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Since 1911, Stedman's Medical Dictionary has been the medical profession's most trusted source for medical definitions. A complete medical terms dictionary, Stedman's Electronic Medical Dictionary (version 6.0) contains over 107,000 medical terms taken directly from Stedman's Medical Dictionary, 28th Edition.

The Stedmans medical terminology dictionary at contains medical terms, medical definitions, and some pronunciations. Stedmans provides the most comprehensive medical dictionary online, in an easy-to-use, flexible format. For future reference, bookmark important definition pages in your browser favorites.

For more information on diseases & conditions, see also: Harvard Health Topics, Patient CareNotes, Medical Encyclopedia.

Medical Dictionary by Stedman's A-Z Index

A A → acetabulum acetal → active hyperemia active immunity → adrenoprival adrenoreactive → alcohol dehydrogenase (acceptor) alcohol dehydrogenase (NADP+) → alveolar soft part sarcoma alveolar supporting bone → amyloplast amylopsin → angor angor animi → anterior lip of external os of uterus anterior lip of uterine os → antistreptokinase antistreptolysin → apperception apperceptive → arteria colica media arteria colica sinistra → articular lamella articular lip → atelopidtoxin athelia → autologous graft autologous protein → azygous B B → basal metabolic rate basal metabolism → benzpyrene benzyl → biopsychosocial model biopterin → blueberry muffin baby blues → bradyphrenia bradypnea → buccal digestion buccal embrasure → Byzantine arch palate C C → Candida glabrata Candida krusei → cardiometry cardiomotility → caustic caustic alkali → central dogma Central European tick-borne encephalitis virus → chalice cell chalicosis → cholecystectomy cholecystenterostomy → chronic lymphocytic lymphoma chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis → clavicular clavicular articular facet of acromion → cognition cognitive → communicating artery communicating branch → conidial conidial fungi → corneal limbus corneal margin → Couvelaire uterus couvercle → croupy Crouzon → cyano- Cyanobacteria → Czerny-Lembert suture D D → deep veins of penis deep white layer [TA] of superior colliculus → deoxythymidylic acid deoxyuridine → diacylglycerol diacylglycerol acyltransferase → dimorphic dimorphic anemia → DMARD DMC → dry ice dry labor → dysversion E E → Elapidae elastance → enamel pearl enamel prisms → enteroenterostomy enterogastric reflex → epitympanic recess epitympanic space → ethmoidal process of inferior nasal concha ethmoidal sinuses → extensor digital expansion extensor digiti minimi (muscle) → ezrin F F → Farnsworth Farnsworth-Munsell color test → fetal warfarin syndrome fetal zone → fissura intraculminalis fissura ligamenti teretis hepatis → Folin test Folin-Looney test → fraction collector fractional distillation → furcula furfur → Fy blood group G G → gastrojejunocolic gastrojejunostomy → GI cocktail Giacomini → glucogenesis glucogenic → gracilis syndrome grad. → gustatory lemniscus gustatory nucleus → gyrus temporalis transversus posterior H H → Head areas head botflies → hemispherium cerebri Hemispora → herpes gestationis herpes gladiatorum → histamine-fast histamine-releasing factor → Houston-Harris syndrome Hovius → Hymenoptera hymenotomy → hypodynamia cordis hypodynamic → Hz I I → immunoreactive insulin immunoselection → infective infective dose → ino- inoculability → internal energy internal female genital organs → intrapelvic hernia intrapericardiac → isoallotypic determinants isoalloxazine → Ixodoidea J J → JVD K K → kleeblattschädel deformity Kleffner → kyto- L L → lance Lancefield → lateral surface of leg lateral surface of lower limb → Leroy LES → ligamentum hepatoesophageum ligamentum hepatogastricum → lipoid dermatoarthritis lipoid granuloma → longitudinal pontine bundles longitudinal pontine fasciculi → lymphogenous lymphogenous metastasis → lyze
M M → malleolar groove malleolar prominence → Martegiani area Martegiani funnel → medial inferior genicular artery medial inguinal fossa → membrana granulosa membrana hyaloidea → mesophil mesophilic → microflora microfold cells → miticidal miticide → MOPP mor. dict. → multilamellar body multilaminar primary follicle → musculus obliquus capitis inferior musculus obliquus capitis superior → myocutaneous flap myocyte → Myxozoa N N → neonatal anemia neonatal apoplexy → neurogenic tonus neurogenous → nodi lymphoidei anorectales nodi lymphoidei anteriores juguloomohyoidei → notochordal sheath Notoedres cati → nyxis O O → Ofuji disease Ogilvie syndrome → ophthalmomalacia ophthalmomandibulomelic dysplasia → orthopaedics orthopaedist → oval fossa oval window → ozostomia P P → panthenol panto- → parathyroidectomy parathyroprival tetany → partial ileal bypass partial laryngectomy → pelyco- Pemberton maneuver → perineurium perineuronal satellite → PGR Ph → phosphoglyceric acid phosphoglycerides → pillars of fornix pillet → plating platinic → pock pocket → popliteal region popliteal space → posterior tibial lymph node posterior tibial muscle → prehallux prehelicine → procelous procentriole → prostration protactinium → pseudovitamin pseudovitamin B12 → pulsed-field gel electrophoresis pulseless disease → PYY Q Q → QUS R R → rami malleolares mediales arteriae tibialis posterioris rami mammarii → Rathke Rathke bundles → regio brachialis anterior regio brachialis posterior → resting wandering cell restitope → rhinomanometry rhinomycosis → Rollet stroma rolling circle → Ryle tube S S → Sarcopsyllidae Sarcoptes scabiei → scleroid scleroiritis → selenium selenium plate → Sertoli columns Sertoli-cell-only syndrome → siliceous silicic → snail fever snail track degeneration → spatulated spatulation → spiral foraminous tract spiral fracture → staphylococcemia staphylococci → stochastic process Stock → stylomastoid vein stylomaxillary → subtotal hysterectomy subtotal thyroidectomy → superior border of scapula superior border of spleen → suspensory ligament of axilla suspensory ligament of clitoris → syphiloma syphiloma of Fournier → Sz T T → tela subserosa vesicae biliaris tela vasculosa → tetanus antitoxin unit tetanus immune globulin → thoracic intertransverse muscles thoracic joints → tissue-bearing area tissue-specific antigen → tracheoesophageal shunt tracheoesophageal speech → traumato- traumatogenic occlusion → tristichia trisulcate → tularemic pneumonia tulle gras → Tzanck test U U → uresiesthesia uresis → Uzbekistan hemorrhagic fever V V → vasomotor nerve vasomotor paralysis → venereal ulcer venereal wart → vestibular canal vestibular canaliculus → vitreum vitrification → VZIG W W → Wilhelmy Wilhelmy balance → Wyman X X → XYY syndrome Y Y → Yvon test Z Z → ZZ genotype