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Does Fetzima cause weight loss or weight gain?

Medically reviewed by Carmen Pope, BPharm. Last updated on Aug 15, 2023.

Official answer


Research has shown that Fetzima has no overall effect on weight and does not cause weight gain or loss in studies that followed people for up to one year. Data pooled from short-term trials show an average overall weight loss of 0.59kg with Fetzima and a weight gain of 0.02kg with placebo. The number of patients who reported a more than 7% increase in their weight was 0.6% with Fetzima and 0.9% with placebo. The number of patients reporting a weight loss of more than 7% was 1.6% with Fetzima and 1% with placebo. In a 1-year, unblinded safety study, an average weight loss of 0.55kg was reported with Fetzima. Generally, there was a trend towards weight loss with Fetzima but this was not considered significant.

Gaining or losing weight is common among people who start treatment for depression, regardless of the medication, because as they begin to feel better their appetite changes. For example, if they lost a lot of weight while depressed they start to enjoy food again and tend to eat more. Or if they put on a lot of weight while depressed their improved mood means they are more likely to choose healthy food over processed food and tend to exercise more, and the weight drops off. But if you are concerned about a weight change with Fetzima, talk to your doctor.

Fetzima is an oral, extended-release capsule that may be used to treat moderate-to-severe depression in adults.

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