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User Reviews for Flurazepam to treat Insomnia

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Flurazepam Rating Summary

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8.6/10 Average Rating
31 Ratings with 32 User Reviews

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Reviews for Flurazepam

jojo July 29, 2019

"I have taken flurazepam to sleep for over 10 years, it has always worked, never a need to increase etc etc. Now comes the problem, same as others, terrible withdrawal, had to go to de-tox and am still having symptoms. Add to that, I am having some kind of allergic reaction to something and my body is completely swollen ( especially my tongue) couldn't sleep now if I wanted too! Allergists think it's in my head because I am acting crazy now due to 9 weeks of no sleep, possibly still withdrawing and now a swollen body!! It angers me that these companies can just PULL a drug off of the market whenever they feel the need!! If anyone has found a drug ( not a benzo) that is working to help them sleep please put it out there to help all of us that are going through this craziness!! I have tried numerous things ( latest is Rozerem), not doing a thing.. Hate living a nightmare!!!"

Mandywine · Taken for 10 years or more July 21, 2019

"I was taking flurazepam for 30 years as prescribed. Due to the manufacturer backorder I have been without it over a month. I have been in withdrawals. Sweats, body tremors, fast heart rate and feel spacey."

EmmasBuddy July 10, 2019

"Have used for years without any side effects. My problem is STAYING asleep after the first 4 hours. I take it after I've had a few bad nights; no hangover, I still wake up during the night if prompted by noise (or having to use the bathroom), but lets me go back to sleep. It truly is a wonder drug. Discovered it in graduate school; took daily for 30 days prepping for comprehensive exams, it gave me 8 hours a night, allowing me to maintain my concentration during the day, and then I just stopped after the exam and didn't take it again for 10 years. I also use it when I travel--it's wonderful for jet lag. Perhaps it is addictive for some people, but we all have different chemistry. I am a high functioning professional and this sleep aid helps keep me functioning, it does not impede my functioning as other sleep aids do. Simple drugs like this--compared to Ambien et al that scramble your brain--need to be preserved. Perhaps writing to Roche would help?"

Cat Man · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 24, 2019

"Previously I had been on Flurazepam for 22 years with zero side effects. I have been very successful with starting 2 businesses, authored a great book, traveled around the world building churches and medical clinics. However, with big Pharma discontinuing production of Flurazepam, my doctor has thus far prescribed 4 different sleep aids, including one for high blood pressure and another for repair of nerve damage, I feel like I'm crawling out of my skin. So many side effects, if they don't find a sleep aid that has no or little side effects, I don't want to go on like this any longer. They've been prescribing different medications on me for over 3 months."

PharmaNerd · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 31, 2019

"I have Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome as well as insomnia for 3 decades. I've tried them all. Flurazepam is so inexpensive and works great for me. However, it is almost impossible to find pharmacy-wise b/c no one is making money from these old meds. So since patients cannot fill their scripts, doctors then have no choice but hesitantly discuss off-label pills that are available at every pharmacy: Pricier heavy-duty anti-psychotics as a bludgeon that might cause sleep, but more often cause only restless legs, weight gain, and akathisia. It is very unfortunate that great doctors' expertise is disregarded in favor of the almighty dollar to the extent that we are unable to fill " non-profitable" prescriptions."

tori · Taken for 5 to 10 years April 5, 2019

"I've been taking generic of Dalmane for over 13 years and it works very well most of the time. I've never had any problems filling my prescription at Rite Aide until recently when pharmacist said that the company who makes it (Roche) isn't making large lots of it. Apparently, that's why it's been difficult to get on a regular basis. There have been times I've waited a week to pick it up after calling in prescription and I can honestly say, I've not experienced any side effects other that what I recall before I started taking them ... not being able to sleep. Before Dalmane I tried other sleeping medications and they didn't work, or I was concerned about side effects: Ambien just worries me. Oh well."

Diana S. · Taken for 10 years or more March 29, 2019

Dalmane (flurazepam): "This medication helps me sleep very effectively, and the key word is "helps," not "makes." It is the only sleeping pill I have used that did not affect the way I felt the next day. (When I tried Restoril, it made me feel so terrible that my doctor advised me to mix the pills with coffee grounds to prevent others from taking them and throw them in the dumpster!) I really don't know what I will do now that this gentle, effective sleep aid is becoming unavailable. Never sleep, maybe."

Bunny rabbit · Taken for 10 years or more December 9, 2018

"I have panic disorder couples with sleeplessness. I have tried all kinds of medicine for sleep and none of them worked except one that they took off the market. I've been on flurazapam which is the generic for dalmane and I go to sleep every night just like a normal person would and I do not wake up hungover. Been on it for 15 years. No it's not covered by my prescription drug plan and there's no other generic for dalmane. This is very upsetting for me as I cannot sleep without taking it. Maybe there's something else on the market that might work but I don't want to be hungover."

skule112 · Taken for 2 to 5 years October 21, 2018

Dalmane (flurazepam): "I have been on dalmane for over 3 years as well as zispin as I suffer from depression. I was out of tablets a couple of times as I had to get to the pharmacy. I got some dalmane from my Aunt, and a few times it has not worked at all. "

Sleeping Beauty · Taken for 10 years or more April 21, 2018

"Been using Dalmane twice a week for over 30 years. Have always had chronic insomnia, to the point where I could go as many as three nights in a row with no sleep at all. Dalmane works wonders for me. It doesn't knock me out, just gives me the push I need to finally get to sleep. It does cause a slight bitter taste and I find that I am slightly irritable sometimes the next day but that is a small price to pay for 8 hours of sleep. Never have to take it two nights in a row and once went an entire year without it and experienced no discomfort or anything resembling withdrawal symptoms. I come from a family of anxious insomniacs. Dalmane has been a blessing for me."

cbonnie03 September 26, 2017

"I've been on Dalmane for 21 years now, and my insomnia started after I went through a divorce and had my house, job, then boom!! I couldn't sleep for 3 days! One of the docs I worked with prescribed flurazepam, and started with 15 mg, but it just didn't give me a full nights sleep I am on 30 mgs a side effects, and thankful that there is an aid to help me sleep!!!"

ehmwww · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 9, 2017

Dalmane (flurazepam): "CORE Med for sleep: This combo works for me & I've tried everything!!! Dalmane (30 mg), Gabapentin (600 mg) & 15 mg Remeron (VERY careful re: Weight Gain Side Effect, gained 20 lbs in short order), dramatically increases your appetite for Carbs & Sugars & overall appetite (what they don't tell you is that they give this to patients in the hospital who won't eat to increase their appetite). ***Dalmane can cause next day drowsiness but it disappears after a week or two."

Barry the Eskimo · Taken for 2 to 5 years October 23, 2016

Dalmane (flurazepam): "Yes - dalmane is very effective at putting and keeping you asleep. I was prescribed it for four years before the dangers were known. By blocking neuron transmissions, mine were not communicating next day. I had a career that required thought, concentration and problem solving. I no longer could do any of that. My professional, domestic social and economic life fell apart insidiously over that time. I became agoraphobic and withdrawn, dependent on others who told me what to do. Recovery of my own mind took well over five years, many of them in a spin. I had been made very very ill indeed"

pinro · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 10, 2015

"I wake up several times a night"

Doug Mc December 3, 2015

"I have taken Fluazepam for IBS and sleep for over 20 years.I am 77 now get up for frequent bathroom trips but go right back to sleep. I take one 15 mg every three or 4 days, The days in between I don't need it for sleep."

C'est Moi October 25, 2015

"I have taken this for years, less effective with time; I have super tolerance to any sleep aids. Often have to take over counter sleepers, night-time sinus tabs, other "drowsiness" meds to get it to work. Also have Rx for Ativan (1mg - very mild tranquilizer); chewing 4 of these has better result than my 30 mg Flurazepam."

basell May 17, 2015

Dalmane (flurazepam): "I have taken Dalmane 15 mg. since I had breast cancer in 2008. Worked great getting to sleep and staying asleep. I continued using it since I had several surgeries in the past years. This year I wanted to stop taking it. I didn't know after 4-5 weeks you are hooked on them, they are that addictive.It took me almost 3 months to ween myself off them with my doctors help. Dropping the dose and using Benadryl on that night until I wasn't using them anymore. I would try another med. if I never they were do had to stop."

basell May 17, 2015

Dalmane (flurazepam): "I have taken Dalmane 15 mg. since I had breast cancer in 2008.Worked great getting to sleep and staying asleep. I continued using it since I had several surgeries in the past years. This year I wanted to stop taking it. I didn't know after 4-5 weeks you are tooked on them, they are that addictive.It took me almost 3 months to ween myself off them with my doctors help. Dropping a night use every two weeks and using Benadryl on that night until I wasn't using them anymore. I would try another med. if I never they were do had to stop."

ehmwww11 · Taken for less than 1 month March 12, 2015

"Ok for sleep, not super deep. Experienced repeated moderate depression afternoon following day several times. Bad enough that I stopped. Also next day drowsiness at times."

Sleepless in Seattle January 21, 2015

"Everything others report here is true. Flurazepam is infinitely better than any of the "equivalents" my doctors made me try due to worries about "half life," etc. But I've been taking Flurazepam since the days when it was Dalmane, and it is a life-saver. No hangover or loss of alertness next day. A sure sleep the following night -- what my wife and I call the "dead cat bounce" -- and no side effects. I almost never take it two nights in a row so as to avoid tolerance buildup, but with the dead cat bounce one doesn't really need to. This is an old-fashioned medication that is still ahead of its time."

Thedarkrose · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 21, 2014

"Chronic insomnia for years, had gotten really bad about a year ago so my doc made me try Flurazepam which I must say is by far the best benzodiazepine out there, at least in my experience with about every one of them that is used for sleep. From day two I slept like a baby and it reset my sleep cycle after the 10 day cure on my first time taking it. (Day one was 15mg and didn't do much for me but every other day was 30mg and worked wonders) My sleep was deep and quite refreshing and nothing made me anxious during the entirety of the time it was in my system. Only reasons I cannot give it a 10 is that it is very addictive (and stays for a long time in your system) and that my second cure didn't work so well...(didn't put me to sleep at all)."

EGxactly January 23, 2014

"For me nothing put me to sleep and I had like 10 different things given, Dalmane worked and it keeps working, I have heard of the long term effects and well I tend to add melatonin lozenge with the approval of my Doctor and it keeps working, no side effects, no grogginess no bitter taste, tried going to lorazepam and that gave me palpitations, and every now and then when it builds up."

energized November 4, 2013

Dalmane (flurazepam): "I have only been on Dalmane for a few days, actually only have needed to take it like three times (not in a row) because it is so powerful that Im actually tired in the morning, but a good kind of tired.... Restoril I would wake up between 3-4am wide awake like I slept for 15 hours when it had only been 4 hours! I like the fact that I do not need to take it everyday which is an added benefit for me! and I agree with the previous posts, it does give me a calmer effect in the mornings. I actually SLEEP throughout the whole night, and I do not have a "blackout" effect that I have with other sleep rx's where I do not remember what happened during the night if I did anything.... not my thing!!! I had no idea it was an old medication."

ssrtum July 29, 2013

Dalmane (flurazepam): "Dalmane is a good medicine for insomnia because it works quickly and lasts a long time. Due to its long half life, it also gives anxiety relief for the next day. I also notice I can go to bed easier the next night without taking another dose. It does leave a metallic taste in the mouth and can build a tolerance but as long as you are careful, it can give restorative sleep. Also, because it is so old, this medicine is cheap for those of us paying with cash. I wouldn't recommend it long-term because of the consequences involved with long-term benzodiazepine use, but this is a sleeping pill that current manufacturers can't match."

Anonymous March 13, 2012

"They tried everything in the book. I had a major motorcycle accident and had insomina ever since. Ambien worked for awhile. Then stopped. Was on Valium for years. Then I went a stretch of 3 months no sleep. Doc trying everything. Finally Dalmane. It works like dream. Due to my TBI I believe the insomina is worsening."


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