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User Reviews for Multivitamin, prenatal to treat Vitamin/Mineral Supplementation during Pregnancy/Lactation

Also known as: Prenatal Multivitamins, Prenatal Plus, Folcaps Omega 3, PrePlus, Prenatal 1, Prenavite, Prenatal 19, CitraNatal Assure, Nestabs, Prenate, Prenate AM, Vitafol-OB, VitaPearl with DHA, TriCare, Prenate DHA, Materna, Pramilet FA, Select-OB+DHA, Enbrace HR, Maternal 90, Dothelle DHA, Zatean-PN DHA, Atabex EC, Prenatal Plus Iron, Nestabs ONE, Mom's Choice Rx with DHA, Prenatabs Rx, PNV Prenatal Plus, Cenogen Ultra, Prena1 Pearl, Similac Prenatal, Ultimate OB DHA, Nutrispire, UltimateCare One NF, CitraNatal 90 DHA, Zatean-PN, Docosavit, NovaStart, CitraNatal Bloom, Concept DHA, Elite OB 400, Folivane-PRx DHA NF, Prenate Plus, Vynatal 1 Plus 1, Par-F, Vinate C, Zatean-CH, Maternity, Vinate III, Niferex PN Forte, Vitaspire, Mynatal PN, OB Complete Gold, Obnate 90, Mynatal Rx, Precare, Previte Rx, Natarex, Ternamar, Foltabs, PreNata, Aminatal Plus, Zatean-PN Plus, Elemental Iron-90, Mynatal PN Forte, Se-Tan DHA, Mynatal FC, Se-Care, Mynate 90 Plus, Se-Care Conceive, Vitamed Prenatal Formula, Se-Natal 90, Zitamin, Se-Natal One, Preterna, Vernate, Vernate Advanced, Prenate 90, Aminate, Mission Prenatal Rx, Niferex-PN, Prenate Ultra, Prenatal Z Advanced Formula, UltimateCare One, Zenate Prenatal, NatalCare, Prenatal Plus with Beta-Carotene, Vinate Care, Prenatal Rx, Vinate PN Care, Maternity plus Beta Carotene, Equi-Natal M, Equi-Natal Rx, Equinatal 90, Equi-Natal Z, Natalcare Pic Forte, Natalcare Pic, Natalins, Natelle Plus with DHA, Stuart Prenatal with Beta Carotene, Verotin-GR, BP MultiNatal Plus Chewables, VP-CH-PNV, Prenatal MR 90 Fe, Dualvit OB, MultiNatal Plus, Aminatal Plus One, Vinate Calcium, Aminate with 90 mg Iron, Multifol Plus, UltimateCare Combo, Ultra NatalCare, Prenatal Elite, Prenatal S, Cavan-Alpha, Natafort, Nestabs CBF, Vitafol PN, HemeNatal OB, Fem-Natal, Ami-Natal Plus One Improved, Aminatal Plus New Formula, Prenatal Plus with 27 mg Iron, Edge OB, Obegyn, Vinate II, Mission Prenatal, OB Natal One, Natalvit, Mission Prenatal FA, Folcaps Care One, Mission Prenatal HP, Extra-Virt Plus DHA, Mynatal Z, PreNexa, Nutri-Tab OB, Mynatal Plus, Mynatal Ultracap, RE OB 90 Plus DHA, Prenatal 1 Plus 1, Natalcare Plus, Prenatal 1 Plus 1 (Low Iron), Prenatal MTR with Selenium, Natalcare Rx, Vitaphil Plus DHA, Prenatal Rx Low Iron, Prenavite FC, OB Complete Premier, Prenate mini with DHA, Prenavite PC, Active OB, Chromagen OB, Viva DHA, Natatab CFe, Vinate IC, Natatab FA, Vitelle Nestabs OTC, Natachew, Premesis Rx, Prenate Advanced Formula, Complete Natal DHA, Precare Conceive, Citracal Prenatal Rx, NatalCare Advanced, NutriNate, Nestabs Rx, Stuartnatal Plus 3, Gesticare DHA, TriStart One, Strongstart, Anemagen OB, Ultra-Natal, NatalCare Three, Natatab Rx, Equi-Natal Care, Choice OB plus DHA, M-Natal Plus, Inatal Advance, Classic Prenatal, Inatal Ultra, Foltabs plus DHA, CorNate-DHA, Maternity Vitamin Low Iron, Folcal DHA, DuetDHA 400, Ob-20, DuetDHA 400ec, Prenatabs CBF, Foltabs Prenatal Plus DHA, DuetDHA 430, Prenatabs FA, DuetDHA 430ec, Prenatal Low Iron, DuetDHA Balanced, Vinate 90, Virt-Select, Expecta DHA, Vinate M, V-Natal, HemeNatal OB + DHA, Vinate Ultra, Virt-Nate DHA, Prenate GT, Natalvirt 90, Ferrex PC Forte, Natalvirt CA, Trinate, Natalvirt FLT, Nutri-Tab OB plus DHA, Prenatal AD, Virt-PN, OB Complete Petite with DHA, Virt-PN DHA, One Daily Combo Pack, Primacare, Nexa Plus with DHA, PNV OB+DHA, Prenatal H, Viva CT, Duet, Cavan-Folate DHA, PNV-First DHA, VP-Heme OB, Duet Chewable, RE OB Plus DHA, Cavan-Heme OB, PNV-OB with DHA, Natalfirst, Prena1, Natelle, Prena1 Chew, Concept OB, Prenatal-U, Prena1 Plus, Nestabs FA, Prenaissance DHA, Vinate GT, Prenatal Plus Low Iron, Natafolic-PN, Cal-nate, Cavan EC DHA Plus, Icar Prenatal, PrimaCare Advantage, Pruet DHA, Cavan One, Prenate Enhance with DHA, Prenate Advance, OB Complete with DHA, Prenate Restore, Novanatal, PureFe OB Plus, Natacaps, PNV-DHA Plus, Trinatal GT, O-Cal Prenatal, CitraNatal B-Calm, TheraNatal Lactation Support, NatalCare Advanced-RF, CitraNatal Harmony, Prenate Essential, TheraNatal OvaVite, TheraNatal Plus, Duet DHA, TriCare Prenatal Compleat, Prenate Elite, Trinatal Ultra, Prenatabs OBN, Icare Prenatal Rx, V-Natal DHA, Vinatal 600, vitaMedMD One Rx, Vert-Select DHA, Tri Rx, Taron-C DHA, Vinacal B, Primacare One, TriAdvance, Taron-EC Calc DHA Pack, Vinate DHA, PrenaFirst, TriCare DHA One, Virt-Bal DHA Plus, Natafolic-OB, UltimateCare Advance, Trimesis Rx, Virt-PN Plus, Vinate Good Start, Triveen-One, vitaMed MD RediChew Rx, Triveen-PRx RNF, vitaMedMD RediChew Rx, Vinate Advanced (New Formula), VeNatal FA, New Advanced Formula Prenatal Z, Vinacal OR, VP-GGR-B6, Bright Beginnings, Vinate AZ Extra, VitaNatal OB plus DHA, VP-Heme, Prenatal Rx 1, CitraNatal Rx, Vol-Nate, Obtrex, CitraNatal DHA, Vol-Tab Rx, Azesco, Marnatal-F Plus, NatalCare CFE 60, PreferaOB, Natelle Prefer, OptiNate, Select-OB, Citracal Prenatal + DHA, VP-Heme One, Natelle C, Nata Komplete, Thrivite RX, Natelle-ez, OB Complete Petite, OB Complete, Duet DHA Complete, Tandem OB, Verotin-BY, Elite OB with DHA, TL-Care DHA, Precare Premier, Neevo, Maxinate, CitraNatal Medley, Duet DHA EC, Citracal Prenatal 90+DHA, CareNatal DHA, Co Natal FA, Vitafol-OB+DHA, Vinate AZ, Femecal OB, Vinatal Forte, Femecal OB plus DHA, Femnatal, Folivan-EC DHA, Folivan-OB, Foltabs Prenatal, Folivan-PRX DHA, Kolnatal DHA, Bal-Care DHA, Gesticare DHA DR, Marnatal-F, Cavan-Heme Omega, Duet DHA Balanced, EzFe Forte, Advance Care Plus, Complete Natal, Multi-Nate 30, Complete-RF, Multi-Nate 30 DHA, CompleteNate, Multi-Nate 30 Kit, Multi-Nate DHA, Multi-Nate DHA Extra, NatalCare GlossTabs, Natelle One, OB Complete 400, Natelle One DHA, Levomefolate DHA, Prefera OB Plus DHA, LevomefolatePNV, Neevo DHA, Se-Natal 16, Obtrex DHA, Macnatal CN with DHA, Se-Natal 19, Nestabs DHA, Se-Plete DHA, Seton ET, BumP DHA, Seton ET-EC, OB Complete 400 with DHA, OB Complete Chewables, OB Complete One with DHA, Trinatal Rx 1, PNV-Omega, PNV Select, Bal-Care DHA Essential, Duet DHA with Ferrazone, PNV-DHA, PreferaOB+DHA, PR Natal 400, Prenaissance Balance, Active OB DHA, Gesticare, Vinate One, PR Natal 400 EC, Prenaissance Next, PR Natal 430, Prenaissance Plus, PR Natal 440, Cavan Folate, PreNexa premier with DHA, ComBi Rx, Taron-PRX Plus DHA, Prefera OB-One, Infanate DHA, Prennaissance with DHA, Prenate Essential DHA, ProFe Forte, PreNexa with DHA, VP-PNV-DHA, PreQue 10, Renate, Foltabs 90 plus DHA, Reaphirm, Folbecal, Renate DHA, Nexa Select with DHA, TheraNatal Complete, Renate DHA Extra, TheraNatal Core Nutrition, Virt Advance, Paire OB Plus DHA, Triveen Ten, Virtprex, PNV-Total, Vena-Bal DHA, VeNatal Complete DHA, Provida DHA, Rovin-NV, Vitafol-One, Virt-Vite GT, Rovin-NV DHA, VitaMedMD Plus Rx, Virt Nate, Tandem DHA, Vitaphil, Taron-BC, RE Prenatal Multivitamin with Iron, Vynatal FA, RightStep, Reaphirm Plant Source DHA, Zenate, Stuartnatal Plus, Natalins Rx, Norlac RX, Vitaphil Aide, Neo-Forte, Mynatal, Nata 29 OB, Zenate Advanced Formula, Nata 29 Prenatal, Prenatal MR 90, Vitafol Nano, Equi-Natal Plus, PrenaCare, PNV Tabs 29-1, Pan OB Forte, PrenaPlus, PreTAB, Hi-Nate 90, Prenate Elite Plus Iron, Relnate DHA, Lactocal-F, Vitafol Plus, Maternity-90, Vitafol Ultra, Prenazyme 1+1, Pre-H-Cal, Vemavite PRX 2 …show all brand names

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Multivitamin, prenatal Rating Summary

User Ratings
7.7/10 Average Rating
73 Ratings with 73 User Reviews

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Reviews for Multivitamin, prenatal

Elis · Taken for 5 to 10 years July 4, 2019

CitraNatal Assure (multivitamin, prenatal): "This vitamin caused me to develop severe and nearly debilitating Vitamin b6 toxicity. Symptoms included neurological issues, visual and vestibular issues, auditory problems including tinnitus and sound distortion, and more. If you want to take this vitamin, I urge you to have your b6 monitored while on the prenatal. Damage cause by b6 toxicity may or may not be reversible."

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 16, 2019

CitraNatal Bloom (multivitamin, prenatal): "I've found that these are easiest to take before you eat. Food eliminates the fishy taste. For me, they make my tummy rumbly but I read that they're supposed to help your digestive system so it might just be working on a problem I didn't know I had. Overall I feel a lot better on these vitamins even though they're gross. Eat a little, take the pill, then finish your meal & you'll be good to go!"

Ash · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 27, 2019

Vitafol Ultra (multivitamin, prenatal): "I wanted to like this pill a lot as it was easily to swallow but after taking for more than a month I missed a dosage and the side effects started: upset stomach, nauseous and stool discoloration. It lasted for days-(..."

Hiswifeforlife · Taken for less than 1 month January 27, 2019

Prenatal Plus (multivitamin, prenatal): "I’ve been taken these for about a week now and I was fine in the beginning but lately I've had bad constipation. Which is not normal for me. Luckily for me I didn’t spend any money on these because a coworker gave me them. "

Mo · Taken for less than 1 month January 4, 2019

CitraNatal 90 DHA (multivitamin, prenatal): "This pill made me continuously vomit all day, it has a similar taste to fish oil. Gave me headaches"

Vicky G October 23, 2018

"I had to pay almost $50 after insurance but overall it's working great but I don't have the usually morning sickness I have evening sickness but Idk if this is related to the vitamins. I wondered if this vitamin helps lose weight, since I've been pregnant I've lost 5 pounds in less than a month."

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month August 11, 2018

CitraNatal 90 DHA (multivitamin, prenatal): "I’m sure this is normally a great prenatal.. however for me it gave me a never ending migraine for the 4 days I took it."

Akcrystal August 9, 2018

PrePlus (multivitamin, prenatal): "Prenatal pills insurance doesn’t cover this so $68.00 at Walgreens!"

Mama3bears · Taken for less than 1 month June 21, 2018

Provida DHA (multivitamin, prenatal): "The vitamin itself is probably effective, however the constant belching, aftertaste and smell is horrible. I’m literally cursing after every burp because it is that bad. Can’t deal with that for the next 9 months."

Janey · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 18, 2018

CitraNatal Assure (multivitamin, prenatal): "You have to take 2 large pills for each dosage. Unfortunately, I also get very nauseous about 10 minutes after taking them (even after drinking a full glass of water, and lining my stomach with food)."

Nicole · Taken for less than 1 month April 5, 2018

Provida DHA (multivitamin, prenatal): "Horrific. Took one with food and 10 minutes later was belching what smelled/tasted like pond water. I ended up vomiting uncontrollably for 5 minutes trying to get it out of my stomach. Never taking this again. Absolutely disgusting."

Dog groomer January 31, 2018

Provida DHA (multivitamin, prenatal): "Was given this product as a sample, I am not taking anymore due to nasty after taste & it irritated my stomach.."

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month December 25, 2017

Vitafol Ultra (multivitamin, prenatal): "Horrible headache, and very pricey for a teacher."

Baby T Mom · Taken for less than 1 month December 12, 2017

Vitafol Ultra (multivitamin, prenatal): "These are small unlike the huge prenatal I was prescribed before. All others made me vomit within 15 minutes of taking them no matter when/food eaten/etc, but feel fine when taking these. As these are plant based, there is no fish oil after taste and plant based nutrients are easier for my body to absorb. Baby and I are super happy with them so far!"

Osh23 · Taken for less than 1 month December 4, 2017

Natelle One (multivitamin, prenatal): "No side effects and its very easy to take."

Taste Great and easy to swallo · Taken for less than 1 month November 7, 2017

"These have been my favorite due to the size and taste. I am unsure why many users say they have a fishy after taste? The omega 3 is plant based. The box clearly states there are NO fish products in Vitafol."

Ithzyggga · Taken for less than 1 month October 7, 2017

CitraNatal 90 DHA (multivitamin, prenatal): "Have tried several different vitamins and this one has been the best!! No nausea, does slow down my metabolism a bit. My nails are growing so fast and so is my hair, definitely recommend these vitamins!"

Jneb · Taken for less than 1 month October 6, 2017

CitraNatal 90 DHA (multivitamin, prenatal): "This prenatal vitamin made me sick! It made me vomit day and night. I took it for over 2 weeks with no improvement! Luckily, my Doctor took me off this prenatal vitamin!"

Kyyy September 22, 2017

"Love this prenatal. Soft pill and easy to swallow. Can take at any time of the day and on an empty stomach. Thought in the beginning it was making me nauseous but had to be just my morning sickness bc once I hit my second tri it ended immediately. Haven't experienced any fishy like taste like the other comments suggest. Paying $25 a month after insurance so not terribly expensive. All in all I would highly recommend it."

Zarolume August 28, 2017

"I am 16 weeks pregnant, since I started taking vitafol I was suffering for 4 months with a cough chest tightness and wheezing. I was seen so many times by doctors because I couldn't breathe. I was treated with many antibiotics, steroids, inhalers to treat what they called "respiratory infection " "acute bronchitis " but nothing was curing or helping my symptoms. When I went to see my PMD finally in the hope he would figure out how to help me. I found out I was having a severe allergic reaction to Vitaful prenatal vitamins. The minute I stopped taking them I felt better, not 100% yet still with some cough but at I can breathe!!!!!"

Cgranados3 August 21, 2017

"I totally love this vitamin, it doesn't make me sick and it has a good taste. However, the insurance don't cover 100% so a little expensive for me."

Nyabo July 24, 2017

PrePlus (multivitamin, prenatal): "I have been using prenatal plus v258 and it is awesome. However my insurance will not be paying for it anymore. Wondering how much it costs over the counter"

Ttea · Taken for less than 1 month July 13, 2017

Vitafol Ultra (multivitamin, prenatal): "I had no problems with this medication it smells good kinda like a light vanilla scent and the taste isn't bad at all I love it. I have a peanut allergy so I have to be careful with the prenatal vitamins I buy but my Dr gave me these a few packs of these and it works great. I haven't had any problems at all so now I just need to find out where they sell these at or if I can get a prescription for it. This will be my 5th kid and out of all the prenatal vitamins I ever took these are definitely the best"

Tarraprego July 11, 2017

"Wow it really does have me burping up a fish taste! Yucky but hey as long as it works I don't mind, will update once I'm near end of pregnancy, or at the end of my free samples lol"

Anonymous · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 12, 2017

"This is the best prenatal pill I have ever taken. It is great for promoting hair growth for you and your baby. I didn't have any heartburn while taking this particular one. Can be taken on empty stomach day or night. I have taken this throughout two pregnancies and overall healthy babies..."