go up to 20mg and see how much that works, because my anxiety is still moderately high. The only side effect I got from it is sedation, I can take it and soon after I take it I fall asleep. It has also helped my depression, I can now start to function again. With this Paxil I'm almost out of my depression. I also took Celexa before Paxil and it worked for about a year and that was it, so that's why I'm on Paxil now, and it works 10 times better than Celexa.”

10 / 10
Anonymous July 18, 2012

“I've tried almost all the anxiety medications out there. Paxil and Effexor XR are the only ones that work on me.”

9 / 10
mwm1998medicaded · Taken for 1 to 2 years June 26, 2012

“The only medication that stops most of the noise and unnecessary thoughts in my head.”

10 / 10
mimikik June 20, 2011

“Terrible withdrawal symptoms. ”

1 / 10
Chuclll August 26, 2009

“Works great.”

10 / 10
slichtas June 21, 2009

“Paxil, not the generic brand is the only antidepressant that's ever worked the best. I have tried dozens of antidepressant's since I lost my husband in an auto accident that we both were in 10 years ago. ”

10 / 10

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