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Makena Dosage

Dosage form: injection

The information at is not a substitute for medical advice. Always consult your doctor or pharmacist.


  • Administer intramuscularly at a dose of 250 mg (1 mL) once weekly (every 7 days) by a healthcare provider
  • Begin treatment between 16 weeks, 0 days and 20 weeks, 6 days of gestation
  • Continue administration once weekly until week 37 (through 36 weeks, 6 days) of gestation or delivery, whichever occurs first

Preparation and Administration

Parenteral drug products should be inspected visually for particulate matter and discoloration prior to administration, whenever solution and container permit. Makena is a clear, yellow solution. Do not store for long periods of time at low temperatures as this may cause the solution to appear cloudy due to crystallization. The solution must be clear at the time of use, replace vial if visible particles are present. Do not refrigerate.

Instructions for administration:

  1. Clean the vial top with an alcohol swab before use.
  2. Draw up 1 mL of drug into a 3 mL syringe with an 18 gauge needle.
  3. Change the needle to a 21 gauge 1½ inch needle.
  4. After preparing the skin, inject in the upper outer quadrant of the gluteus maximus. The solution is viscous and oily. Slow injection (over one minute or longer) is recommended.
  5. Applying pressure to the injection site may minimize bruising and swelling.

If the 5 mL multidose vial is used, discard any unused product 5 weeks after first use.