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Zaroxolyn Dosage

Generic name: metolazone 5mg
Dosage form: tablet
Drug class: Thiazide diuretics

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Apr 26, 2023.

Effective dosage of ZAROXOLYN should be individualized according to indication and patient response. A single daily dose is recommended. Therapy with ZAROXOLYN should be titrated to gain an initial therapeutic response and to determine the minimal dose possible to maintain the desired therapeutic response.

Usual Single Daily Dosage Schedules

Suitable initial dosages will usually fall in the ranges given.

Edema of cardiac failure:
ZAROXOLYN 5 to 20 mg once daily.

Edema of renal disease:
ZAROXOLYN 5 to 20 mg once daily.

Mild to moderate essential hypertension:
ZAROXOLYN 2½ to 5 mg once daily.

New patients – MYKROX Tablets (metolazone tablets, USP) (see MYKROX package circular). If considered desirable to switch patients currently on ZAROXOLYN to MYKROX, the dose should be determined by titration starting at one tablet (1/2 mg) once daily and increasing to two tablets (1 mg) once daily if needed.

Treatment Of Edematous States

The time interval required for the initial dosage to produce an effect may vary. Diuresis and saluresis usually begin within one hour and persist for 24 hours or longer. When a desired therapeutic effect has been obtained, it may be advisable to reduce the dose if possible. The daily dose depends on the severity of the patient's condition, sodium intake, and responsiveness. A decision to change the daily dose should be based on the results of thorough clinical and laboratory evaluations. If antihypertensive drugs or diuretics are given concurrently with ZAROXOLYN, more careful dosage adjustment may be necessary. For patients who tend to experience paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea, it may be advisable to employ a larger dose to ensure prolongation of diuresis and saluresis for a full 24-hour period.

Treatment Of Hypertension

The time interval required for the initial dosage regimen to show effect may vary from three or four days to three to six weeks in the treatment of elevated blood pressure. Doses should be adjusted at appropriate intervals to achieve maximum therapeutic effect.

Further information

Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances.