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User Reviews for Necon 7/7/7 to treat Birth Control

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Reviews for Necon 7/7/7

Candy March 15, 2018

“Doctors prescribed this for my extremely heavy menstrual cycles and it worked like a charm been on it 2 yrs love it love it enjoying life thanks necon777!”

10 / 10
LisaM2 May 26, 2016

“My experience may be helpful as I have been on this pill for 20+ years with GREAT success. I starting reading reviews this morning and see while some are great others are not. My 21 year old daughter will be starting these pills next week after having horrible experiences with 2 to 3 others. Thought I would see what others are saying as everyone is different. I have barely had a period in 20 years. Usually 3-4 days where only a panty shield is necessary. It is not red which used to concern me as did the lack of period. I stopped twice to make sure I was ok & after one full period went right back on these pills. To summarize in an effort to be brief. NO CRAMPS NO PERIOD but light flow 3-4 days OVERALL healthy Still taking well into my 40's After my daughter struggling I insisted they put her on these to try. My OBGYN said the hormones were higher than some others was why she didn't start on them. GREAT SUCCESS for me Everyone is different. Hope this helps.”

10 / 10
Not impressed · Taken for 6 months to 1 year September 14, 2015

“Took the first pill, not expecting many side effects. Took it after dinner, and by the time it was like 2am I woke up extremely nauseous, ended up spending the entire night and morning throwing up. I was very nauseous for a couple weeks. And every new pack I would get the sickness again. Very bad the first week of each pack and still nausea most of the rest of the month. Finally it wasn't worth being sick so much and I switched to a different brand, which I tolerated much better.”

1 / 10

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