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User Reviews for Xanax to treat Anxiety

Xanax has an average rating of 8.6 out of 10 from a total of 494 ratings for the treatment of Anxiety. 82% of those users who reviewed Xanax reported a positive effect, while 8% reported a negative effect.

Xanax Rating Summary

8.6/10 average rating

494 ratings from 523 user reviews.

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Reviews for Xanax

Peebles · Taken for 6 months to 1 year April 24, 2021

“Xanax has helped me immensely. It calms down these crazy, repetitive and intrusive thoughts of shame, worry and guilt that I otherwise find so hard to get rid of. I only have a quarter of a tablet on bad days as I don't want to become dependent. But that seems to be enough. I would rather not take any but it just helps me to live a calm and happier life. I recommend them if you can be careful about dependence and only take occassionally.”

10 / 10
Mr K · Taken for 1 to 2 years April 18, 2021

“I have BPD EUPD ADHD PANIC ATTACKS and this drug is a godsend if you don't take everyday.It works better ,also control's your tolerance. I take when needed so I get instant relief it is a shame doctors don't give them out anymore as out of all benzos, even diazepam this works best”

10 / 10
Scary cat · Taken for 10 years or more April 7, 2021

“I've been taking Xanax for over 30 years. I had terrible panic attacks, anxiety which caused dangerously high blood pressure. Within days taking xanax along with a beta blocker I was completely normal again. I've always taken in divided doses usually .25 three times per day. I was allowed an additional. 25 if I had panic or increased anxiety. I just started with new doctor. He says I've been taking it wrong all these years. He says I need to take it all at once in the morning and he cut me down to .50mg per day. Won't this make me sleepy all day and awake all night? Why are doctors always trying to ruin a perfect medication routine?”

10 / 10

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Sherry · Taken for 10 years or more August 23, 2020

“I been on 1mg Xanax for about 26 year, lord knows I have to have them. I know they say they not good for you too be on them that long but I have anxiety so much it's the only thing that help me. I start out with the 5mg but they was not strong enough. I am really sorry for any one that struggle like I do my anxiety is worsened since this Covid 19 came out I have taken 2 test which was negative but it's so scary. I had to quit my job cause some people don't wear masks and won't have a test every time someone coughs. I get very nervous but now I began to have social anxiety I even have a to go to see a counselor. If you don't have too take them - then don't, but I have no other choice I don't abuse them at all taking them as prescribed I pray for any one that is going through this.”

10 / 10
Worried child · Taken for 10 years or more December 28, 2020

“I have Severe Anxiety Panic Disorder started when I was a child. I have been taking Xanax For over 30 years now. Everyday 4 pills really bad days I was taking 6 pills. My doctor has retired and now I have a new doctor that is cutting me off. From Taking 4 pills everyday they only gave me enough for 1/2 of a pill everyday. I'm never able to sleep I have extreme insomnia, anxiety and extreme panic attacks that plague me everyday. I was shocked at how much they cut me off and so quickly. Right now I am in critical condition. They say I had my monthly limit. I was able to function when I was given Xanax. I was able to sleep normal and eat and live a normal life. I have taken Xanax for over 30 years-long. It is truly inhumane. My body Relies on taking a medicine everyday and cutting me OFF. My body's not being able to handle the shock of the withdrawal symptoms will be really hard on my body. Some People REALLY DO NEED Xanax”

10 / 10
tiger January 22, 2020

“I have been on Xanax for about 20 years, 1mg for sleep. I am not addicted to it but dependent like a person with high blood pressure is dependent on meds., or diabetic dependent on insulin, or humans dependent on oxygen. I have had no side reactions and am 78 years old. It has saved my life. Try not sleeping for a week and see what happens. You will be inside your worse nightmare Why the uproar over physical dependence, I do not know. It must come from the Gov.”

10 / 10
Tony · Taken for 10 years or more October 5, 2020

“Do not abuse Xanax, but as for the feeling just imagine you just stepped into a toasty jacuzzi and all the stress and unwanted feelings disappear. You take a breathe and you’re at peace. A little smile shows up on your face because you finally feel ok. Yea no need to explain why it’s addicting literally has no bad side affects. Do not drink alcohol on it will make you forget! XANAX BEST DRUG IN THE WORLD FOR ANXIETY”

10 / 10

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Anxious Annie · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 30, 2019

“I've had GAD since a child, losing a parent early. My first panic attack was at 12, not knowing why I was suddenly unable to breathe. After repeated traumatic experiences, I developed a social aversion that rapidly turned into severe agoraphobia. Without this life-saving drug, I would have never been able to have a recording career, find my spouse, and live a normal life. The days I am using this medication are 100x more productive and filled with joy...I'm sick of seeing only negative propaganda about Xanax. If you are a responsible adult who uses it properly, it is not harmful. If you use a heart medication each day, and it keeps you healthy, are you "addicted" to that? It's the same with anxiety. Mental health is just as serious as the physical. Just because some are abusing it, doesn't mean judge those who use it correctly. I appreciate everything this med has done for me!”

10 / 10
Reinier · Taken for 10 years or more April 17, 2020

“I have used Xanax for 20 years. Always taken it as needed, and it works wonderfully, no side effects at all, no getting used to it as evidenced by not using it for days and no withdrawal. I tried everything else suffering severe side effects like Seroquel. I only need 1mg twice a day, maybe on real panic day three times.”

10 / 10
King Borris September 22, 2019

“I have had anxiety for many years. About 30. Not until 37 years old did it crush me. I started with Zoloft and buspurone. Then came the Xanax. The first day I took one I felt like I have missed my life all these years. I looked at my wife and said the following. “Have I been an A-hole for the last 13 years?” She said yes. “You must really love me” She said yes again. For the first time in my life I realized how much anxiety took over my life. I can literally feel the difference of me being that angry anxiety filled person. Now, I take .5 every 2 days. I actually enjoy life. Before it was just there. Like a clouded mind just floating there. Not feeling or computing. When I take a Xanax, I feel alive. Happy. I look at my kids and I can actually enjoy them and literally feel the abundance of love I have for they. And that makes life so much better to live.”

10 / 10
Living A Normal Life July 26, 2019

“I started with Xanax for anxiety 30 years ago and have gradually increased. I used to take perhaps 0.25mg occasionally when I started, and now 30 years later, at age 71, I am up to three 0.5mg a day. I successfully fight to not take it more often and I almost always win the fight. When I don't, I take an extra 0.25mg or 0.5mg. Meanwhile without it I would not have had a successful college teaching career , traveled to Europe 28 times, produced a cable TV show, written 3 books, had hundreds of friends who love and respect me, and even worked out at the gym where I swim, walk, and work out with weights regularly. My current psychiatrist tells me frequently (I ask him every few months because I read terrible things) that I should not be concerned, that I am using it intelligently, and it helps me live a great and fantastic life filled with success, satisfaction, love and affection of so many people. My anxiety could be debilitating, but here I am living a great life.”

10 / 10
Todo December 23, 2020

“Well, I do not know where to start, for 20 years crippling anxiety daily, started from nowhere, all this time life was so hard, but I live for the sake of life and family. It was so bad that only those who live with it can understand. I tried SSRI, Tricyclic, Tetracyclic Klonopin, Zyprexa, and much more, I live only because of the mercy of God! One day I asked Dr. to try Xanax, Dr. was not very pleased with this request but gave me 0.25 mg. I took my first dosage and was expecting unknown. The first thing that I noticed that I became normal- like I used to be 20 years back, I notice life, family, work, joy, etc. People are writing that will be hard to drop this med, I see why! I was able to drop all listed med with no problem as it was not helping me, but this one I see why that is a challenge. I do not abuse it taking only as needed, but if you are suffering try it! Life is too short to plan ahead, in today's world you never know which day will be your last, but if God has you to live you will live.”

10 / 10
Jewels411 January 13, 2019

“Hey there I'm new to taking xanax and to this site. I'm 31 years old got married in June to a man who doesn't believe in anxiety so it makes me feel worse. I have been so scared to take it due to the fact I have taken stuff as a teen that made me feel really out of it and depressed. I have been to every dr and emergency room late at night, sick to my stomach, my chest feeling heavy and my head heavy and fuzzy, can't focus, dizzy, hot, tingling feeling numbness my face, my lips, my arms and everyone says it's anxiety or a panic attack. I feel so alone in this and I'm scared that there is something really wrong with me and the dr's are just not finding it. I feel hopeless I hope the xanax will help do something. I can't function in society and I'm tired of faking that I'm ok when I'm dying inside does anyone else feel like this or am I just crazy.”

Gomez · Taken for 10 years or more January 14, 2020

“I have been taking xanax for 10 years. Through an alcohol addiction I drink while on Xanax not a good idea If used as prescribed It takes away my panic attacks. I couldn't even leave the house without. It also helped me stop drinking 3 years sober now still on xanax 1 mg 3 times daily. Some days now I don't even take it . With proper self control it saved my life. Hands down. I had a lot of stress since quitting drinking between family members dying. This last year has been hard to say the least 2019 was probably the worst year of my life and I stayed sober through It. No more alcohol”

10 / 10
PANICATTHEDISCO · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 26, 2020

“3yrs on and off as needed. Not sure why this is a popular recreational drug? It really just make me feel normal again when I start getting high bp spikes from anxiety and panic attack symptoms. It definitely works, no side effects that I have been aware of.”

10 / 10
Nervous Ninny · Taken for 10 years or more August 15, 2019

“I have always had problems with social anxiety and depression since I was a teenager. Every antidepressant I took made me feel worse. I started taking .25mg of Xanax “if needed” in my late 30s when I was diagnosed with essential tremors of the head. It made a dramatic difference in my life! It helped immensely with my head tremors, social anxiety and even my depression! I never abused it and it never became habit forming. I was on it for about 15 years off and on. Since then, my physician has retired and I am now not able to find a doctor who will prescribe it. I don’t understand why THIS drug is being so controlled when there is a whole country of alcoholics and booze still remains for sale openly in every grocery store or liquor store on every block! Alcohol caused thousands of deaths everyday from tragic car crashes and alcoholic liver failure. Such a double standard. Xanax has helped so many responsible people who take it correctly!”

10 / 10
hardstylegenius May 26, 2008

“This drug has changed my life. I have always had an anxiety problem since I was a child. Didn't have a good childhood, got picked on because I was fat, etc. My parents always faught and everything would just worry me. Some nights I couldn't sleep. I've been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for so long. I feel like people are talking bad about me. I used to get paranoid and get really anxious in public and had social pobia. I can cope with everything now.”

10 / 10
Noel Garnet · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 10, 2020

“This drug has saved me on a thousand occasions, from generalized anxiety to panic attacks or somatic tension, up to situations of severe insomnia where the next day I had to get up early in the morning. I have always considered it a godsend, it is an excellent anxiolytic and it is very useful also for those suffering from sleep disorders, because it does not leave heaviness or numbness the next day, due to its short duration of action in the body. My average dosage is 20 drops (0.50 mg). What can I say, to me it is the best anxiolytic!”

10 / 10
Combat veteran · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 9, 2020

“Xanax has helped me a lot 2mg once a day or as needed. With anxiety and ptsd issues from combat I can say it’s helped with my sleep and I’m not so tight everywhere I go. A lot better than seroquil which has horrible side effects and weight gain that stuff made me feel like a zombie. Btw if you do get “cut off” be careful because Xanax withdraw can cause death and seizures.”

10 / 10
Brokey · Taken for 10 years or more February 25, 2020

“I have been on xanax for 30 years and it worked great for my anxiety and panic attacks. I am not addicted but it help with everything bothering me. Well my Dr. just cut me off abruptly ! The withdraw is terrible. I was willing to wean myself off of them but cut off.”

10 / 10
kappa kappa gamma May 31, 2020

“I’ve had benzodiazepine prescriptions (ativan, k-pin, & xanax) since 15 y/o until now (20 y/o). Over the past 5 years, it’s been rough managing physical and psychological dependency issues. I’ll blackout for a week at a time and proceed to buy fake xans from friends (usually cut with fentanyl and other bad stuff). During my attempt to wean off the drug, I ended up having a grand mal seizure at a party (Dec. 2019). Since then, managing sobriety from all benzos has lead to self medicating through other substances (cannabis, ketamine, cocaine, kratom, norcos). I was living in my sorority’s chapter house but moved into a fraternity house about 3 months ago, in which 3 brothers are active xanax users. It is really rough Basically, if you’re prone to addiction (runs in the family, other psychiatric conditions, etc) watch out dude”

3 / 10
Vintage · Taken for 2 to 5 years January 6, 2020

“Suffered major depression and anxiety when my father died when I was 18 years of age. I constantly considered killing my self. Antidepressants and therapy had little effect on my outlook on life. But then I was prescribed Xanax. I learned to calm down and to actually take a look at my life. Just don’t abuse the drug and it works wonders.”

10 / 10
Unsure · Taken for 5 to 10 years December 7, 2019

“I have panic disorder, anxiety, some OCD. I’ve been on Xanax (1mg as needed which ends up being daily but usually only at night and then I take 2) for about 7 years. I was originally prescribed it more than 20 years ago but kept it as a security blanket. I’ll never forget the first time I actually got the nerve to try it. “This is what normal people feel like???”, was my response. I would keep my review at a 10 EXCEPT, now I’m hearing LOTS of talk (and medical reviews) that it causes dementia/Alzheimer’s!!! This is the ONLY drug that works for me and I feel I need to get off of it. Scared and torn and would love a solution.”

10 / 10
Vin · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 9, 2020

“I have Poliaradiculoneuropathy (when polyneuropathy and polyradiculopathy occur together). Xanax is not so great for general anxiety, but I appreciate this drug, since I discovered its off label use for my terrible neuropathy. It reduces my legs pain and stiffness by ca. 70% and set me free from being bedridden. Now I can walk several km with the help of crutches and feel more like human again. I am getting addicted to it, but I could care less.”

7 / 10
Momnstudent32 September 9, 2019

“This is crazy what they are currently putting me through to get off of this FANTASTIC drug. I was prescribed this drug at the age of 17 after my brother died. Everyone on my maternal side since my great grandmother had been on this drug. I have been on xanax since i was 17. I now can live a normal life, go to school, get FANTASTIC grades am a mother of 2. I love my daily life till my doctor passed away... now I can not find a doctor to prescribe it. I do not abuse this drug and they have no reason to want to take me off of this drug. I have been great success from this drug. I wish i could find a psychologist that would continue to prescribe this medication when it really works successfully for myself. It is not fare that doctors are pressured to not perscribe this medication for those who need it. I am never going to leave my house and its going to take a toll on my children as well. Its just unfair. If anyone knows a psychiatrist in Philadelphia suburbs please let me know.”

10 / 10
Anna1616 · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 9, 2019

“I suffered from severe separation anxiety, depression, panic attacks, PTSD, depersonalization. After trial and error with several medications my Dr. Prescribed me .5 xanax "alprazolam". I was not driving my car for months prior I had to take 3 showers a day just to try and feel something. I felt like I was losing my mind like I was constantly afflicted by brain fog. I felt like a passenger in my own body. Now I can cope and actually get out of bed and clean and cook for my family. I don't know how or why I came about all the symptoms but if my Dr. Wouldn't have recommended this and prescribed it I would probably be dead. Alprazolam saved my life.”

10 / 10
Nevasmommy · Taken for 5 to 10 years September 24, 2019

“I rated Xanax a 5 because yes at first it was a god send! I got an appetite became interested in daily activities again, gave me motivation and I once again had goals set for myself. However this drug is for short term use and that's it! I was on it for several years and when I became physically dependent on it what was prescribed to me was never enough! I not only was physically dependent but also addicted! It began to cause increased anxiety, irrational behavior, destructive actions, and really bad mood swings! I weaned myself off as soon as I realized it was causing the problems in my life! If you get on this medication don't stay on it for too long! Getting off of this medication was the hardest thing I have ever done in my whole life I am still struggling with it 2 years later!”

5 / 10
Anonymous December 9, 2008

“Xanax is a miracle for me. I can't live without it. It is not addicting. I never experienced withdrawl symptoms either. I am usually tense, high strung and anxious. Xanax makes me happy, easy going, talkative, calm. It helps me sleep, I can't sleep without it. I take zoloft and seroquel but without xanax nothing seems to work or help me. I love xanax and I take it daily or else I really just can't get through the day. I have anger and a short fuse and bad temper and xanax calms my storms. Xanax is the only thing that works for me and makes me sane and able to face life head on.”

10 / 10

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