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User Reviews for Metformin/rosiglitazone to treat Diabetes, Type 2

timduhan February 9, 2009

Avandamet (metformin / rosiglitazone): “All I can remember of taking this drug are the side effects. It became difficult to walk two miles in the morning, the distance I could swim comfortably slowly reduced and my legs started to swell. Between starting treatment and my next visit to the doctor was three months. He was very surprised. This drug has an excellent reputation for the treatment of type 2 Diabetes but take care.”

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phissure September 12, 2008

Avandamet (metformin / rosiglitazone): “This is a great drug for anybody that has gastrointestinal issues when taking metformin. It is a mix of metformin and avandia. For some reason the avandia lessens those side effects. For me the side effects disappeared completely. For my wife the side effects were only lessened.”

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jmccourtie May 9, 2008

Avandamet (metformin / rosiglitazone): “I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes approximately 3 years ago. My A1C Sugar level was at 10.7. My doctor immediately prescribed Avandamet 4/1000 and it began to have an immediate positive impact on my sugar control. As of April of 2008, my last A1C was a remarkable 5.7 and my doctor is very pleased with the effectiveness of the drug. ”

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