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User Reviews for EContra EZ

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Emergency Contraception 2 reviews 15 medications
Summary of EContra EZ reviews 2 reviews 6.0

Reviews for EContra EZ

For Emergency Contraception "I took econtra EZ last Friday night and its Thursday morning. I had just been off my period for 3 days that's when I took it. On Monday, everything seemed fine and I was in the mall pushing the stroller and I got a headrush feeling where your hearing goes out and you're about to faint...but it didn't make me super dizzy and the right side of my head went back to normal while the left stayed that way my ear was like numb and the side of my face for like 15 mins, I went to the ER they wanted to do a CT scan it was all ok. I started spotting Tuesday and now I'm bleeding like worse than my normal period . I don't even have a uterine lining to be shedding. Never again I'm very concerned. "


ladiikj February 9, 2017

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For Emergency Contraception "I had unprotected sex the day before I started ovulating, and took the morning after pill 7 hours after the sex. An hour after taking the pill I had cramps, bleeding, and felt really tired. The next week I had breast tenderness and sometimes what felt like cramps. My advice is to take it ASAP, to not panic and don't read plan b horror stories. Go into planned parenthood and talk to someone if you need a peace of mind or you can chat with someone online, I did and it helped me a lot. I got my period two days early and it was slightly heavier than normal. Try to relax and let the pill do what it does, and take it day by day. It's going to okay, whatever happens it's going to be okay."


Anonymous August 2, 2016

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