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Adasuve Dosage

Generic name: LOXAPINE 10mg
Dosage form: aerosol, powder
Drug class: Miscellaneous antipsychotic agents

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Jan 9, 2024.

Dosing Information

ADASUVE must be administered only by a healthcare professional. ADASUVE is administered by oral inhalation only. The recommended dose for acute agitation is 10 mg administered by oral inhalation, using a single-use inhaler. Administer only a single dose within a 24-hour period [see Warnings and Precautions (5.1)] .

Required Examination Prior to Dosing

Prior to administering ADASUVE, screen all patients for a history of asthma, COPD, or other pulmonary disease, and assess patients (including chest auscultation) for respiratory signs (e.g. wheezing) [see Warnings and Precautions (5.1)] .

Important Administration Instructions

Read all of these instructions prior to administering ADASUVE.

Step 1. Open the Pouch

When ready to use, tear open the foil pouch and remove the inhaler from the package (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. Tearing the pouch

Figure 1

When the ADASUVE inhaler is removed from the pouch, the indicator light is off (see Figure 2).

Figure 2. ADASUVE Inhaler with Indicator Light

Figure 2

Step 2. Pull Tab

Firmly pull the plastic tab from the rear of the inhaler (see Figure 3). Check that the green light turns on. This indicates that the inhaler is ready for use. Use the inhaler within 15 minutes after removing the tab to prevent automatic deactivation of the inhaler. The green light will turn off, indicating that the inhaler is not usable. Discard the inhaler after one use.

Figure 3.

Figure 3

Step 3. Explain Procedures to the Patient

Explain the administration procedures to the patient prior to use, and advise the patient that it is important to follow the instructions. Inform the patient that the inhaler may produce a flash of light and a clicking sound, and it may become warm during use. These are normal.

Step 4. Instruct the Patient to Exhale

Instruct the patient to hold the inhaler away from the mouth and breathe out fully to empty the lungs (see Figure 4).

Figure 4. Exhale

Figure 4

Step 5. Instruct the Patient to Inhale

Instruct the patient to put the mouthpiece of the inhaler between the lips, close the lips, and inhale through the mouthpiece with a steady deep breath (see Figure 5). Check that the green light turns off indicating that the dose has been delivered.

Figure 5. Inhale

Figure 5

Step 6. Instruct the Patient to Hold Breath

Instruct the patient to remove the mouthpiece from the mouth and hold the breath for as long as possible, up to 10 seconds (see Figure 6).

Figure 6. Hold Breath

Figure 6

Important: If the green light remains on after the patient inhales, the dose of ADASUVE has NOT been delivered. Instruct the patient to repeat Step 4, Step 5, and Step 6 up to 2 additional times. If the green light still does not turn off, discard the inhaler and use a new one.

Monitoring to Assess Safety

Monitor the patient for signs and symptoms of bronchospasm after ADASUVE administration for at least one hour [see Warnings and Precautions (5.1)] .

Further information

Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances.