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Are you able to drink occasionally on it if not alcohol dependant?

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suzanne66 4 Oct 2011

What are you taking it for? Are you trying to get off alcohol or narcotics?
If you are trying to get off alcohol then no you should not drink - although it will not make you sick like some other medicines.
The combination of alcohol and Vivitrol can cause potential harm to your liver so the combo is best avoided.,1684-2429

DocSMART 18 Jan 2012

I was not aware that Vivitrol plus alcohol was more harmful to the liver than just alcohol - but I'd like to see the source of that info. If Vivitrol is basically injectable Naltrexone in a time release polymer, then consider that Naltrexone does not react with alcohol to make you sick (like Antabuse) but it blocks the high from the drinking. For must people that discourages drinking (why bother if you don't feel it) but I've seen at least one client who took it as a challenge to see if they could drink enough so as to get a buzz. Yes, it was stupid, but that's what some people do. I've also had a rare client or two who drink on top of Antabuse (in the no one can stop me mode) which is why Antabuse is best used to help oneself avoid impulse drinking or to reestablish trust in a relationship (see, I'm not going to drink and thank you for your support as I work on my addiction), and not as a means of one person controlling another.

chantelfryeee12 23 Feb 2014

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