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User Reviews for Amlodipine/olmesartan

Also known as: Azor

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High Blood Pressure   8.4
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Reviews for Amlodipine/olmesartan

carol · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 5, 2020

Azor (amlodipine / olmesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “ever since I started taking the Azor my hair started falling out when I combed it.”

5 / 10
KT · Taken for less than 1 month May 15, 2020

For High Blood Pressure: “Blood pressure went even higher. Bo response. Like eating candy”

1 / 10
RK April 4, 2020

Azor (amlodipine / olmesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “AZOR was great for first couple weeks as blood pressure was perfect 115/75 range. I noticed my feet swelling and turning very red. My blood sugar spiked 250 -276 (highest ever) and now have nerve damage in feet. 61 year old male with pre/diabetes but feet never bothered me before this. I am not sure if AZOR caused this but timing sure seems like it. Sad because really did a good job on controlling blood pressure for the month I was on it.”

5 / 10
crazydude81 · Taken for 5 to 10 years December 2, 2017

Azor (amlodipine / olmesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “Azor user for 7 years, maybe high blood pressure that comes from a long family lineage. Was on 10/20 mg. for most of the time, now on 5/20 - I usually maintain a 105/68 - 120/70 with a pulse that rarely goes above 65. I can't say enough about this medication, I went from a red faced angry fool to being a pussy cat. On my very worst days - intense stress or pain I'll max at 130/90 but that's about 3-5 times a year. I don't do the generic, I'm loyal to the Azor brand - it has a certain smell that the generic doesn't, crazy or not I got used to the smell. You'd have to take both to understand...nonetheless the one month I went generic my blood pressure was spotty.”

10 / 10
ORMOND GIRL November 9, 2017

Azor (amlodipine / olmesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “I was on Benicar for about ten years before my insurance decided they won't cover it. I tried several other medications with lots of disappointment and very high BP. My doctor recommended Azor, works even better and it took about six months for my insurance to cover it. The cost with the coupon from the manufacturer it is great!”

10 / 10
RossiD September 20, 2017

Azor (amlodipine / olmesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “I also found that the generic did not work as well as Azor. With Azor my bp is usually 120/78 and with the new generic it's 140/100. I will continue to use Azor and hope that the cost of $360 per month comes down.”

8 / 10
Tucker Joe · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 12, 2017

Azor (amlodipine / olmesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “I was on Azor 10/40. It worked perfectly. Steady 120/80 reading any time of the day. My new plan doesn't cover Azor and I'm trying the generic equivalent of amlodopine and Benicar. On the generic my blood pressure is 150/100. I guess I'll have to pay the huge out of pocket price for the Azor. I've had no noticeable side effects on Azor.”

10 / 10
Mumpster · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 17, 2017

Azor (amlodipine / olmesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “Started taking Azor in 2013 and it worked beautifully controlling my blood pressure. However, in 2013 I also started having problems with my face swelling (as if I had the mumps). The facial swelling was evident after an infection (sinus, ear, etc.); and would disappear after a course of antibiotics. Earlier this year the problem recurred and was worse than ever before. The swelling didn't subside. I had ultrasounds, CT scans, and saw three different ENTs before the third one told me Azor causing the problem. If you check the side effects facial swelling is listed.”

Avcomm November 9, 2016

Azor (amlodipine / olmesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “its hard for me to remember to take the pill and when the pain du to HBO comes Azor takes at least 2-3 days to work , Really expensive pill at $13.50 each at Walgreens , Insurance deductible each month is $98.00”

5 / 10
^&*((#$%^& January 17, 2016

Azor (amlodipine / olmesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “It was discovered that I had high blood pressure in October '15 at the dentist. It was 177/90. I was shocked. I had no clue it was so high. I eventually went to a cardiologist & was checked out. My heart was fine but my blood pressure had gone up to 198/95. I tried an herbal supplement but it didn't touch it. When I went to the doctor he put me on Azor 5/40mg. I have been on it for about 2 months. My blood pressure ranges between 134/80 to 114-68. So the Azor has definitely helped. I am one who has side effects to most drugs but I can only say I have one slight one with Azor. I do get tired & nod off if I'm sitting in a chair watching TV in the evening. I had been taking the Azor in the morning. I will take it at night instead.”

10 / 10
SleepyPinky January 12, 2016

Azor (amlodipine / olmesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “I have been on Azor 10/20 for my blood pressure for a year or so now. Just as a lot of other have said the drug works on contact. It has kept my levels down, But I started losing my hair at the same time. The worst part is I cut my hair off once I started noticing it was falling out because I thought It was coming from me not taking care of it well enough. Azor does not have hair loss listed as one of the side affects. Once I started losing my hair in patches I did more research & saw that their were others having this same problem w/ Azor. On top of that I was having muscle pain in my arm every night which was causing my husband & I to stay up. I finally made an appt with my primary to switch off this drug. Good drug, two many side affects”

6 / 10
mky4963 December 10, 2015

Azor (amlodipine / olmesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “My Cardiologist put me on Metoprolol 2 times daily and Azor once daily. After I began taking the Azor I noticed I was losing a lot of hair in the shower and in my sink. When I went to get my haircut, my Stylist asked me if I had been sick because my hair was so thin. That was it, I stopped taking it. Within a week, I no longer noticed my hair any longer falling out. Have an appointment with m Cardiologist today and I am sure he won't be happy. At least I am a little luckier than a lot of you, because my insurance did cover it.”

9 / 10
Texasnana August 17, 2015

Azor (amlodipine / olmesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “After years on Lisinipril, it failed. My cardiologist put me on several different medications before I was put on Azor. Generics don't seem to work well for me and Azor works well. My bp is lower than it's ever been. My only complaint is the cost! It's outragious. What to do? It works.”

8 / 10
Dancingthetango · Taken for less than 1 month May 3, 2015

Azor (amlodipine / olmesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “My Cardiologist prescribed Azor over Enalapril. In less than a week, I ended up at the hospital with several headaches, tremendous constipation, fainting spells, etc. Azor is extremely expensive; it might do the job of controlling the blood pressure. At the same time, it gives the patient 5,000 different side effects. It should be taken off the market. Thank you.”

1 / 10
Mefly January 28, 2015

Azor (amlodipine / olmesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “Great medication! Works very well although my insurance doesn't cover it!”

10 / 10
Markiesan January 21, 2015

Azor (amlodipine / olmesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “This medicine works very well for me where others did not. The only reason for the 6 out of 10 is the price.”

6 / 10
CSL14012015 January 19, 2015

Azor (amlodipine / olmesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “My blood pressure has been around 160/100. Doctor prescribed Azor 40/10. Just 4 hrs later my reading showed 120/82. I was amazed. I am now on it daily. Thanks to Azor.”

10 / 10
Stuartk1942 June 2, 2014

Azor (amlodipine / olmesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “Blood Pressure went from about 140 over 70 to 190 over 98 with Lisinopril. I was surprised that Lisinopril stopped working for me. Started taking Azor 5/40 about a month ago and my blood pressure is 118 to 125 over 60 to 67. I never had blood pressure as good as this.”

10 / 10
Tom U · Taken for 1 to 2 years March 11, 2014

Azor (amlodipine / olmesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “I consider Azor a miracle. My blood pressure was 143/90 before taking Azor 5/20. My blood pressure now holds steady at 105/72. This medicine will definitely increase my quality of life and decrease my risk of heart attack and stroke. I have had no side effects from Azor and have been taking it for the last 18 months.”

10 / 10
TRGshi February 23, 2014

Azor (amlodipine / olmesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “I am a 65 year Male, been on high blood pressure meds for about 15 years. Two years ago my medication for HBP was not working as well my pressure was up to 185/95. My doctor gave me a 21 day free trial of Azor 10/40 mg, this dose was working great 117/73 no problems but by the middle of the 3rd week my face and most of my body was burning up like fever. MY doctor gave me clonidine to reduce the flushing but did not work, so I had to stop taking Azor. If you don't get any side effects, Azor is great.”

9 / 10
cp 1112 · Taken for less than 1 month February 17, 2014

Azor (amlodipine / olmesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “I've had high blood pressure for years, on Thursday my blood pressure was 206/102. Started this on Friday and the following Thursday got rechecked and it's was 132/88. I was in tears, my blood pressure hasn't been this low in years no more headaches, dizziness, blurry vision. I'm so thankful for Azor, it just might have saved my life.”

10 / 10
vintage62 December 28, 2013

Azor (amlodipine / olmesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “Does the job.”

10 / 10
Skinny wallet November 2, 2013

Azor (amlodipine / olmesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “My only noticeable side effect from taking Azor is the cost and it seems to be getting more expensive. Which makes my blood pressure go up even more because it makes me angry. I like it because it works but if it goes up again I'm going to quit taking it”

jwedward1178 March 27, 2013

Azor (amlodipine / olmesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “I have had elevated blood pressure for a number of years. I was on Avapro 300mg the past few years and it was working okay but I began to have episodes of 150/100 and sometimes higher with occasional headaches. It seems after a while my tolerance for any BP medication builds and they start to become less effective. My doctor recently gave me a trial of Azor 40/5 to get my numbers under better control and within a week I am running around a consistent 120/80 with no noticeable side-effects. I also have begun to notice better sleep and easier concentration at work as some others noted. I am hoping the success continues with medication!”

10 / 10
turbomom January 11, 2013

Azor (amlodipine / olmesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “I have been on Azor for 7 days. I also started 60mg of Cymbalta the same night, I have had severe headaches from the time I get up until the time I go to bed, also diarrhea some times 4 times a day. Azor did stop the pulsating heartbeat sounds I was having in my ears, I will see me Dr. in a few days to discuss what is happening and if I should continue this medication, I previously was on Cymbalta with no side effects so I don't believe my symptoms are from that medication.”

7 / 10

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