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User Reviews for Citalopram

Also known as: Celexa

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Citalopram Rating Summary

7.6/10 Average Rating

7 Ratings with 7 User Reviews

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Reviews for Citalopram to treat Bipolar Disorder

"I have been on a lot of psychotropic drugs through the years. I hated them all. This was the first drug that relieved my anxiety and my mind doesn't work as fast so I can actually focus on something and read without all the inner dialogue in my head. When I am trying to read something, my mind takes off on tangents and I am still reading but I am not comprehending. It's nice to be able to focus on something and really take in the information. I don't feel like I'm in such a hurry all the time. I personally didn't have ANY problem with my libido or with my orgasms. For men, it's good you can last longer when taking this medication;) My boyfriend takes it also."


gotskates (taken for 1 to 6 months) July 26, 2017

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"My life has been a disaster. Recently diagnosed with bipolar, spent most of my life aware of something wrong, but unaware of what it was and mostly unaware of how I affected others. Started citalopram a year ago, and caught fleeting glances of my condition. Then figured out that why my life has been such a bucket of poo, even though on paper I had accomplished a great deal. No matter what I did, where I went, the sick I was always there. Have tried other cures but they didn't work as well as citalopram. Lithium helped some. Others left my mouth dry (very bad for the teeth), gave me headaches, and made my heart race. So here I am, having to cuddle with a dragon and a psychic one at that."


HarryDD November 11, 2016

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"It knocks out extreme sadness for me. But I still get the lack of motivation and energy when it comes around. I'm bipolar 1."


O K Here Abouts November 4, 2015

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"I was originally prescribed this for Major Depressive Disorder and Generalised Anxiety Disorder. At 20mg it didn't help at all, but once raised to 40mg and combined with an anti-psychotic (to prevent manic episodes) it worked well for 5 - 6 months. Unfortunately it stopped working completely, quite out of the blue, and neither myself, other half or medical professionals could figure out why. It was a shame as I had virtually no side-effects on this medication, just some 'bruxing' (teeth grinding) at night, but not to the point where my jaw ached or anything."


WhichMed (taken for 2 to 5 years) October 2, 2015

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"It's worked well with Topamax and if needed Xanax. The best combination. Since I was diagnosed bipolar at 15. Withdrawals are bad if I forget to take it."


polar queen January 5, 2015

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"It calms me sometimes but my sex life is not there. It helps me sleep but I still have daily ups and downs lighter but not gone, never know what my day will be still. Thoughts have not gone at all."


scoobiemobile (taken for 2 to 5 years) September 27, 2012

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Celexa (citalopram): "Celexa worked really well for me, in terms of stabilizing my mood. I actually felt really happy and thought with clarity for once! But I had to stop taking it because the side effects are just extremely unpleasant. I wasn't able to achieve an erection and if I did I wasn't able to orgasm. I also had this sedated like feeling. My body temperature would increase. But I also felt emotionless at the same time if that makes any sense. I found it hard to respond to my partners emotions. Everything was just on a cloud for me. Someone could have insulted me and I would have been alright with it."


Killer Whales September 29, 2011

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