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User Reviews for Minocin

Minocin has an average rating of 7.3 out of 10 from a total of 19 ratings on 59% of those users who reviewed Minocin reported a positive effect, while 12% reported a negative effect.

Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Skin or Soft Tissue Infection   10.0
1 reviews 162 medications
Rosacea  Off-label 8.3
5 reviews 108 medications
Acne   6.7
13 reviews 524 medications
Summary of Minocin reviews 7.3 19 reviews

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Reviews for Minocin

chief · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 12, 2020

For Acne: “Minocycline worked wonders for both my acne and rosacea. it gave me skin I could only dream of. Only a few days of 100mg per day was enough to clear me up completely and with no side effects. I stayed on it for 7,5 months, had to stop because I thought it was starting to lose its effectiveness at that point. My acne & rosacea ofc came back and worse than they were before minocin, which made me resent taking it even tho it gave me such good skin in the short term. Overall, miracle drug but for the short term. still wish I never took it bc after stopping it my breakouts turned kinda worse.”

9 / 10
TK · Taken for less than 1 month March 9, 2020

For Acne: “I got prescribed minocin for my acne by my dermatologist. I used it for 3 days because I had irregular heartbeat and felt out of the focus all the time, I didn’t feel motivated. But it was a good thing because I turned out to have high prolactin and probably didn’t need it...”

1 / 10
Daydreamer · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 1, 2018

For Rosacea: “I suffered for years with Rosacea before seeking treatment. After finally seeking help I was prescribed Minocin. One course completely cleared up the problem and 18 years on I haven’t any further breakouts.”

10 / 10
OrpheusAscending · Taken for less than 1 month April 1, 2016

For Skin or Soft Tissue Infection: “I had been suffering with localized Granuloma Annulare which started initially on the backs of my hand. I had monthly steroid injections which cleared up existing patches but then then I would have outbreaks in new areas and then I experienced a huge breakout on my right forearm. After several months, the dermatologist prescribed Minocyline and within one week, the lesions started to disappear. After two weeks, they began to fade completely with no new outbreaks. Around the two-week period, however, I did start to develop headaches but Aleve made them manageable.”

10 / 10
112268 March 6, 2016

For Acne: “I never had problems with acne as a teenager or young adult. I'm 47 & I started getting terrible, very painful, cystic acne about 6 months ago. It covered the entire surface of my chin & some around my nose & mouth. I was mortified & depressed cause of these horrific awful lesions on my face. I would do everything possible to avoid interaction with people, I hated going anywhere other than home & even at home it was hard to let my man look at me. I had no clue I had cystic acne. I thought it was just hormonal changes. I couldn't take it anymore, it wasn't going away no matter what I did. I went to the doctor & he put me on Minocin twice a day & within a week my face is 98% clear. I can hold my head up again with confidence.”

10 / 10
Anonymous September 9, 2013

For Acne: “I was prescribed this after being diagnosed at age 29 with severe acne vulgaris. This medication gave me no negative side effects that I noticed and cleared my acne up within 1 week. I was prescribed the once a day dosage which is great. I took a break once for a few days and the acne came back. I dashed to my medicine and got back into my normal routine. Acne went away! Its a great medication if used properly. Helped me become more confident as an adult suffering from acne.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 2 years July 9, 2013

For Acne: “I'm 17 years old and have been battling awful cystic acne for about 10 years. As I've aged, it's only worsened, which I'm assuming is due to an influx in hormones. At first, doctors misdiagnosed me as having eczema. When I was finally diagnosed with cystic acne, my doctor prescribed tetracycline. I was on it for about 1 year, at age 14-15, and it helped a little, but not drastic changes. I noticed that it started turning my teeth brown, as if I'd eaten chocolate and didn't drink anything or brush my teeth afterwards. I was prescribed minocycline (Minocin) instead. It has helped my acne tremendously, but it is still turning my teeth brown, which is not flattering nor attractive, especially for a girl my age with dating and all.”

8 / 10
Londonlad. January 28, 2013

For Acne: “I took Minocin in my late teens for about 5 years and from what I remember I never had a single outbreak or flare up while taking it. Having said that, if I missed a few days meds the acne would break out. Though it never cleared my skin completely it most certainly helped.”

8 / 10
grayeyed · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 1, 2012

For Rosacea: “Although it took 6 weeks to show improvement, after that it worked great. The doctor told me it would take that long. I had no side effects. I had a red area on my nose and under my eye for months and doctor said it was rosacea. It cleared it completely. I also have red and dry skin on my cheeks and jaw that the medicine did NOT help.”

8 / 10
gaugie October 27, 2011

For Rosacea: “Cleared up my nose in 3 days, but have headache, little dizzy, foggy head.”

Anonymous September 24, 2010

For Acne: “15 year old daughter used Minocycline for 2 months and it was super at clearing her whiteheads-face, back, neck. Then we took a break, acne came back. MD gave us brand name version (1 pill/day verses 2per/day with generic, and much more expensive) and it didn't work at all after 2 months. Tried generic minocycline again after waiting a few months, and unfortunately we saw no results second time around. Trying birth control pills now.”

6 / 10
Anonymous March 19, 2010

For Acne: “I used Minocin for about 20 years (16 - 36 years approx) which controlled my acne perfectly. Before I started taking this I had very, very severe acne, huge boils and spots all over my back and face but this seems to cure it. I was very lucky - I had no side effects apart from bad stomach if I took too many.”

10 / 10
sdeaver1 February 14, 2010

For Acne: “I took this medication a couple years ago. Within just a few weeks it was working amazing and my skin was clearing up and looked great!!! I went off the med so that I could go on birth control. I've had trouble with several birth controls and now 2 years later at the age of 22, I'm not currently on any form of birth control so I started this up again about 3 months ago for my acne. I was on it for 2 months, never missed a dose....and there was not one change in my skin. I'm sure it all depended on my health 2 yrs ago and now, the different meds i'm on now and wasn't in the past, etc. Several factors could be played as to why it's no longer working for me at this time. So I'd say at least give it a shot because when it did work, IT WORKED!”

5 / 10
Anonymous January 22, 2010

For Acne: “My son has been using this drug for about a month. He has had no side effects at all. His face has cleared up well from what it was. The acne hasn't totally gone but it's less severe now and not as red as it was.”

6 / 10
Anonymous January 13, 2010

For Rosacea: “I started taking this and after a few weeks my Rosacea was clearer but had to stop because of UNBEARABLE joint pain. Doctor put me on a lower dose of doxycycline and so far so good.”

5 / 10
Anonymous January 6, 2010

For Acne: “I had very good results from Minocin as far as my acne was concerned. My face started clearing up and was looking almost back to normal. I did experience the dizziness and frequent yeast infections while on this but thought it was worth it. After about 3 months, I was feeling very bad, my joints all ached so bad I had decreased my activities and almost stopped dancing. My parents were having me worked up for Arthritis and I was having blood in my stool suddenly. My mom talked to a Doctor at work and found out it was the Minocin that was causing all the joint pain and probably a lesion in my bowels. I immediately stopped it and am now back to normal and have bad acne again.”

1 / 10
gjrod06 September 6, 2009

For Acne: “I used this medicine for less than a week. It really improved my skin but I had some bad side effects which included being dizzy and light-headed. I also had stomach cramps and very bad diarrhea. I tried taking it with and without food.”

6 / 10
Anonymous June 28, 2009

For Rheumatoid Arthritis: “Having suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for more than 20 years I suffered a whole body flare 5 years ago severe enough to almost prevent me from walking. Twenty-six days after being put on Minocin by my doctor at Harvard Medical School I was riding my bicycle 10 miles a day. Minocin is not a "cure" for rheumatoid arthritis. Whenever I have attempted to get off this drug the rheumatoid arthritis has come back within 2 months. But as long as I take it you would never know I have rheumatoid arthritis. Only side effect I've experienced is a grayish blue tint to my skin on my neck and cheeks.”

Anonymous May 31, 2009

For Rosacea: “This medication works well for me. It took a very long time before I was finally diagnosed with Rosacea. I kept hoping I would just out grow adolescent acne even all the way into my late twenties. The only side effect I have encountered is yeast infections. I started taking acidophillus which helps but am now going to consult a nutritionist to see if they can help diet wise. The benefits of the drug outway the side effect but I hope to find a happy balance.”

10 / 10
Anonymous November 3, 2008

For Acne: “I used this medicine for a week. I felt numb all the time and was dizzy and had nausea. It did start to work right away and my acne started to clear up.”

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