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User Reviews for Depo-Provera to treat Endometriosis

The following information is NOT intended to endorse any particular medication. While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners.

Depo-Provera Rating Summary

User Ratings
17% (12)
16% (11)
9% (6)
10% (7)
4% (3)
4% (3)
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6% (4)
7% (5)
27% (19)
5.6/10 Average Rating
70 ratings from 73 user reviews

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Reviews for Depo-Provera

Salem0 · Taken for 1 to 2 years June 25, 2020

“DON'T GET ON DEPO-PROVERA. As someone who has struggled with endometriosis for about 10 years, it is nice not having a period...BUT I gained 40 FORTY pounds in 3 months. I was about 90 pounds and was excited when the lady told me average about 10 pounds are gained. I am 130 now and I have had to buy a new wardrobe. I suffered from an eating disorder when I was in high school, now graduated from college and recovered, I am starting to hate myself again. Not worth it.”

1 / 10
Never Again!! · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 28, 2020

“I cannot explain how bad the depo-provera is. I got this shot once in Sept. 2019 and am still having horrible issues from it and it is now end of May 2020. While on the shot, I bled every single day until Dec when I had a huge bleed out. Since Dec I have been bloated everyday. Doctors now think I have an ovarian cyst that was caused by Depo. Also I have been extremely moody since Sept! My moods and anxiety are so up and down. Never had these issues before. Another terrible side effect is my skin. My skin is extremely oily and I believe this issue was caused by Depo. I've been through tons of shampoos and nothing will solve my oily scalp/skin issue caused by this horrible drug. I'm shocked the side effects have lasted this long. I'm not sure when they will go away. But this drug has cost me hundreds if not thousands in medical bills. Very aggravated. This should not be given to women. Skip the depo please unless you want to deal with all of this!”

1 / 10
Tash93 · Taken for less than 1 month February 1, 2020

“I am now about 3 weeks into what can only be described as a long lasting nightmare. The day I received my first shot, I started experiencing what can only be described as menopausal symptoms. Not only has my recently stabilised depression completely gone out the window, I also have constant hot flushes, fatigue, mood swings and nausea. A pharmacist recommended Clonidine to help these issues, but it's a cost vs benefit thing... Clonidine gives me a different kind of fatigue and nausea, but (somewhat) curbs the hot flushes, so I tend to only take it every second day. I haven't gained any weight, but I also haven't lost any despite actively eating healthier and exercising. My weight hasn't fluctuated beyond gains/losses between 500g-1kg. I can't wait for the next 10 weeks to be over. The only reason I made the decision to move over from Nur-isterate was because of a country-wide stock shortage. This will never be worth it. I'd take excruciatingly painful periods over this hell any day.”

1 / 10
RayRay January 26, 2020

“I was put on the Depo shot a year ago to help treat my extremely painful periods. It stopped my menstrual so for year I've been able to avoid the terrible pain I was in every month. However, the side effects have been awful. My whole face is covered in painful acne and I didn't have this problem before the shot, I've experienced terrible headaches, I've spotted the whole year I've been on it and had other discharge as well, my anxiety is through the roof and it has worsened my depression. My advice is stay far away from the shot if you can avoid it. I can say its been nice not having the terrible pain endro was causing me every month but the other side effects are almost just as bad. I just had my last shot and will never take it again.”

2 / 10
Bleedy Bear · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 11, 2019

“NEVER EVER TAKING THIS INJECTION AGAIN. I AM BLEEDING SO BAD IDON'T THINK I WILL HAVE ANY BLOOD LEFT & IT WONT STOP. I had the shot in November 2019. I have other symptoms as well. Pls pls pls stop bleeding & for me I've loathed periods & this is causing my life to be miserable. And like all the others my sex drive gone. I will NOT get the 2nd shot & will be telling my Dr "Imagine bleeding from your butt & wearing multiply pads everyday to ensure no accidents happen & for this to last non stop". My Dr said by the 2nd & 3rd shot your period would stop, WHAT ?WOULD HE PUT UP WITH THAT!!. ”

1 / 10
J · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 29, 2019

“Please do NOT take Depo if you have anxiety. If you already have anxiety, Depo increases your anxiety to an unbelievable extent and it becomes unbearable. My hair was falling out in big clumps. I had stomach issues for three months and lost a significant amount of weight. After meeting with a new gynecologist, my therapist, and dermatologist we all figured out that it was because of Depo. It also did NOT help with my Endo. I had a 19 day heavy period, the worst cramps, and brown discharge for 49 days (not an exaggeration). Please be careful.”

1 / 10
Jacinta · Taken for 6 months to 1 year October 23, 2019

“Have used used depo provera for 9 months without any side effect but after stopping using it March 2019 haven't received back my period up to October 2019 where I have seen some blood spotting for like 17 days but not continuous. My question is when will I get my normal periods back because I want to conceive??”

9 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 14, 2019

“If you ever start to have a period while on depo all you have to do is take 1 month of birth control pills and it will put you back on track. My obgyn let me know this when I told her about my friends experience. She got the depo and had a period for weeks, but a pack of birth control pills fixes it. Just in case y'all never been told this.”

6 / 10
Flower · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 9, 2019

“I stopped depo about 3 months ago, I've been bleeding for two months. I've gained 30 pounds. I'm a complete emotional rollercoaster. And it wasn't even worth the short term relief.”

1 / 10
Kdragonrose September 28, 2019

“This is a HORRIBLE drug. I have a blood clotting disorder, I was prescribed Depo-provera because it was suspected that I had endometriosis. The GYN who prescribed Depo said it would "absolutely cure" the endometriosis IF I had it. We still don't know for sure because the GYN refused to do a laparoscopy. I told the doctor I cannot take hormonal birth control due to my blood clotting disorder and my previous history of DVTs. She insisted Depo was "safe" and does not cause blood clots This is an absolute lie. Within a week of taking the shot. I was in the emergency room with multiple blood clots in my leg. I haven't had an issue with blood clots for 12 years. I'm given this shot and within a week, I have a leg full of blood clots. Sadly, the GYN who prescribed Depo in the first place refused to listen and flat-out denied the Depo caused my blood clots, regardless of all the medical research to the contrary. PLEASE! If you have a clotting disorder or a history of blood clots DON'T TAKE THIS SHOT”

1 / 10
Jojo · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 28, 2019

“Best birth control drug I have used for my endometriosis treatment. I was on it for about 2 years the first time, and had switched to nexplanon but it didn’t work as well. I have since switched back to depo provera and have enjoyed the same benefits as I had before. I have never experienced any weight gain or lower sex drive from any birth control I’ve ever been on and I was diagnosed at 17 (I am turning 24 in August for reference)! This drug has been great as none of the other methods, including the pill have worked. This has been the only medication to provide any sense of relief from pain and ovarian cysts developing. This medication has also been the only drug to effectively put my body in “medical menopause” which the doctors told me I needed to experience a remission from endometriosis after my surgery at 17. I will never look back after using this medication. It’s also convenient that I just pop into the doctor once every 3 months for not even 5 minutes”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 5 to 10 years July 4, 2019

“I'm 51 ive been on the depo for 9 years , the doc advised me to come of it 18 months ago, so I thought well I must of gone through the menopause by now. So anyway last week my breasts were so tender and extremely sore now this week my periods have returned and oh boy they returned with a passion. I'm bleeding like there's not tomorrow. I'm in excruciating pain 24/7 so I'm off to docs this morning to see if they can help. I've been scared to leave the house as I'm bleeding that much , TBH I want to go back on depo I've never had a problem with it”

10 / 10
Lacey · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 24, 2019

“Don’t take this rubbish, my niece had it and her bladder wall disintegrated and the NHS think she’s faking her stomach pain she’s rocking and crying in agony , has anyone sued this company over this drug ??? What’s in it? I wouldn’t give this to rats !!!”

1 / 10
mustang19898 · Taken for 1 to 2 years May 10, 2019

“I've been on dep-provera twice. Once when I was younger, I was on it for irregular periods. My doctor stopped it because he thought it was making my migraines worse. Now I'm on it and have been for about 2 years. It was great at first. I don't get a period and I gained some weight, which is good because I'm underweight. It stopped my endometriosis symptoms for a while. But now I'm afraid they are coming back. Not every month, but every now and then I'll get the severe pain and things I experienced with my periods but I'm still not having a period.”

6 / 10
lisa2901 · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 16, 2019

“I had Depo-Provera for only 6 months. It was the worst thing literally. I got it in the first place to get rid of my period since lately I wouldn’t be able to go out of the bed and I was missing too much work and daily activities because of it, so my doctor recommended it. In less than a month, my weight went up to 10lbs out of nowhere, even if I tried to exercise and eat healthier, my weight would still be going up. I had terrible acne that left me scars on my face, no sexual drive at all, total dryness down there, horrible bone/joint pain (even while taking the corresponding dose of calcium supplements), even depression. The only good thing was being able to not suffer from my periods at all but now my body is a disaster. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone”

Faye · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 8, 2019

“I have so many mixed feelings!! Too start with the good side effects, my cystic acne is gone!!!!!!! So amazed! I've been struggling so long. My endo pain has gone down tremendously and I'm honestly surprised because I forgot what it felt like to not be severely hurting. I hear a lot that this makes people gain weight but so far I've lost 5 pounds! Now, this why I'm just torn between staying on this or not. I'm only in month one so maybe the negative side effects with go away but they are BRUTAL! It has given me such severe exhaustion that I can't keep my eyes majority of the day (even if I get plenty if sleep)!!! I'm so scared to drive and work is difficult because I will randomly fall asleep! I have to drink so much Caffeine to just barely make it through my day. Also, nausea is BAD! I hardly throw up from it but it is definitely uncomfortable! Also, my mood swings are INSANE! Im honestly embarrassed about it and it's ruining everything right now.”

6 / 10
Emmamp · Taken for 1 to 2 years January 23, 2019

“I have been on depoprovera for almost 2 years now, it was working great no side effects and also keeping my endometriosis under control (the main reason it’s all I can use). Suddenly I started having large gushes of blood while not on a period with the depo provera. I would spot for a few days then stop then a large gush, heavy enough to bleed through my oversize pad and my clothing. I have had many ultra sounds, MRI, and still no answer to why this started after being on it for so long. If anyone else has experienced that I would love to know if you have found a cure. I need the depo to help my endometriosis so unfortunately I can’t use any other form of birth control.”

7 / 10
Breeze · Taken for 1 to 2 years November 7, 2018

“This shot has made me pretty much pain free and I couldn't be happier. It's also pretty great to not get a period anymore (except for some infrequent spotting). I suffered horribly for 13 years with lower abdominal pain. My doctor and I decided to try this to see if my pain was endometrial. I didn't want to go through another laparoscopy (where they found adhesions, but wouldn't say it was because of endometriosis). I'm about 90% pain free after a year of taking this medication. I say 90% because once in a while (typically if I'm going to spot), I have pain, but it's tolerable now, not like it was before. I'm really thankful for this medication. It's given me a great deal of my life back.”

10 / 10
CJ · Taken for 10 years or more September 24, 2018

“I started depo 20 years ago for birth control & never had any issues. In fact, after the first injection I lost 10lbs without trying. I think because I’m estrogen dominant, the shot keeps it in check. It completely eliminated all my PMS symptoms & evened me out. I went off it every couple years for a few months because of the bone loss warning. However, during the time I was off it, I started having horrible endometriosis symptoms. I now take it every 11 weeks faithfully & with the exception of the week before the shot is due, I am completely symptom free. I’m 42 & still weigh between 108-114lbs. The shot if anything keeps my weight in check by managing the estrogen. I’m sure some people have different reactions & the shot may not work for everyone, but for me it’s been amazing.”

10 / 10
IZza · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 25, 2018

“I have endometriosis diagnosed 6 yrs ago via laparoscopy, but used depo for birth control at a young age at age 18 yrs old. I used it for 2 years (no periods) gain 30lbs, depression, then had a hard time getting pregnant. I’m not sure if depo had anything to do with getting endometriosis later in life. Now, I’m 40yrs old and I’m taking it again for endometriosis, it helped the pain, no periods, some spotting, but no sex drive, I have mood swings, and hungry all the time. I decided to have a hysterectomy soon, tired of endometriosis and periods. Good luck people.”

7 / 10
sarah June 23, 2018

“I HATE this shot, it ruined my life. I had very severe side affects that started the day after I got the shot, and have not stopped. My old provider refused to admit that my pain was due to the shot. I have constant cramping, constant bleeding, migraines, my hair is falling out, my depression is worse than ever, increased anxiety, insomnia, muscle soreness, joint pain and mood swings. I was told that this shot would stop my period, it did not, it just made my period last for 10 months, and it is still going. I will never get this shot again, and I do not recommend this shot for anyone.”

1 / 10
sarah · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 21, 2018

“I got the depo shot as an easy form of birth control seven months ago and I hate it. I have had constant bleeding, constant cramping, worsening depression, worsening anxiety, my hair is falling out and I am having migraines frequently. I would not recommend this for anyone, especially not anyone who suffers from anxiety or depression.”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 25, 2018

“In the past, I have tried various pills and the patch. With the Depo shot, it was nice to only have to get it every 3 months. The first 6 months or so, I had irregular periods, but after that my periods stopped completely. I was on the Depo shot for over 3 years and had more pros than cons. The only downside for me was the weight gain. I stopped taking the shot so my weight would come didn't. I would advise extremely healthy diet and exercise if you want to be on the Depo shot.”

8 / 10
BABWPrincess · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 25, 2018

“I've always had very heavy periods. I have 24/7 severe pelvic pain, worse with periods. I've tried 2 surgeries, 4 rounds of Lupron, & bc pills, none of which helped the pain but pills made periods fewer & Lupron made them stop. Dr recently had me to try Depo & told me I wouldn't have a period! I had 2 periods before 2nd shot. Dr said most people don't have periods but those that do are lighter. I told her they were just as heavy, more painful, & lasting 2-3 weeks! She made me do a 2nd shot. I had another VERY heavy & painful 2 week long period! My PA wanted me to stop the shots & start a 3 month pill pack immediately, even though it wasn't time for my next shot. After 2 pills, my period stopped!”

1 / 10
InPainNoGain December 22, 2017

“I was on the depo for a few months and hated it. I got it to help with my endo and it did help a little. At first I had a heavy period for 6 months they pain was still there but not as bad and I was able to go into work fine. I stopped taking it though because my period kept getting heavier and heavier and I can't afford it without healthcare insurance. Once I stopped getting depo, my period had stopped altogether. I felt so good. Pain was rare. That was eight months straight. Well I recently got my period back. I've actually had 2 heavy periods in ONE month. Like extremely heavy bleeding through all my clothes. I'm changing super tampons every hour. The pain is so much worse than it has ever been before. Idk what to do. ”

3 / 10

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