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User Reviews for Fentora

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
Breakthrough Pain
6 reviews 6 medications
Chronic Pain
3 reviews 108 medications
5 reviews 1111 medications
Summary of Fentora reviews 9.3 14 reviews

Reviews for Fentora

JRC_1962 · Taken for 1 to 2 years April 21, 2018

For Breakthrough Pain "I am tremendously grateful for Fentora and the people whom make this med possible: the manufacturer, my pain physician & my pharmacist. I continue to battle Esophageal cancer, have had a full Esophagectomy & a thoracotomy on each side. This drug works within 2 minutes, doesn’t present any side effects & allows me to complete many tasks I couldn’t do without this medication. The cost is outrageous; however, Medicare and USPF provide an unbelievable level of support to me financially!"

AKALADY · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 18, 2016

For Chronic Pain "I have been on fentora for six months with the fentanyl patch and it does an amazing job."

Tvanhook · Taken for 5 to 10 years January 4, 2016

For Chronic Pain "Fentora gave me my life back! But it is very hard to get it covered. They do, however, offer a coupon program for those who can't. Our cost out of pocket was going to be just about $5,000 per month. Insane! Thankfully my pharmacist told me about the coupon program. This brought our co-pay to $5 per month! I have been on Fentora for years now. Probably 5-7 years. I've been through 3 insurance companies. I've always gotten my Fentora, after long battles. The only negatives to Fentora are: 1) if your mouth is too wet it will dissolve almost instantly and it won't give you the same help so I try to dry my mouth out first. 2) if you put them in the same spot you will get sores 3) hard to cut in half; they disintegrate Otherwise, miracle med"

22met15area12 · Taken for 5 to 10 years January 19, 2014

For Breakthrough Pain "i am on methadone for cauda equina nerve pain, and CRPS/RSD. If it was not for the fentora i would be dead years ago. I needed something to knock out the pain fast, as i have bone on bone/nerves in my lower back , no hardware, 2 emerg lamy's, nerves entrapped. Opana for breakthrough took too long, i waited as long as i could , 45 min to 60min. Be on floor in a ball with shocks every 6 seconds,and toes and feet sawed off. Body would Jolt . I would take another dose of opana and a couple time i almost woke up dead, in my own excrement. Only complaint i have on Fentora is that it is like a sweet tart, and you're not suppose to suck on them, . I also have sore in my buccal area now"

Anonymous · Taken for 5 to 10 years August 9, 2012

For Chronic Pain "This medication is the best for taking the severe pain out of my head. I was told I get cluster headaches and I'm glad to get this medication to help with the intense pain. My Insurance Co. will NOT help cover this so I have to pay all out of pocket. My last employers Insurance company paid most of it with me paying $40.00 out of pocket. "

Anonymous February 1, 2012

For Pain "This works! Finally something that will control my pain."

Anonymous January 9, 2012

For Breakthrough Pain "I have a type of neuropathy that basically cripples me. I was taking oxycodone for years but it just made it so I could function. When my doctor prescribed Fentora it was like a miracle. I can live now. Not just get by."

podoc October 12, 2011

For Breakthrough Pain "I have MS and one of my symptoms is severe pain with muscle spasms. It gets so bad as to completely debilitate me where I am unable to stand, sit for long periods of time and walk up or down stairs. This medication is life saving for me. It has allowed me to return my functioning so that I am mobile again. I can walk up stairs, work out for short periods of time and live a fairly functional life were I can go to the store, walk around and attend family functions."

rsd victim June 2, 2010

For Breakthrough Pain "I'm in the same situation, my insurance stop paying for Fentora. Their response is that Fentora is used only for cancer patients. If there is more people in this situation please write. RSD is a terrible illness in my opinion."

anonamous February 8, 2010

For Breakthrough Pain "I have used Fentora for breakthrough pain due to RSD which is a nerve disorder. The medication when I can take it makes a huge difference in my daily routine. Unfortunately the last 2 years my current insurance will not pay for it so my family has been paying for it. Initially we paid $4000.00/month which quickly became impossible. I am currently taking 1/4 of my daily dose I should be on. Needless to say my daily routine now causes me to spend a lot of time in bed, pain and nonproductive."

Anonymous August 18, 2008

For Pain "My husband finds great relief with this for his breakthrough pain. Very fast acting but relief only lasts about an hour. He needs more than one of these for use a day but since the DEA have declared war on pain management doctors he is only given one dose per day. His quality of life would greatly improve if he was allowed to have more for his breakthrough pain. "

chiariconnection June 19, 2008

For Pain "Very good drug. Good response to severe pain, it has kept me out of the ER and/or hospital numerous times due to it being so effective."

Fast acting, but short life April 21, 2008

For Pain "Fentora, like Actiq, is a very fast acting pain medicine that starts providing relief within minutes. One of the advantages of Fentora tablets is that it quickly dissolves in your mouth, unlike Actiq, which is large and noticible. "

SleepRN April 9, 2008

For Pain "I was having a bad time with Kidney Stones and found this to work the best for severe breakthrough pain. I take OxyContin and Roxycodone for my back pain and have tried just about all the opiates but this by far works the best for me."