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User Reviews for Calcium carbonate/magnesium hydroxide to treat Indigestion

Also known as: Rolaids Regular Strength, Mylanta Supreme, Rolaids Ultra Strength, Rolaids Extra Strength, Rolaids Ultra Strength Softchews, Mi-Acid Double Strength Masanti Supreme

NewYorker ยท Taken for 6 months to 1 year November 24, 2020

Rolaids Extra Strength (calcium carbonate / magnesium hydroxide): “Rolaids Extra Strength has saved me multiple times when was in real stomach pain and it gave me immediate relief. If you have acid related problems/indigestion/nausea there isn't anything better for short term relief but if its a chronic condition you need more than this. I wish I could just take 10 of these daily I would have no problems all the other anti acid meds have side effects but this doesn't!! Don't take too many of these for too long or you can get kidney stones but occasional acid problems/heartburn they work great!”

9 / 10
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