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Metformin / Rosiglitazone Dosage

Applies to the following strengths: 1000 mg-2 mg; 1000 mg-4 mg; 500 mg-1 mg; 500 mg-2 mg; 500 mg-4 mg

Usual Adult Dose for Diabetes Type 2

Individualize dose based on safety, efficacy, and prior therapy; asses the risk versus benefit of initiating with combination therapy versus monotherapy

Titration: Increase in increments of rosiglitazone 2 mg/metformin 500 mg per day in divided doses if not adequately controlled after 4 weeks

Patients Inadequately Controlled on Rosiglitazone Monotherapy:
Patients Inadequately Controlled on Metformin Monotherapy:
Patients currently receiving rosiglitazone and metformin as individual components:


Use: To improve glycemic control in adult patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus as an adjunct to diet and exercise.

Renal Dose Adjustments

Obtain eGFR prior to initiating therapy:


Liver Dose Adjustments

Not recommended in patients with active liver disease or in patients with ALT elevations 2.5 times the upper limit of normal (2.5 x ULN).

Dose Adjustments

Elderly: Initial and maintenance dose should be conservative due to the potential for decreased renal function; dose adjustments should be based on renal function which should be routinely monitored.

If signs or symptoms of heart failure develop, dose reduction or drug discontinuation should be considered.


Congestive Heart Failure:

Lactic Acidosis:

Safety and efficacy have not been established in patients younger than 18 years.

Consult WARNINGS section for additional precautions.


Hemodialysis: Data not available
Peritoneal dialysis: Data not available

Other Comments

Administration advice:



Patient advice:

Further information

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