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Tyvaso Dosage

Generic name: treprostinil 1.74mg in 2.9mL
Dosage form: inhalation solution
Drug class: Agents for pulmonary hypertension

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Sep 12, 2022.

Usual Dosage in Adults

Tyvaso is intended for oral inhalation using the Tyvaso Inhalation System, which consists of an ultrasonic, pulsed delivery device and its accessories.

Tyvaso is dosed in 4 separate, equally spaced treatment sessions per day, during waking hours. Each treatment session will take 2 to 3 minutes. The treatment sessions should be approximately 4 hours apart.

Initial Dosage:

Therapy should begin with 3 breaths of Tyvaso (18 mcg of treprostinil) per treatment session 4 times daily. If 3 breaths are not tolerated, reduce to 1 or 2 breaths and subsequently increase to 3 breaths, as tolerated.

Maintenance Dosage:

Dosage should be increased by an additional 3 breaths per treatment session, 4 times daily at approximately 1- to 2-week intervals. Studies establishing effectiveness in patients with PAH and PH-ILD have used target doses of 9 to 12 breaths per treatment session, 4 times daily. If adverse effects preclude titration to target dose, Tyvaso should be continued at the highest tolerated dose.

If a scheduled treatment session is missed or interrupted, therapy should be resumed as soon as possible at the usual dose.


Tyvaso must be used only with the Tyvaso Inhalation System. Patients should follow the instructions for use for operation of the Tyvaso Inhalation System and for daily cleaning of the device components after the last treatment session of the day. To avoid potential interruptions in drug delivery because of equipment malfunction, patients should have access to a back-up Tyvaso Inhalation System device.

Do not mix Tyvaso with other medications in the Tyvaso Inhalation System. Compatibility of Tyvaso with other medications has not been studied.

The Tyvaso Inhalation System should be prepared for use each day according to the instructions for use. One ampule of Tyvaso contains a sufficient volume of medication for all 4 treatment sessions in a single day. Prior to the first treatment session, the patient should twist the top off a single Tyvaso ampule and squeeze the entire contents into the medicine cup. Between each of the 4 daily treatment sessions, the device should be capped and stored upright with the remaining medication inside.

At the end of each day, the medicine cup and any remaining medication must be discarded. The device must be cleaned each day according to the instructions for use.

Avoid skin or eye contact with Tyvaso solution. Do not orally ingest the Tyvaso solution.

Further information

Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances.