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User Reviews for Drospirenone/estradiol to treat Postmenopausal Symptoms

Also known as: Angeliq

Drospirenone/estradiol has an average rating of 7.8 out of 10 from a total of 33 ratings for the treatment of Postmenopausal Symptoms. 73% of those users who reviewed Drospirenone/estradiol reported a positive effect, while 18% reported a negative effect.

Drospirenone/estradiol Rating Summary

User Ratings
52% (17)
15% (5)
6% (2)
3% (1)
3% (1)
3% (1)
0% (0)
3% (1)
6% (2)
9% (3)
7.8/10 Average Rating
33 ratings from 38 user reviews

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Reviews for Drospirenone/estradiol

Tabby · Taken for less than 1 month October 16, 2020

Angeliq (drospirenone / estradiol): “I have been on this for 13 days at first bloating, but I have no hot flushes, but my face is breaking out with acne, I'm 54 and not in full menopause my energy is low, sleeping is hard for me it keeps me awake. But over all I like it for hot flashes. Less side effect than other med I have taken. I have tried several.”

9 / 10
Gordon June 16, 2020

Angeliq (drospirenone / estradiol): “I have been on Angeliq for 10 years post vaginal hysterectomy and ovary removal. As this medication is unavailable in Australia at the moment my GP has recommended I come off it. I have been off for 16 days, I feel ok, but, I am feeling rather teary and down, is this normal and has anyone else experienced it, also waking up with mild night sweats. Will all this subside when hormones settle down.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 10 years or more June 3, 2020

Angeliq (drospirenone / estradiol): “I have been on Angeliq for over 10 years with no problems. I have been told it has now been discontinued. Is it only discontinued in the UK? I am suffering with the substitute I have been given and none of the other substitutions to the substitute seem to be available.”

10 / 10
Sylv · Taken for 5 to 10 years May 17, 2020

Angeliq (drospirenone / estradiol): “Been on Angeliq for many years. No side affects. They stop me drying up and blowing away! Helped enormously with hormonal migraines. There has been a supply issue in Australia recently. Have been told it should be available by late June. I hope so. I have enough until then. It’s expensive at around $50 per month but worth every cent for me.”

10 / 10
Beever February 28, 2020

Angeliq (drospirenone / estradiol): “At 3am on the 2nd day taking Angeliq I started abdominal cramps, which got progressively worse. Stopped taking on 5th day. Did some more research and figured I have endometriosis which explained why I had debilitating pain every time I ovulated in my younger years. I'm 62 now. So the oestrogen doesn't only invigorate the uterus and vagina, but also the bits of tissue that are sitting outside my uterus. They start paining because they start putting pressure on surrounding organs. My GP had to agree, even though Angeliq has the opposing progesterone. Rather going to treat symptoms of anxiety and irritability with an anti depressant. Need to boost serotonin levels for a while.”

1 / 10
Anonymous November 15, 2019

Angeliq (drospirenone / estradiol): “Spoke to medical department at Bayer. Angeliq is not being discontinued in US, but Angelique is discontinued in Britain.”

Tintin · Taken for 5 to 10 years October 25, 2019

Angeliq (drospirenone / estradiol): “Been taking Angeliq for 6 years now but it is discontinued (IN BRITAIN DISCONTINUED BUT STILL AVAILABLE IN USA). Trying femiston_ conti tablets which is available in Britain as read good reviews”

10 / 10
Vjb · Taken for 5 to 10 years September 20, 2019

Angeliq (drospirenone / estradiol): “Been using Angeliq for 8 years starting at age 56. Have had osteopenia since age 38 due to a missed diagnosis of Graves’ disease. Was severely hyperthyroid for 3 years and told I was depressed! Angeliq has been excellent for my bones, menopausal symptoms, vaginal dryness etc. My gyno wants me to stay on it since I am doing so well.”

10 / 10
Auds · Taken for 5 to 10 years September 10, 2019

Angeliq (drospirenone / estradiol): “I have been on Angeliq and I did see how expensive this was in the USA and wondered when the NHS would stop funding it. 7 years and I have now been asked to get a private prescription, good and bad, I have had this on the NHS for all this time, now I have to try to wean myself off it, I tried last year unsuccessfully here goes.”

8 / 10
Josanial · Taken for less than 1 month July 8, 2019

Angeliq (drospirenone / estradiol): “So I have been taking Angeliq 1MG/2MG Tablets for a week now for vaginal dryness and low libido. I went through menopause and had 2 very bad months of night sweats/hot flashes and depression but that all went away months ago. Since starting Angeliq 1 week ago the night sweats are back with a vengeance, I know this is a very short time and I should wait to see if anything improves but everything seems to be going in reverse not getting better. Has anyone experienced this?”

5 / 10
Cher · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 9, 2019

Angeliq (drospirenone / estradiol): “I am on Angeliq birth control for 4 months now and have been spotting everyday from month 2. When will this stop?”

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month March 26, 2019

Angeliq (drospirenone / estradiol): “Day 7 no change with hot flashes. I have sore breasts that I haven’t had in 2 years. It has made me very moody and agitated. I’m considering discontinuing as I don’t like how it makes me feel.”

1 / 10
Hrt · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 9, 2018

Angeliq (drospirenone / estradiol): “Where it helped with mood, no weight gain, I found it created other problems for me, dizziness, feeling sick, stabbing head pain, feeling very cold, loss off appetite, blood tests showed kidney function problems I aren't sure it's through the medication but I stopped taking them and most symptoms gone. I'm due for blood test for kidney functions, be interesting to see if normal now. Unfortunately mood swings returned, but rather put up with them, but than the other symptoms I got through the pill.”

10 / 10
Sabine August 15, 2018

Angeliq (drospirenone / estradiol): “My GP prescribed Anqeliq for my vaginal dryness. Within a month my symptoms eased, and I began experiencing like less anxiety, and my metabolism improved. Then I began developing a cough and couldn't tolerate chemical odours. My GP attributed this to allergies. Soon the cough would be so severe sleep was impossible and after 2 weeks I was hospitalised with pneumonia. Surprise diagnosis was asthma! I asked the GP and the pulmonologist if the HRT could be the link, they were adamant it was not. I could not leave the house as strong smells would result in a burning chest and bad throat-clearing for several days. I was also using medication to control the asthma. I saw a new gynaecologist who said he had other patients who responded in a similar way to HRT. I weaned myself off over 3 months. I have been off it for 3 weeks now . My throat clearing has stopped. I still don't tolerate chemical odours well but my lungs don't burn.”

3 / 10
Lee · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 13, 2018

Angeliq (drospirenone / estradiol): “Fabulous. Hot flushes stopped immediately. Have my life back ”

10 / 10
BeeMax · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 4, 2018

Angeliq (drospirenone / estradiol): “I'm 59 and been on HRT for the past 5 years or so; originally PostOval which helped with my fibroids and heavy periods. Doc then changed me to Livifem which was fine but still awful hot flushes and stopped my periods altogether - which was great because my libido also went right up! Been on Angeliq for 3 months now. Stopped the hot flushes immediately which is fantastic, a bit of breast pain but actually have little breasts now which is amazing. However recently started spotting - it's been more than two weeks now. It's quite annoying to say the least.”

stjmusic June 2, 2017

Angeliq (drospirenone / estradiol): “I was getting two hours sleep. Constantly woken with severe palpitations and sweats. Within a week of taking Angeliq, getting a full night's sleep again and no sweats. Fantastic”

10 / 10
Mishstyle December 27, 2016

Angeliq (drospirenone / estradiol): “53 Feeling human again bleeding , breast have settled down after 3 months energy level amazing ... No hot flashes what so ever ... Weight gain now gone after 3 months .... Found it brilliant with my combination of vitamins ! Vitamin b . Krill oil . Vitamin c , magnesium , and several others ..also exercise is so important . Just keep your regular check ups with your doctor .....cheers and enjoy life xxxx”

9 / 10
Glynie November 11, 2016

Angeliq (drospirenone / estradiol): “I am 55 years old and went through menapause 2 years ago. I have still got my uterus and after my yearly visit to my gynae he decided to put me on Angeliq for my hot flushes. After taking them for 3 weeks and noticing absolutely no change, started a period which lasted for 9 days (haven't had a period in 2 years). After the bleeding stopped I started with nausea and severe cramping. Phoned the gynae's rooms and was told it's normal and to carry on with the pills but the cramping has got progressively worse so have stopped taking them. I am petrified to try anything else!!!”

1 / 10
Shaksie October 27, 2016

Angeliq (drospirenone / estradiol): “I am 59 years old. I had all the symptoms of menopause from dryness to night sweats , insomnia, mood swings etc.. I started taking Angeliq nad now feel like I did when I was 25. I have been on it for 12 years and have never experienced the side effects mentioned. However more recently I am experiencing a strange prickly pain in my heart.. I am hoping its not serious. Quite honestly I am actually afraid to get it checked as i am afraid the doctor might ask me to stop my angelic intake. Sincerely I will never ever be able to stop taking them. I will be miserable without them. They are my happy pills.”

10 / 10
Sunny Sierra · Taken for less than 1 month August 25, 2016

Angeliq (drospirenone / estradiol): “I went through an early menopause in my 49's and my gyn prescribed Angeliq. The only dose it came in then was .5/1. Now 10 years later I am going through menopause a 2nd time. Lucky me. My primary care tried me on multiple medications - none of which relieved my symptoms and all but 1 made me sick. Long start short I started taking the low dose version yesterday and I'm hopeful. Think I feel better already, but that could be wishful thinking. I remember feeling like myself again after about a week. I took Angeliq for about 4 years with no side effects.”

10 / 10
Weanmaz June 16, 2016

Angeliq (drospirenone / estradiol): “I ve been on angeliq for 6 weeks only. It has already helped with my mood swings and sweats however since the second week of taking it I started spotting and this has increased so much that it is clothing and i ended up in emergency with severe bleeding, flooding. I ve been told to keep on this for another week with tablets to help reduce the bleeding . These are not doing much. I notice that when I ve taken a tablet of hrt I then get cramping and then I flood. So obviously not good. Anyone else had this?”

2 / 10
Quincyng May 4, 2016

Angeliq (drospirenone / estradiol): “Helps with hot flashes and night sweats but I've put on 8 pounds- in 3 weeks - freaking me out anyone else having this issue? I'm hoping it will level out and I'll go back to my normal weight, I'm small framed person and never had this happen so quickly- nothing fits me!”

6 / 10
Lineff March 2, 2016

Angeliq (drospirenone / estradiol): “Been on Angeliq for 2 years now All hot flushes disappeared within 3 days! Hallelujah feel human again!!!! Felt great for a year lots of energy only problem was my breasts went up 2 cup sizes! I then decided to take half a tablet and after a month my breast reduced back to normal! ....For the second year I found I had vertigo! Also I felt a shaking inside my body like I had swallowed a mobile phone on vibrate the doctor said it could be anxiety which comes with the menopause! Vertigo is one of the rare side effects with Angelic so asking my doctor to find a low dose of another Hrt hope this works! Will let you know later how this works out!”

8 / 10
Tiredofthisall February 16, 2016

Angeliq (drospirenone / estradiol): “I have been on angeliq for about two years. I have picked up about 12 kg of weight in this short time and I barely eat anything. I still get hot flushes, mainly first thing in the morning. I am suffering from IBS since starting this treatment and I am bloated, constipated and dreadfully uncomfortable. I have bad water retention. My body aches perpetually and I generally feel exhausted and miserable. My hair is falling out by the bucket loads. There must be a better way. I have always been very slim before and could eat mountains of food without putting on any weight at all. This is now affecting my self esteem.”

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