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Since 1911, Stedman's Medical Dictionary has been the medical profession's most trusted source for medical definitions. A complete medical terms dictionary, Stedman's Electronic Medical Dictionary (version 6.0) contains over 107,000 medical terms taken directly from Stedman's Medical Dictionary, 28th Edition.

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A → ACD ACE → actinomycin F1 actinomycins → adrenal hermaphroditism adrenal hypertension → albocinereous Albrecht → aluminum hydroxide gel aluminum hydroxychloride → amygdalase amygdalin → angioplasty balloon angiopoiesis → anterior fontanelle anterior fovea → antiphospholipid-antibody syndrome antiplasmin → aposome apostaxis → arteether α artefact → arthrokatadysis arthrolith → asymptomatic asymptomatic gallstones → autocytolysis autocytotoxin → azygous


B → basal membrane of semicircular duct basal metabolic rate → benzoyl chloride benzoyl hydrate → biophysics bioplasm → blue rubber bleb nevi blue sclera → bradykinin potentiator B bradykinin-potentiating peptide → bubbling rale bubo → Byzantine arch palate


C → candicidin Candida → cardiokymogram cardiokymograph → caudatum caudocephalad → central callus central canal → chagoma Chagres virus → cholangiotomy cholangitic abscess → chronic fibrous thyroiditis chronic focal sclerosing osteomyelitis → Clauberg Clauberg test → coenocyte coenocytic → common hepatic duct common iliac artery → congenitus congested → Corey Cori → counterirritant counterirritation → crossed paralysis crossed pyramidal tract → cutting edge cutting forceps → Czerny-Lembert suture


D → deep transverse muscle of perineum deep transverse perineal muscle → deoxyribose phosphate deoxyribosephosphate aldolase → diacetylmorphine diachronic → dimethylarsinic acid dimethylbenzene → djenkol poisoning djenkolic acid → drusen drusen of the macula → dysversion


e → Elapidae elastance → enamel niche enamel nodule → enterocyte enterocyte cobalamin malabsorption → epitoxoid epitrichial → ethmocranial ethmofrontal → extend extended clasp → ezrin


F → farnesyl pyrophosphate Farnsworth → fetal trimethadione syndrome fetal warfarin syndrome → fissura horizontalis pulmonis dextri fissura intersemilunaris → folie gémellaire Folin → Fröhlich syndrome Fraccaro → fura-2 furan → Fy blood group


G → gastrojejunostomy gastrokinesograph → GI cocktail Giacomini → glucogenesis glucogenic → gracilis (muscle) gracilis syndrome → gustatory hallucination gustatory hyperesthesia → gyrus temporalis transversus posterior


H → He antigens head → hemispherectomy hemisphericum → herpes herpes B encephalomyelitis → His-Tawara system His— → housefly housekeeping genes → hymenal hymenal caruncula → hypoderm Hypoderma → Hz


I → immunoproliferative disorders immunoproliferative small intestinal disease → infectious polyneuritis infectious porcine encephalomyelitis → innominate fossa innominate substance → internal cerebral veins internal collateral ligament of the wrist → intraparietal sulcus intraparietal sulcus of Turner → islet islet cell → Ixodoidea




K → Klebsiella pneumoniae Klebsiella pneumoniae ozaenae → kyto-


L → lanatosides A, B, and C Lancaster red green test → lateral surface of (shaft of) radius lateral surface of arm → Leriche Leriche operation → ligamentum gastrocolicum ligamentum gastrolienale → lipogenesis lipogenic → longitudinal fold of duodenum longitudinal fracture → lymphocytic leukopenia lymphocytic series → lyze


M → malleolar articular surface of tibia malleolar groove → Martegiani Martegiani area → medial great muscle medial habenular nucleus → membrana eboris membrana fibroelastica laryngis → mesonephroi mesonephroid tumor → microevolution microfibril → MIT Mitchell → mood-incongruent hallucination mood-incongruent psychosis → multifid multifidus → musculus longitudinalis inferior linguae musculus longitudinalis superior linguae → myocinesimeter myoclonia → Myxozoa


N → neon neonatal → neurogenic bladder neurogenic claudication → nodi lymphatici postvesiculares nodi lymphatici preaortici → notched teeth note blindness → nyxis


O → officinal Ofuji disease → ophthalmodynamometry ophthalmolith → orthomolecular psychiatry orthomolecular therapy → oval corpuscle oval fasciculus → ozostomia


p → pantetheine 4'-phosphate pantetheine kinase → parathyroid insufficiency parathyroid IV → partial enterocele partial epilepsy → pelvocaliectasis pelvocephalography → perinephritis perinephrium → Pflüger law PFOB → phosphoethanolamine cytidylyltransferase phosphofructoaldolase → pilimiction pilin → platelet actomyosin platelet aggregation test → pneumothermomassage pneumothorax → popcorn calcification popcorn worker's lung → posterior surface of tibia posterior surface of ulna → preganglionic nerve fibers pregeniculate nucleus → probang probe → prostatism prostatitis → pseudoreaction pseudoreplica → pulpify pulpit spectacles → pyruvate dehydrogenase pyruvate dehydrogenase (cytochrome) → PYY




R → rami malleolares laterales arteriae fibularis (peronei) rami malleolares mediales arteriae tibialis posterioris → rate equation rate meter → regio antebrachii posterior regio axillaris → resting saliva resting stage → rhinolith rhinolithiasis → roller bandage Roller nucleus → Rytand cardiac


s → Sarcopsyllidae Sarcoptes scabiei → scleroid scleroiritis → selenium selenium plate → Sertoli-cell-only syndrome Sertoli-Leydig cell tumor → silicate restoration silicatosis → SN sn- → spatium subdurale spatium superficiale perinei → spiral cochlear ganglion spiral computed tomography → staphylo- staphylococcal → stirrup stitch → styloiditis stylolaryngeus → subthalamic nucleus subthalamotomy → superior axioappendicular muscles superior azygoesophageal recess → suspended animation suspension → syphilitic roseola syphilitic teeth → Sz


t → tela subserosa pleurae tela subserosa testis → tetano- tetanoid → thoracic constriction of esophagus thoracic duct → tissue displacement tissue factor → tracheobiliary fistula tracheobroncheopathia osteoplastica → traumatic cataract traumatic cervical discopathy → trismic trismoid → tubulorrhexis tubulose → Tzanck test


U → urerythrin uresiesthesia → Uzbekistan hemorrhagic fever


V → vasomotor epilepsy vasomotor fibers → venereal venereal bubo → vestibular apparatus vestibular aqueduct → vitreous chamber of eye vitreous detachment → VZIG


W → wildfire wildfire rash → Wyman


X → XYY syndrome


Y → Yvon test


Z → ZZ genotype