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User Reviews for Xanax XR

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Panic Disorder  
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Reviews for Xanax XR

Dopey · Taken for 5 to 10 years January 21, 2021

For Panic Disorder: “I was prescribed 1 MG alprazolam XR off and on for 6 years. Overall, it served its purpose. It completely diminished anxiety and social phobias. I became the biggest intellectual while taking this medication. However, it is very strong, you do get tired, and at times, at higher doses, you loose your inhibitions. It becomes possible to partake in risky behavior as well. Nonetheless, I was not always fond of the feelings provided by benzodiazepines. My addiction was to opiates and I never felt euphoric from Alprazolam XR so I did not take them regularly or become addicted. I only took them when I felt I was having a panic attack or an anxiety issue. I have read Alprazolam XR is hard to kick. I advise you do not take this medication more than two or three times a month and even that is pushing it. It’s the best benzodiazepine by far in my opinion for social anxiety, but it can also be your worst enemy if not used properly.”

8 / 10
Gechie · Taken for less than 1 month November 18, 2020

For Panic Disorder: “I just started on Xanax XR 0.50mg prescribed as twice a day but will do one a day. The other did not last long. Using Xanax XR from CVS as heb generics are not that good. My insurance would not pay used Goodrx and paid $30 . Also 5 mg lexapro so I can get off the xanax. Side effects sleeping, dry mouth etc. 6 days on the lexapro and 1st day on the Xr. Do not want to get addicted. I am 73 yr with anxiety and depression. Friend in military gave me some real adderall. Broke in half for 10 mg or less. No anxiety or depression, motivation. Lots of energy. Will cost me $280 a month for the real adderall. Doc did give me a generic 10 mg not do anything. Wish me luck .”

Madi November 14, 2020

For Panic Disorder: “I am a very anxious person. I am diagnosed with panic disorder which has had an extreme impact on my quality of life. I have been on various benzos throughout the years. Namely, xanax for about 5 years. I used to take 4 mg a day and then went down to 3mg a day for the past year due to circumstances outside of my control. I recently discussed with my Dr. How my anxiety has been consuming me and how I think I need to be back on 2mg twice a day. She wanted me to try 1mg of Xanax XR (slow release) a day in addition to the regular 3 mg I take. I find little to no relief with the Xanax XR. If I take it in conjunction with 1mg of regular release, it helps better but I shouldn't have to do that so now next month I have to talk to her yet again. I'm a first time mom and all I want is to live life without anxiety dictating my every thought. Anyone have a similar experience?”

2 / 10

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Mike · Taken for 6 months to 1 year April 15, 2019

For Panic Disorder: “I absolutely love this generic alternative to regular Xanax because I can attest to previously having urges and cravings to take more when I was on regular than I ever do for Xanax XR. SOO thankful for this drug, one of those XR formulations actually turned out to be useful in deterring abuse and misuse. I would recommend this 10x overs than any other benzodiazepines currently available on the market for anxiety. This drug has changed my life and it doesn't negatively impact it, nor do I find myself running out early. I actually have more than needed at time my medication was due for refill.”

10 / 10
desert1 May 26, 2020

For Panic Disorder: “Started Xanax XR 1mg about 10 years ago. I took it on and off for GAD. Then increased to 1mg plus 0.5mg if needed. Due to extended release my Dr kept telling me that it is not an addictive drug. Rubbish. Also tapering off is a problem because you can only do 0.5 mg at a time. So now after cancer and death in the family I had to stay on it for anxiety. New doctor (Psych) after 10 plus years. First word out of his mouth: I don't like prescribing Xanax XR that much. Great. Plus appointment are with telemedicine which stinks. The drug works but definitely dependence and tolerance. Any feedback would be nice”

8 / 10
Bingtopper · Taken for less than 1 month January 15, 2013

For Anxiety: “I've been taking this medicine for 2 days and all I can say is wow! Is this what normal life is supposed to feel like? I was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition that is caused by a lifetime full of anxiety and the tightening and clenching of muscles that were not intended to be in constant use. The pit in my stomach is gone and I am actually looking forward to waking up in the morning and being able to face the day anxiety free!”

10 / 10
kyle637 · Taken for 1 to 2 years December 7, 2019

For Panic Disorder: “I use alprazolam ER. Have been on some form of benzo for panic issues 20-30 years. Xanax worked best. Problem was with it's relief time, # of hours it would work before needing to take another. I think the main issue was with my system's ability to notice the absence of fear because the medication would give me comfort by inebriation, feeling intoxicated. Which is fine for some people, but my system began needing more. Stopping would magnify my fear, bring on withdrawal, make life beyond miserable. I was given Xanax ER and my fear almost disappeared without intoxicating me; wish I could describe it more precise. All I know is I do not feel like my fear is being replaced by 2-3 pints of lager. It is gone almost always without having to increase medication. Pretty amazing for someone who has medication issues.”

9 / 10

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DEEDEE September 28, 2019

For Panic Disorder: “I was on 0.5 mg (1/2 mg) 2x daily of regular Xanax for 15 years for panic attacks & anxiety disorder. It worked wonderfully and I had a very good quality of life with it. Suddenly last month, my psychiatrist of 20 years decided he no longer likes to prescribe regular xanax anymore. Well I had a very bad anxiety relapse when he prescribed me Xanax Extended Release 1 mg one time per day instead. It was horrible!! It felt like I didn't even take my xanax and I had waves of normalcy mixed with horrendous rolling anxiety & intermittent panic attacks daily, & nightly. What I didn't know was that it was only giving me .25 mg at a time 4 times per day. Well I was used to the 1/2 of a mg 2 times per day which was much stronger. People with anxiety or panic disorder notice every subtle detail and bodily change, so I started panicking when I felt like they weren't working. My anticipatory anxiety shot through the roof and I felt panicked for the past month. It has been a roller coaster ride!”

2 / 10
flicker March 14, 2011

For Tinnitus: “I have been taking Xanax XR for about 8 years. Prior to that, I took Xanax every 4 hours. My tinnitus is so loud it cannot be tested, and after a lifetime of living with tinnitus, I sought help. Xanax XR is better than Xanax for me because you take it once a day and it continually releases, preventing ups and downs and the autonomic functions check which increases T after sleep. Panic attacks are gone from residual nervousness tinnitus causes. Definitely my quality of life is better, although Xanax XR is not a cure.”

10 / 10
Bosslady Neale June 16, 2015

For Anxiety: “I was originally just on the regular XANAX for year's and at first it helped and then it wore off and wasn't affective. My Doctor searched and searched for another medication that would be very effective especially because I have "LUPUS" and have been having severe anxiety and depression I really had to be on something before I stressed my "Lupus" to flair up! So XANAX XR was recommended , and OMG this XR is so amazing and very effective. I absolutely love it! It helped with anxiety, depression and sleep! I t works wonders and I totally recommend it to anyone.”

10 / 10
MedScienceStudent · Taken for 6 months to 1 year November 11, 2013

For Anxiety: “My psychiatrist had me on 2mg Xanax IR as needed daily. I have severe anxiety and had tried Ativan, Klonopin, Valium, ect. None of them seemed to work. Finally, I found that Xanax did. Unfortunately, Xanax isn't a long-acting drug. I was finding that being on such a high dose of IR that I was having to take it even when I didn't need it for anxiety but just to keep from having withdrawals. I was miserable until I was prescribed 2mg Xanax XR twice daily. It does pretty well to control my severe anxiety, racing thoughts, and OCD! I do still take 1mg Xanax IR as needed if I'm having a hard day with my anxiety or if I have a panic attack. All in all, I recommend trying this medication for treatment of moderate to severe anxiety disorders.”

9 / 10
Handsomeguy · Taken for 10 years or more April 6, 2019

For Panic Disorder: “I took Xanax for over thirty years and it worked great for my anxiety and depression . I had one problem with it I took another med that I should've used and there was extreme side effects. I asked for Xanax IR and the Dr. wouldn't prescript it, but after trying different meds failed, I was put on the XR and I am doing well after two months. I was just filled another Rx for XR and I am glad it works for about eight to twelve hours. I take two 3mg twice a day and I wouldn't switch for any other med on the market. As another person posted I forget to take the second dose.”

9 / 10
Collin11 April 7, 2018

For Panic Disorder: ““I’m a proud United States Veteran, unfortunately I suffer from several mental illnesses due to service related issues. Panic disorder with agoraphobia being the worse and most debilitating one for me. I have been on almost ever SSRI, SNRI, MAOI, TCA’s, Beta blockers and antipsychotics. With nothing working but benzodiazepines! I have been on Klonopin, Valium, Ativan and Xanax They all work well but Xanax ER out of the Benzo family works best in my opinion. I was recently put on Xanax XR instead of Xanax IR and it works amazing for me! last through out the whole day nice and steady and I’m not even thinking about a next dose. Words cant describe how much it has changed my life in this past month. I take 1mg twice a day!”

10 / 10
Bob from St. Louis · Taken for 10 years or more May 10, 2016

For Anxiety: “I was prescribed regular Xanax in the early 90's for anxiety and it changed my life - for the better. I was more productive than ever, my relationships got back to where they should be, and I was finally sleeping well. As time went on, my tolerance increased and I suffered significant peaks and valleys between doses throughout the day. Xanax XR was complete game changer for me - a completely different medication. I take it in the morning and feel great all day long and I sleep well. I still take the regular Xanax on occasion if my anxiety flares. The XR version is far better but much more expensive. The $120/mo is nothing when it comes to quality of life. .”

10 / 10
Girl25 · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 16, 2014

For Anxiety: “I have daily anxiety and was on Ativan for a while and while I loved the Ativan I was looking for something longer acting - my psychiatrist tried me on Xanax XR 0.05mg. For me, this medicine is a God send. In the beginning when I first starting taking it I did notice some slight dizziness and 'weird' feelings but I stuck with it and once it regulated in my system (about 3-4 weeks) I feel totally normal and calm on it with zero side effects. I have since upped my dose to the 1mg Xanax XR twice daily if I need it, but some days I only take one pill to get me through the day and deal with the anxiety at night since I'm home and then take a pill in the morning like normal. My advice would be to start it on the lowest dose and work your way up.”

10 / 10
Ellie01 · Taken for less than 1 month October 27, 2014

For Panic Disorder: “I've had severe panic attacks for most of my life. At first I began with 0.25mg of regular Xanax (IR) as needed, but found that I would feel it wear off. I now take 0.5mg of Xanax XR every morning, and it has been a complete life changer. I also struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Xanax XR has also helped lessen the symptoms of both of those as well, which I was not expecting. Xanax XR completely helps the racing thoughts, helps me stay in the moment, and overall helps me feel calm and at ease.”

10 / 10
rholland321 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year October 26, 2020

For Panic Disorder: “These Xanax XR time release tablets are extraordinary at controlling panic and anxiety without feeling intoxicated. The best I have tried, resolved issues I had with Xanax IR (immediate release) and valium ! Also helps me sleep great. No side affects I have noticed.”

10 / 10
Evilmage · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 31, 2015

For Depression: “When you are depressed it's hard to want to take the effort to feel better such as exercise, walking, friends company. The XR version I feel is less for panic attack (prevention instead) and more of a mood elevator daily. Social anxiety is curbed, and being able to go outside the house and hang with friends has helped my depression so much. It helps prevent and end negative thoughts throughout the day and makes your brain to think calmly. It lasts about 12 hours or so, then I take an IR in the afternoon to relax and fall asleep. The best part is not having to carry around a controlled substance all day.”

10 / 10
Big Easy · Taken for 2 to 5 years October 6, 2018

For Panic Disorder: “When big pharma came out with XR my life has really changed, I'm no longer anticipating my next dose as a matter of a fact I've have forgotten to take my dose and be fine just waited until the next dose was required. I recommend anyone on regular Xanex to ask their doctor to change them to XR just to see if it's easier and less worrisome about the next dose”

10 / 10
greygallow November 26, 2011

For Anxiety: “This has been a God send for me. It makes me feel like I'm on a more even playing field and I've had less panic attacks. With only having to take 1 every 12 hours, that is also helpful as I am on other medicines for depression and fibromyalgia. I would recommend for anyone with anxiety and/or panic disorders to definitely try this if you can get your Doctor to prescribe it for you, as it is becoming harder and harder to get the medicines that actually work for us because they think we will all become addicted. I always say give us the medicines we need for our problems that WORK and we'll worry about the rest later. ”

10 / 10
Chris · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 5, 2020

For Panic Disorder: “Xanax regular kind worded so well for me and my panic disorder. Now my dr put me on the Xanax ER and it does not work at all. I don't know why the dr changed me from regular Xanax when it was working so well.”

1 / 10
LineLife · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 7, 2018

For Panic Disorder: “I was taking Xanax XR 1mg for Panic Disorder. I was having them so bad and couldn’t do my job, lost my job, lost my family and had to completely start over. The Xanax helped my panic attacks about 93% and I just had to tough out the rest. I took the medication for 2 months with a beta blocker. I had to take a DOT (Department of Transportation) drug urine test so I dropped the medication like a hat. Completely stopped taking it!! Oh my you talking about miserable!!!!! Not only was my anxiety so much worse, I was having constant panic attacks, extreme chest pains, couldn’t breathe, feeling lightheaded and muscles twitching. It was awful. After four days of it, I took a 1mg XR Xanax last night and I feel so much better. It truly helps with Panic Disorder. I take it exactly like the doctor says. No more or no less.”

9 / 10
Azsux2020 · Taken for less than 1 month September 21, 2020

For Panic Disorder: “I was just recently prescribed Xanax XR 1 mg 2 x a day. I had been on Clonazepam 1 mg. 4x day for at least ten yrs. But I've been on the drug itself for about 20. The past year or so it's just stopped working and I'm pretty sure it's because of the whole tolerance thing. I'm really not sure about the Xanax XR. I've taken Xanax before but this is definitely different. I don't think it's good for immediate panic relief and my anxiety is still bad. I'm not at in any major discomfort but I feel very depressed. I'm not liking the Xanax XR I'm not sure what it is. It's definitely different. I think it's made me more tired and fatigued. Like I don't want to do anything. I'm going to ask my Dr to just go back on my Clonopin. I'm really trying to taper off the benzos.”

3 / 10
zigzag333 · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 21, 2013

For Panic Disorder: “This was the first medication I was prescribed for anxiety, panic attacks, post traumatic stress disorder, and a few other problems I had going on at the same time. I started taking 1mg once per day, then 1mg twice per day... this worked well for quite a while. Then I changed to 2mg once per day and after several months went to 2mg twice per day. I took this for about 4yrs. total and had no nightmares, seldom had racing thoughts, the panic attacks stopped pretty much all together after the first week or two, and this also kept the general anxiety at bay as well. The only problem was that if you have no insurance or discount card it's very expensive! I had to go to 10mg valium 3x daily at 1/3 the cost, but wish I could still afford the XR's because they work well!”

10 / 10
MoMa46 September 27, 2014

For Panic Disorder: “i have been on and off Xanax since its release in the '80's. Two years I attempted to wean myself off. My reasoning was that 0.25mg twice a day was too much and I was still panicking. After 3 days I had a full panic attack. Took 1/2 of a Xanax and called my M.D. He said that he did not know what to do. I called a psych. I continued on the o.25 mg twice a day. I continued to be panicking and paranoid. He placed on Xanax 0.5mg XR in morning and 1mg XR at bedtime. I feel so much better. I continue to worry about withdrawals, but having to take two pills a day is no big deal if you have ever had an attack. I also did not try to hide the fact from people I thought who would find me flawed for taking Xanax. This was freeing.”

10 / 10
Alex J. October 1, 2014

For Panic Disorder: “I used to live with severe panic attacks and overall always full of anxiety.This medication works so well that I feel very normal again.The nightmares, shaking, nausea, panicking, sweaty and restless feeling and anxiety all stopped.I highly recommend this medication for people who genuinely need a Benzodiazapene to regulate the central nervous system.Make sure you don't abruptly stop taking them though as you will feel extremely ill! Do keep your DR. informed of any side effects.They are pretty mild, however can cause weight gain and lower sex drive.”

9 / 10
Calmer Person · Taken for 5 to 10 years January 3, 2016

For Panic Disorder: “Xanax XR (2mg every morning) has controlled my anxiety and panic attacks since 2008. One of the SSRIs I tried worked (Zoloft), but the side effects were unacceptable. The XR does not have those side effects and keeps working at a constant dose, though I occasionally need .5mg Xanax PRN. Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy and Mindfulness Meditation have helped, too, but they are not enough.”

9 / 10
zannybar June 26, 2010

For Panic Disorder: “In my opinion this medicine has saved my life. It keeps me calm and relaxed. It has been my miracle drug. I never knew life could be this good again. I try not to remember the life I had before taking Xanax.”

10 / 10

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