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User Reviews for Paxil to treat Depression

Paxil has an average rating of 6.4 out of 10 from a total of 166 ratings for the treatment of Depression. 52% of those users who reviewed Paxil reported a positive effect, while 27% reported a negative effect.

Paxil Rating Summary

6.4/10 Average Rating

166 ratings from 177 user reviews

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17% 28
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5% 8
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19% 31

Reviews for Paxil

Laulee1025 · Taken for less than 1 month February 17, 2021

“I was on Paxil from the age of 16-32. I was afraid to be on this med while pregnant so I came off of it. I tried antidepressant after antidepressant including Effexor, Pristiq, Prozac, Lexapro, and Cymbalta and nothing seemed to work. I also have GAD and PTSD. I feel into a severely depressed and anxious state for over 2 years. I just convinced my Dr to put me back on Paxil as I am not longer family planning (divorce). It has been 2 weeks on Paxil CR and I can already feel it working. This drug saved my life for 16 years and its saving my life again now. I cant wait until next week when I am moved up to 37.5mg of the CR version. This is the only medication that works for me.”

10 / 10
Bollie · Taken for 10 years or more January 24, 2021

“Unfortunately my doctor prescribed paroxetine 20 mg for over 39 years when I decided to stop and slowly lower from 20-0. I had to do it alone because the doctor did not agree. It took me a year to wean down but then I had a severe panic attack (never had that) and irritation started as well as overall very emotional. It has been 6 months since I stopped and I still battle through every day. Fighting my negative thoughts. But I am convinced I will win this. Unfortunately I can not find any info on this subject... does anybody know about the effects on your brain after using paroxetine for 30 + years and then stopping? Thanks”

5 / 10
Skye · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 6, 2020

“Seems like a lot of people have a good experience with Paxil and I really wish I could say the same. I took it for about 2.5 months and had chronic diarrhea the whole time which only seemed to get worse as time went on. And of course the usual sexual side effects that come with SSRIs. I couldn't handle it anymore, having diarrhea for that long just left me feeling very sick all the time. So I tapered off which is where things have gone from bad to worse. I've never had a problem coming off of any type of medication in my life but this is HORRIBLE. Brain zaps, nightmares, highly increase depression and crying spells. This stuff is freaking poison to my body. I would never recommend this to anyone.”

1 / 10

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Papaz · Taken for 10 years or more March 1, 2020

“I was on this Paxil for 11 years, it didn't help my depression but it managed to ruin my life when I came off it too quickly under the advice of my doctor. Fast forward to present day. I now use a mobility scooter / electric bike due to suffering horrible physical symptoms of CFS /M.E. which were triggered by coming off this drug 11 YEARS AGO. My circadian rhythm is utterly destroyed as is my stamina. I constantly live in a heightened state of hyper arousal. I have no energy and constantly have to meditate 2 hours to get back 20% of the health I used to have. (That is only until the symptoms slowly return with any activity) These drugs are dangerous and wreck lives. I am a real person and the above story is true.”

1 / 10
KitKat · Taken for less than 1 month February 23, 2020

“I have been on this medication for less than a week and already feel so much better than I did a week ago. Before I was having crying spells multiple times a day, major anxiety, depression, the works. Now I am able to get up, go back to work, and function normally again. I have only been on this medication a few days, but I am extremely thankful for it so far.”

9 / 10
Twitching for life(?) · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 9, 2020

“I suffer from anxiety, depression, and OCD. I was on the lowest dose of Paxil for a month and almost immediately developed twitching and a vocal tic that comes with the twitch. I had withdrawals after tapering off for about a week (per my doctors instructions) so I had to redo the taper over a month period of time. I’ve been off Paxil for 6 months and continue to have the twitches and vocal tics. I worry this is now a life long issue. It’s embarrassing when I’m in public and keep twitching or making involuntary sounds. I wish I never went on Paxil.”

1 / 10
Star · Taken for 10 years or more January 18, 2020

“I have been on this medication Paxil for over 30 years, has worked great for me, but one of the side effects is having GI problems. I have just found out I have IBD, the GI doctor said SSRI'S is the cause of it. Now I have to change my medication from this medication to something else with no SSRI'S in it.”

10 / 10

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Detachable Phoenix · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 15, 2020

“Paxil 37.5mg CR suddenly disabled my sexual functions...completely. No one warned me, I wasn’t aware it could be permanent. There are a growing number of men and women who are destroyed by Paxil. There are better options with side effects that aren’t in the hundreds. I had nearly all of them in a 4 month span. This is day 3 of abruptly stopping. Being alive and in control isn’t easy. It sucks a lot for everyone, make your choice sooner than later, SSRIs can permanently damage your ability to love. Is there a worse side effect than that? I would rather be dead”

1 / 10
-- · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 26, 2019

“When I was a lot younger under 18 (like 16) when I was put on 15 mg of Paxil. I stopped after a couple months cold turkey because it made me even more suicidal. A couple days after I stopped using it I started getting heart palpitations and I went to the ER and had to stay over night because the getting off Paxil after barely taking it for 2 months made me almost have a stroke and a heart attack at once. Just posting this for those under 18 who were thinking about Paxil. Be careful<3.”

1 / 10
StaceyG September 29, 2019

“A few months ago I was given this medication by my doctor because I was going through severe depression. I took it for 4 days and I couldn’t deal anymore. After 30 mins of taking it I went numb. I then started to cry uncontrollably for about half an hour for no reason. When I went to sleep I started to have brain zaps every time I was falling asleep. My eyes started to roll back and I stopped taking it. 2-3 months later and my anxiety is now way worse. I started having out of body experiences. I am now numb even when working out. I have severe headaches. I regret ever taking this. My brain will never be the same! It cause problems I didn’t even have.”

1 / 10
d.b.cooper September 26, 2019

“1993 I found a doctor that saved my life by prescribing Paxil without it I would be dead now . I suffered from anxiety and depression which I learned it was inherited from my grandfather who killed himself by jumping off an an apartment building . When I grew up in the 50s doctors did not know much . They know so much more now so just ask for help like I did. D.B. COOPER”

10 / 10
Anonymous September 20, 2019

“Listen! Depression is the evil period! Paxil helped me treat my depression but as soon as I determined my symptoms of depression was due to ADHD I decided to get off of it. It's been like living in the depths of a dark pit. Paxil helps you but destroys you. Please please please please please weigh your options. I've been on it for awhile and getting off of it is WORSE! I can and can't suggest this medication or any antidepressant. I urge you to determine what is causing your depression and treat that underlying problem. It will save you from these types of medication that will develop a strong dependence and the minute you do not need them and decide to go off them, it's going to be an absolute WAR! It is possible stay strong, stay positive. Always get second opinions never assume because you owe it to your life. Keep your head up follow your gut instincts and it will all work out for the best!”

5 / 10
JJ · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 7, 2019

“I was prescribed Paxil for depression. The drug made me feel severely disoriented and like I wasn't in control; it gave me severe anxiety and made my dark feelings worse. I ended up attempting suicide after taking it. I have since learned that there are thousands of people who had the same experience with this drug. I warn people against taking it, due to the side effects - it nearly cost me my life and was the source of pain and humiliation for many years.”

1 / 10
Kay · Taken for 10 years or more August 1, 2019

“Don't take this drug. May help with depression, but it's a very hard drug to get off of. By God's grace alone, I got off it”

7 / 10
dooby dooby doo · Taken for 10 years or more July 30, 2019

“I wish I could say more. "Your comment is too long (3933 characters; maximum 1000 allowed)." I’m so very sorry others experienced less fortunate results, and wish them well. Would very much like to post my full and very real experience. PAXIL and/or generic PAROXETINE saved my life and continues to do so. I just turned 60 and have been taking it since 1994 and it was miraculous. I never ever ever want to feel how I did previously.”

10 / 10
blobfish999 July 25, 2019

“I have depression with anxiety on top. Paxil did help calm my anxiety but also made me veeeery lazy and letharged and didn't really help the depression totally. + weight gain + zero libido and no ability to orgasm no sensation at all. So my overall quality of life didn't improve as much as I would have liked on this med. I feel like this might be a better med for just anxiety than depression for some people? But try something else first if you can.. this is the worst medication for sexual side effects I've tried”

5 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 30, 2019

“I give it 0. I took it as a teen over 15 years ago. Worst thing I could have ever taken! The first time I took it I wanted to die. I was so sad. I didn't want to feel like that. Now 15+ years later I can barely orgasm. When I do it's not the same and never has been since. It makes me depressed just thinking about that. I was misdiagnosed with depression because I was a rebellious teen. Now I'm stuck with the side effects for life probably. I don't know if I'll ever be the same after this drug. Don't take it. Please.”

1 / 10
AFL · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 21, 2019

“I thought I had symptoms of Parkinson’s. Discussed meds I was on with a neurologist. He found that Paxil was causing my symptoms. I changed meds and symptoms have disappeared. It worked for the depression, but it is not worth the side effects for me.”

8 / 10
Lindsey June 18, 2019

“I struggle with depression and OCD. This medication has helped me tremendously with my depression and OCD. I have so much less suicidal thoughts now that I am back on this medicine; I don’t even want to commit suicide. I still have problems, but they are much less severe. The only thing I really do not like about this medication is what it has done to my body. I am naturally thin but this medication has made me gain weight, about 10 pounds. And the worse part is that I have bloating in my stomach area. The rest of my body is fine, still thin, but my stomach sticks out to the point where people have asked me if I’m pregnant. I’m sure a good bit of my belly fat is a result of me drinking so much soda and not eating the best foods, but when I was off this medicine my stomach was a lot less fat. Literally it’s just my stomach that is fat not the rest of my body. This medication does also increase your appetite. Still, it’s a great medicine for depression and OCD.”

7 / 10
Becks March 26, 2019

“I suffer from depression. I always feel everyone hates me. That I am useless. Etc. Paxil started off wonderful. Was on 20mg. I was on this high for weeks. I was goofy, fun, talkative. A massive opposite to what I was before when I started paxil. It felt like I was in another body. Now and then I would go out with friends or have a date night with my husband and have a drink or two. As soon as I had that ONE drink since starting paxil....that led me down a very very dark path. Being only 22 years old I basically became an alcoholic out of no where. My tolerance for alcohol was incredible. I never felt a hangover. I was constantly buying beer. Drinking 6 a night. Every night. Weekends would be double the amount. I missed many days of work. Suicide became a friend. Paxil ruined me. I started cutting out of no where. So deep that I had to go to the hospital one morning. My libido. Gone. No where to be found. Which really sucked as a newly wed of only 1 1/2 years.”

1 / 10
KTM64 · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 6, 2019

“I have an eye disease and I am losing my central vision. I was laid off 2 years ago and ended up on disability. I was feeling depressed and my doctor prescribed Paxil. When I started taking it I became very lethargic and could sleep 10-12 hours and still be unable to get motivated. I yawned all the time. I started gaining weight (6lbs in 4 weeks) and I could tell my sex drive was fading. I thought that my body would eventually adapt. A few weeks into it I was trying to make love to my wife and I could not have an orgasm. That was the last straw. If you want to be a fat zombie that can’t have an orgasm, well the big pharma chemists at GlaxoSmithKline have got a pill for you! BTW, after some research I learned that GSK was fined $3,000,000,000.00 (yes that’s $3 billion) in 2012 by the US Department of Justice for withholding data regarding Paxil. Please don’t ingest this chemical”

1 / 10
Freia369 · Taken for 5 to 10 years January 12, 2019

“If you have depression do yourself a favor and avoid this medication at all costs. I am 1 week into withdrawals (this isn't the first time I've tried to discontinue paroxetine) and its basically the worst. I was on Paxil for years, it made me gain so much weight and it didn't even help that much with my depression, in some ways it made my depression worst. For me lexapro is a much better choice, so much more effective. Not only are the emotional withdrawals worst than you could imagine but its physical as well. its hard for me to move my hands, arms and fingers, its as if they are numb. I'm also getting headaches and brain zaps but nothing beats this depression. I think it is not worth it.”

1 / 10
Dallyd72 · Taken for 10 years or more December 8, 2018

“Paxil has been a double-edged sword for me. I have been on one dose or another for the last 15 years or so. I can't stop the meds, I've tried a few times in the past, but, just end up going crazy (crying, suicidal thoughts, extreme sadness and anxiety). I feel trapped and helpless to escape the medication's machevellian side effects.”

5 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 15, 2018

“While on the medication, everything seemed fine. I can see why people like to take it. It helps with anxiety and depression both. What the doctor didn’t tell me was that there’s a chance of gaining 20-50 pounds in the first 6 months . I gained a total of 18 pounds in the first 4 months. I had taken other SSRI’s before and never experienced weight gain so I thought “why take Paxil if I can take something else that doesn’t cause extreme weight gain”. I began tapering off like I always have when I wanted to stop a medication and what I experienced was pretty awful. Let me just give you the breakdown: Brain zaps (constantly). Electric shocks going through my head (constantly). Dizziness when standing. Vertigo. Diarrhea every single day. Chills. Insomnia (I didn’t sleep once for 4 days straight). Outbursts of uncontrollably crying. Mood swings (I literally had lost control of all my emotions).”

2 / 10
MK · Taken for 2 to 5 years November 6, 2018

“Great drug. It took about 4-5 weeks for it to work for me.”

8 / 10

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