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User Reviews for Premarin to treat Oophorectomy

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Premarin Rating Summary

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Reviews for Premarin

Linda · Taken for 10 years or more May 8, 2018

"I took Premarin 0.625 following an oophorectomy at 36. At 58 I was advised to come off it, as I was past the age of menopause but I got really bad Atrophic Vaginitis. I went back on it for another 7 years and have been off for a year. Doctor now reluctant to write prescription as I'm 65. Now been given Vagifem but miss my Premarin so much. Anyone take it after 65? Tempted to buy on Internet but worried that might stop too. No health issues or other medication"

CherryP · Taken for 10 years or more December 23, 2015

"After a full hysterectomy in 2000 with both ovaries removed, I was given Premarin straight after surgery. My Dr now refuses to continue the treatment, and her colleagues will not prescribe as I am her patient. Now 3 months without and horrendous problems with lack of energy, emotional outbursts, hot flushes and vaginal skin tearing. Dr. still refuses because of cancer risk. I thought that would be MY choice: for better quality of life. What to do? Flew to Malaysia and bought OTC. Life getting back to normal now. Only side effect may be the slight bloating, but I'm careful what I eat and drink to reduce this."

Maggie llltdia44 May 18, 2013

"I could not make it through one day without Premarin since I had my uterus removed. I take along with 24 mg. Bio-identical testosterone from Woman's International Pharmacy. Had the surgery in 1973 and suffered for so long, they even told me I had Lyme. I was bitten by a tick and crazy as it seems, these two hormones cured me. Go figure. I only use "name brand' Premarin like my mother and aunts used in the 50's when they used to combine Premarin and testosterone in one pill. I used to use that in the 70's 80's before bio-identical hormone cream. "

I had a complete hysterectomy 10 years ago. · Taken for 10 years or more May 9, 2013

"Premarin is great for reduction of discomforts caused by surgical menopause, hair, skin, sense of well being, sleep, moods and energy levels."

happy camp August 28, 2011

"Had ophorectomy 8 years ago. On second week started to have terrible hot flashes, couldn't sleep any more. Doctor started me on all you can name before trying Premarin. Since Premarin got my life back. Several times again Doctor tried to decrease the dose and ween it, in order to complete stop. I went into deep depression crying all the time and back to nightmare again. So thanks to Premarin I'm a normal human being again. As a floor nurse on a cardiac floor have talked to several ladies in their seventies that still taking Premarin daily. My actual dose for years has being 0.65 mg daily."

sonokee July 16, 2009

"In 1971 I had surgery and was put on 1.25 Premarin and told I must take it for life. Now in the year of 2009 looking back on all, I have to say I wish I had refused the surgery and didn't take Premarin. They didn't tell us about the possible side effects in those days, told only we wouldn't understand. I reported side effects to doctors, who did nothing. My huge stomach is finally beginning to shrink after being off Premarin for years. "

jas-09 December 31, 2008

"I have been taking Premarin for (the better part of) 25 years. Due to insurance changes through this time I've been directed to use other estrogens. I will emphatically state that there is NO substitute for premarin. The others gave me breakthrough hot flashes and PMS. With all of the plumming gone, these were not acceptable being 32 years old. Premarin every day has kept me at an steady keel with no wavering in mood or temprament."

Anonymous September 18, 2008

"I've taken Premarin for over 17 years. It is great for controlling menopausal symptoms and mood swings in early surgical menopausal patients. It is also supposed to help prevent osteoporosis. "


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