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User Reviews for Gaviscon Regular Strength Tablets

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Indigester ยท Taken for less than 1 month September 19, 2016

For Indigestion: “I'm never having these again! I'm going to stick with the liquid. When I chewed the tablets, they stuck to my teeth all over and some teeth became sensitive. It was hard to brush the pieces off. I didn't like the sensation either, nearly made me wretch.”

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Anonymous December 1, 2008

For GERD: “Works really well at night to keep stomach acid down”

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Anonymous February 22, 2011

For GERD: “This is the best antacid for keeping acid reflux under control. The alginic acid forms a barrier to stomach acid. I do have concerns about taking anything with Aluminium.”

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Anonymous October 3, 2009

For GERD: “Works for all of five minutes. When you take too much I get stomach pain.”

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