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User Reviews for Paxil CR

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Paxil CR Rating Summary

8.2/10 Average Rating

6 Ratings with 6 User Reviews

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Reviews for Paxil CR to treat Generalized Anxiety Disorder

"I was prescribed Paxil CR 12.5 for GAD which was mostly situational. I cannot tell you how awful of an experience it was for me. My anxiety went through the roof to the point I didn't want to leave home which is not like me at all. I became very depressed which I wasn't to start out with. Crying uncontrollably. Pacing and restless, could NOT sit still. Went from 140 pounds to 124 in 3 weeks. No appetite, intrusive/racing/all negative thoughts, couldn't sleep for more than an hour or two at a time, paranoid, confused, no concentration, no motivation, sweating, constant diarrhea, jaw clenching, stomach pains, body aches, dry mouth, yawning and dizziness. After 25 days on this med my doctor pulled the plug because I was better before it."


Ericka1234 August 31, 2016

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"Prior to getting on the aropax 12.5 I started having anxiety symptoms from nowhere. The meds have improved my quality of life quite a bit."


Zado 10111 (taken for 2 to 5 years) April 20, 2016

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"I have been dealing with anxiety all my life. I thought that was how everyone lived. Last year I had a debilitating episode of anxiety and finally sought help. After hearing my history the doctors wanted me to get on SSRI's asap. I resisted at first due to fears, but eventually relented. Started with 20mg a day of Paxil, was on that does for three months, and I still had some anxiety. Went up to 30mg and after the new dose kicked in, I have never felt better. It has been a year at 30mg's and my anxiety is gone, not just health anxiety but social anxiety, money anxiety. My mind finally works the way it was meant to and I owe it all to Paxil. "


GJ72 (taken for 6 months to 1 year) September 23, 2013

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"I remember feeling weird on Paxil. I guess you can say it helped because I was so focused on that foggy feeling that I stopped thinking about feeling anxious! But, of course, that wasn't a reasonable ore or comfortable way to be treated, so I told the psychiatrist I didn't want the Paxil. And unlike what most folks here experienced, I became anorexic instead of gaining weight. I had no interest in eating at all. As a result, I lost about 10 lbs in 2 weeks, and I was only about 115 lbs to start. My pain doctor has just given me a sample of Cymbalta. He told me to wait til the weekend, in other words, not to take it and try and go to work, until I knew how it would affect me. "

gingerrogers July 24, 2013

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"I started using it a week ago and within 4 days it felt like the dark cloud surrounding me lifted. My circumstances are exactly the same, I can just handle it better and now start working on issues. It saved my life."


Coulditbe June 13, 2013

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"I love it."


Anonymous September 26, 2009

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