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User Reviews for Citalopram to treat Depression

Also known as: Celexa

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Citalopram Rating Summary

User Ratings
27% (165)
21% (128)
16% (99)
8% (46)
5% (33)
5% (28)
3% (19)
3% (20)
3% (21)
9% (52)
7.3/10 Average Rating
611 ratings from 652 user reviews

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Reviews for Citalopram

nellie · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 18, 2020

Celexa (citalopram): “I want to write this review to anyone struggling with OCD. I have been struggling with OCD for years, and was put on Celexa. Let me tell you, it helps immensely. It did not work right away, and there are some initial side effects (nausea yuck!). I take it in the morning 40 mg. My OCD doctor is wonderful (highly recommend seeing a specialist in OCD). And she stated that for OCD this drug is safe to even go up even higher dose if necessary. I want to write this to give people HOPE. I was in a very very dark place with my OCD, I felt I would never escape the pain and discomfort of OCD. It did not work right away (which is normal), but once I got up to 30mg after a month or so I started to see improvement. This medication SAVED ME!! Truly Thank you to whoever created this medication, it is life saving for those of us who struggle with OCD and depression. Please anyone out there who has OCD starting this, be patient with yourself, find a good doctor, and know that there IS HOPE!!!”

10 / 10
Yikes · Taken for 1 to 2 years April 7, 2020

Celexa (citalopram): “I started on 10 mg of Celexa in 2016, after 7 years of depression and suicidal ideation. Once the drug began to take effect I had 3-4 months of feeling neurotypical. My only side effect during this time was trails of movement and rainbow auras around lights. This, however, was a very small price to pay for finally feeling good. Month 5 I entered an unshakable state of numbness. I began sleeping through full days again. I was unable to feel empathy for others. After a year or so of all-consuming numbness, I began slipping. By the end of the 2nd year, I had spiraled into the darkest place I have ever been in my life. Suicide was the only thing on my mind. I had such violent intrusive thoughts that I could hardly sleep, I could hardly lay still even. I no longer take Celexa and my head is much more clear. P.S. it does get better. I know, I know, everyone says that. But trust me. Your situation will change, you will adapt. Stay strong, please.”

2 / 10
Jay March 1, 2020

“It’s not working for me”

Gus · Taken for less than 1 month February 27, 2020

“I've have been on 20 mg citalopram for 1 week, having life long depression and anxiety, finally build up the courage to get help. Was weepy just by talking, very low moods, depression would get stronger in the afternoon after 4pm, weird, don't know why that happens. The only side effects of have been blurry vision and memory problems. When I drink coffee my depression or anxiety gets real bad in the afternoon.”

8 / 10
stick97 · Taken for less than 1 month February 25, 2020

“My doctor prescribed me Citalopram after 3 months on Mirtazpine (which is an awful drug), already feeling better my brain is able to push out dark thoughts and generally just not think anything bad (or at least able to control it). However I’ve been having the worst shakes a couple hours after I take it, then I get weird thoughts that aren’t bad they’re just a bit scary. Looking to see it through as I want to continue this ‘good’ feeling after being so down for years and years.”

8 / 10
Ricky94 · Taken for less than 1 month February 18, 2020

“Started taking citalopram 2 weeks ago and I am having loads of side effects. Loss of appetite, even bigger than when I wasn't taking anything, insomnia, severe itching, headaches and this last night vivid dreams where I woke up crying and trying to fight something, like I was sleepwalking. Hope these side effects eventually subside.”

5 / 10
SAD sufferer · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 17, 2020

“Hi I have been on 20 mgs Citalopram for a few years mainly to treat SAD and it was very sucxessful with no seasonal fluctuations. However, 3 weeks ago I had a blip and increased by 10mgs. Since then I have actually felt worse. Does anyone have any experience of this on increasing dose??”

9 / 10
Squaw · Taken for 5 to 10 years February 11, 2020

“I have been taking Galilean on and off for years it has made me cope with my depression even when I felt suicidal, I took Prozac years ago twice and both times I felt in a high and then I went into terrible depression. Galilean may not suit everyone but it seems to suit me”

10 / 10
radish February 8, 2020

“I was very impatient, ill-tempered, anxious, agoraphobic.... after a trip I realised I needed to save my mind to move on with life. So I saw a Dr who gave me citalopram. First 5 days were rough, I had the zombies (I felt dead, no emotions) but powered through. I have been on this medication for almost a year, starting at 10mg dose then going up to 20mg. Anytime I miss a dose I go back to being a horrible person, so its working great. I have no side effects at all.”

9 / 10
Maciej G · Taken for 1 to 2 years January 31, 2020

“My psychiatrist told me to take citalopramen 20mg I have been doing so 1.5 years. I was able to get out of huge mood swings, negative visualisation, sort of seeing scary things that aren't there, crying without a reason, being angry without much of a reason to be that angry. It took around 2 months to start working in full throttle. For me no side affects maybe sleepiness, heat waves but not hard to overcame regarding the help it gives me I feel relaxed, calm in control of myself. I have been taking it 1.5 years. Each day 20 mg is the minimum dose for it to work well. Do visit the doc from time to time run a heart EC test. I am 39 otherwise a gym attending healthy guy. I had a breakdown when my dad died and I got divorced. I wanted to quit drinking and smoking so I also had symptoms related to quitting those abruptly. I managed it, it was a very very hard battle with my own demons, doubts, people telling me antidepressants are poison and its better to smoke weed...”

10 / 10
Middleforker · Taken for less than 1 month January 30, 2020

Celexa (citalopram): “I've been on Celexa for a few days and I'm experiencing some odd side effects. I can't seem to stop twitching, and I have a cold clammy sweat. I'm currently taking 10 mgs. I'm hoping that my body will adjust to it over time and these effects will subside.”

4 / 10
Cherry · Taken for less than 1 month January 30, 2020

“Citalalopram this medication is being a life changing for me , just a week I fell comfortable in my skin ! More confidence in myself, feel alive again for the first time in 10 years , Energy on point ! My sex life is being better No side effect at all ”

Kelkay January 30, 2020

“I suffered badly with depression then my husband took me doctors to get help, and they prescribed citalopram, took a few weeks to start working but now been on these 2 year and I can sleep at night and more happier - a bit numb though”

10 / 10
hew210799 · Taken for 1 to 2 years January 25, 2020

“I'm not sure how to feel about this medication. First off, the first time I tried Citalopram I was on 20mg for around 9 months and then reduced to 10mg for a further 3 months. Only had very mild side effects starting up and reducing dose. It really helped my depression but I had reduce, as I began to feel a bit numb emotionally. After those 3 months of feeling good again, I came off (albeit too quickly and in a bad way) and had the worst withdrawal: brain zaps, stomach ache, terrible depression and anxiety etc. I reinstated the 10mg dose 3 weeks later. However, this was ineffective and I was still very depressed, and upping to 20mg just made me feel numb and like I didn't care about anything. Therefore, citalopram worked for me the first time around but not the second time. I would still recommend it though cause it does have the potential to work very well with no lasting side effects.”

4 / 10
MavsFan · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 23, 2020

Celexa (citalopram): “I'll let you know.. Before taking celexa 40mg I would always over think or think people were using me somehow but not anymore! If a thought runs across my mind it stops in its tracks!! I have to admit it has changed my life for the better”

10 / 10
Gaye · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 22, 2020

Celexa (citalopram): “Before starting Celexa I was always tired, depressed and angry. Now that I started Celexa my mood is better I have more energy and I don’t fly off the handle about small things. I feel alive again I am very happy I started taking Celexa”

10 / 10
Lil966 December 24, 2019

“This citalopram is amazing stuff. I was sceptical at first and a little scared to start SSRIs for the first time as I’d heard some bad things, but truly citalopram has been life changing. I had severe post partum depression and anxiety for just over a year before starting this medication- it was ruining my life and I just felt like ending it all. I now feel like the old me. I forgot what it was like to feel even a shred of happiness. I feel I am able to be a lot more rational now and I don’t spiral into a panic about the slightest things like I used to. It did take about 5 weeks to feel the full effects, so please hang in there if you're new to this. I’m also one of the lucky ones who had 0 side effects. I’m so grateful for this drug, Its scary to think what kind of state I would be in right now had I not taken the leap and started it”

9 / 10
Newby · Taken for less than 1 month December 22, 2019

“I’m on the second week of treatment and I’ve had every side effect, increased nervousness, headaches, loss of appetite, nausea, strange thoughts this is 3rd drug as struggling to find the right drug that agrees with me, will these side affects every subside?”

4 / 10
Sameer · Taken for 5 to 10 years December 22, 2019

“Did work a little bit in the past for me, but more recently I seemed to have stop working. So I discontinued with it. Feeling the same way I would feel while on it. Extreme hopelessness, lack of motivation, brain fog. I have tried many other SSRI and a few tricyclic also none seems to work for me and better from one another. I am made to think do antidepressants actually do work at all.”

Blessed · Taken for less than 1 month December 18, 2019

Celexa (citalopram): “I have been on celexa due to depression and chronic neuropathic pains, after three weeks my pains gave really gone down, but I temporarily get brain fogs in the morning and severe anxiety,I also feel chest pains and difficulty in breathing,I also gastrointestinal issues which the doctor says it's not due to celexa but due to anxiety which will come down as I continue taking the drug,so far it's good on pains but anxiety and side effects not so good for now”

Magic December 13, 2019

“citalopram really did great with my depression but it took away my sex drive and when I did indulge I was dry as cotton no matter what I tried and that put me back in a state of depression within itself.”

6 / 10
Lilly December 11, 2019

Celexa (citalopram): “I was prescribed Celexa for severe anxiety and depression back in 2015, and took it until January of 2019. Prior to taking Celexa, I was VERY functional--but an emotional wreck. I would cry for hours, lash out at my loved ones, & was so miserable that my parents finally intervened. My first few months on Celexa were great, I cared about nothing and was freed from my anxiety--but I stopped doing my homework almost entirely. I would sleep for hours during the day despite getting a full night's sleep, lost all motivation, and felt numb. Celexa made me constantly thirsty, sweat excessively, and have low blood pressure. I remained on it because I didn't know any better, even when my anxiety came back. I have now been off of it for 10+ months, due to the blood pressure issue, and am still experiencing the side effects. I fear the brain fog, lack of motivation, and sleep paralysis will never leave me, I worry that I will never be "myself" again.”

2 / 10
Alba · Taken for 1 to 2 years December 9, 2019

“I have been taking Citalopram for the past 2 years and has been a miracle for me. I was severe depressed, to the point of being suicidal and constantly punishing myself. First months were tough to get used to the numbness and the tiredness, but the changes on my brain were amazing and I was myself again. This medication allowed me to bond with my newborn, to get up of bed, to have a job again. I know that medication doesn't suit to everyone but I'll recommend to give it a try. After 2 years I'm off it, after slowly leave the medication (from 20 to 10 to 0) I hope the everyone is helped by medication and have a good life.”

10 / 10
Tee · Taken for 6 months to 1 year December 1, 2019

Celexa (citalopram): “I switched from Prozac to Celexa earlier this year thinking it would be more helpful than Prozac. I felt better for a short period of time and then it quit working. Now I have more anxiety than I first started with. I’m trying to wean off sleep meds but found that Celexa causes insomnia so how does that help? I’m beginning to have severe stomach issues that I think are related to the increased anxiety. I think I want to go back to the Prozac. I didn’t have these kind of issues.”

4 / 10
Jd · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 27, 2019

“I have battled against depression all my adult life and finally caved in a few months ago. Went to the doctor and asked for help. This drug has made me realise just how bad I have been and wish I hadn't waited till I was 53 to take something. Now on citalopram I feel great and positive and looking forward to the rest of my life. Still have a bad day every now and then but am now able to understand and except the bad day and not want to run away and hide. Would tell anyone who feels they are struggling with life to see a doctor and let them help.”

7 / 10