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User Reviews for Slow Fe

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Iron Deficiency Anemia 2 reviews 87 medications
Summary of Slow Fe reviews 2 reviews 8.7

Reviews for Slow Fe

For Iron Deficiency Anemia "I have really bad acid reflux and had suffered from anemia most of my adult life due to heavy periods. Regular iron supplements would irritate the lining of my stomach and cause lots of pain but this product is great. I have been taking Slow Fe for two weeks and I feel better already. I have more energy, less shortness of breath, less pain in my body and I don't crave for ice anymore. It can only get better. My iron level was 9.0 before starting slow Fe. I will go to my doctor sometime in August. The only side effect is mild constipation."


feelingbetter66 August 1, 2011

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For Iron Deficiency Anemia "I was anemic for years, and thought it was just the way I was. I had no idea that the soda I was drinking was stopping my body from absorbing iron (and calcium). One night, my heart rate didn't slow down. I woke my husband and we went to the hospital. I found that my anemia was so bad that my red blood cells couldn't get enough oxygen to my body, and my heart was racing trying to get more Oxygen delivered. The doctors said my heart would have just given up had I not come in. I found "normal" iron pills gave me horrible, painful gas. Slow FE was the only iron that didn't. It's made differently than iron pills and your body is able to break it down without the difficult side effects, but it can cause constipation. I eat 3 prunes a day."


trasins October 29, 2008

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