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User Reviews for Desvenlafaxine to treat Hot Flashes

Also known as: Pristiq, Khedezla

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Reviews for Desvenlafaxine

CJ Sander June 26, 2018

"I was on Pristiq a few years ago before a generic came out for Menopause. It worked great but gained 20 pounds, well a few years later suffering again menopause symptoms, put on 50mg generic form. The hot flashes went away right away. But it took me at day 29 (4weeks) for it to kick in for my bad morning anxiety, depression, crying spells. I Was about to give up and boom, it all was gone after 30 days. Only side affect this time no appetite the opposite of the brand. Generic on my Insurance is cheaper. Brand is so expensive even on my Insurance so won't go back to brand."

armyrn56 June 3, 2016

"I jumped at the chance to participate in a 'hot flash' study. The drug used was Pristiq. Since it was a blind study the researchers did not know if I got the drug or a placebo. However, I knew with the first dose. My hot flashes ended, my memory was extremely better and I slept all night long without waking every 2 hours. As far as I am concerned, Pristiq is a miracle drug for my menopause symptoms. I did try to go off of it so I could take some diet pills and lose weight a couple of years ago. It was not pretty! EVERYTHING irritated me. Just the fact that my husband breathed made me mad. I decided it was better to be fat and happy. So, back on it and very happy, no hot flashes, sleeping great and not forgetful. Life is GOOD. Thanks Pristiq"


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